FIIDO Electric bikes on sale now; Get heavy discounts here

E-bikes have opened up a world of possibilities for both professional and recreational riders in recent years. For those wishing to tackle routes with too many inclines, electric bike open up previously unachievable rides. Just one year later, FIIDO raised the standard with the Fiido X and Fiido T1 electric bikes, which retain the simplicity of their predecessors while offering much-improved designs and capabilities. This article contains further information about the newly released bikes.

Fiido X Folding E-Bike



The Fiido X boasts a futuristic and modern look because of its magnesium alloy frame, which is stronger and lighter than standard steel and aluminum frames. Magnesium alloy has a high strength-to-weight ratio and a low density. 


The wheels on this bike are 20 inches in diameter, and it comes with rubber tires with anti-slip qualities for improved performance.

The Shimano 7-speed mechanical gear system ensures that the e-bike can handle whichever road you choose.


This folding electric bike also has an LED headlight and taillight, which can efficiently illuminate your path during night rides. The 350W rear hub motor is a remarkable feature of this folding e-bike.

FIIDO X electric bike now available to purchase at just $1599

Fiido T1 electric bike 


The Fiido has a lot of crucial features that you truly like. Meanwhile, folding electric bikes are an excellent solution for anyone with limited storage space or who must frequently board and dismount trains.


The large headlight mounted on the supplied front rack provides excellent visibility and additional storage capacity. The hydraulic suspension fork improves the ride quality, particularly while riding off-road. I particularly like the back rack, and the wooden accents are very attractive.


The enormous 4-inch-wide tires offer you that fat bike sensation with tons of comfortable rubber and air under you, but without the weight or sluggishness of 26-inch fat tires. The mag wheels not only look good but also eliminate the need to worry about spokes loosening or breaking over time.

The disc brakes are adequate. Because they are mechanical, you will need to adjust the cables as they stretch and break in.


The massive 48V and 20Ah batteries have a 960 Wh capacity and a huge range. The battery may be removed by unlocking the seat and flipping it up, but you noticed that even when the key was in the appropriate unlock position, the battery would frequently catch on the rail and not release easily.

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Electric Bike FIIDO T1 bike now available for just $1399



FIIDO D2S is a newly launched bike from the company this year that was heavy in demand with netizens. The bike is an upgrade over the FIIDO D1; a folding bike launched last year. 

The lightweight aluminium alloy frame gives ruggedness to the bike and makes it easy to handle. The 6-inch tires make the rides comfortable in the cities, and the bike supports the electric power assist mode, pure-electric mode, and moped mode, which gives a mileage of 50km. 

A 6-speed Shimano drivetrain gives a conventional ride experience with easy gear shifting. The T1 bike gets a powerful 250W motor that helps the riders to take it to 25km/h. The motor also assists the riders when pedalling or gives an easy throttle when required. The motor is supported by a 7.8Ah battery that helps it ride for longer.

FIIDO D2S electric bike now available for just $699

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