Epomaker Hot Sale Event – Exclusive Collection

Epomaker is one of the well-known brands of Mechanical keyboards with its innovative designs. Recently Epomaker Hot Sale month started. That is divided into 4 stages. Unfortunately, their 2 steps have been gone. But luckily, you still have a chance to get their 3rd and 4th stage discounts.

You can enjoy up to 50% OFF discount on their Hot selling keyboards that will only last this sales promotion. All products will be at discount price till the 23rd of Nov. some keyboards are at 45% OFF, 40% OFF, 30% OFF, 25% OFF, 20% OFF, and at least 15% OFF.

Now Come to Stage 4

The last stage will start tomorrow, 24th Nov, and end on 30th Nov.

You can get 10% off all best-selling products. And they are claiming that they didn’t increase the price and giving you a coupon code as usual as others do now. But it is straight 10% on all the products that will be down from their original prices.

This is an interesting thing; You can get a mystery box. So basically, You can order just 50$ mystery boxes. And you will get one of their keyboard, Epomaker GK96S, Firstblood B21, Ajazz K620T V2, Epomaker EP84, and TH66 Monet. By the way, this is an almost 66% OFF deal if you order this mystery box.

You can also order a barebones kit for 45$ mystery box. And you will get either Epomaker Mini Cat 64 kit, Epomaker Skyline 87 Kit, Epomaker Skyline 98 Kit – Wired Mode, Epomaker TH68 Kit, Epomaker GK61X Kit, Epomaker GK64X Kit. It will be up to 44% OFF.

Get the keycaps mystery box for $27.99, and you will get any of the keycaps, AKKO Herb Garden keycap Set, Epomaker Airy Keycaps Set, Epomaker Avokedo Keycaps, Epomaker Sailing Keycaps Set. It will be up to 65% OFF.

Also, you can order an $8.99 mystery box of 16 Switches, one of them an AKKO CS Mechanical switch, an Epomaker Flamingo Switch, an Epomaker Budgerigar Switch, and a Gateron Mechanical Switch. And it is around 6% OFF.

Lottery Giveaway

On week 3, if you order something from the Epomaker Hot Sale and in your order number if there is 1 in the last digit. You will get 500 Points. This is the first prize. But first, you need to login into your account.

If your order number has two 11 in the last, You will win an Epomaker NT68 Keyboard. And last but not least, if you get 8 in the last digit of your order number, you will get 9$ OFF on your Epomaker official website purchase. 

Not only this, but You can also enjoy discounts of up to 20% on Switches collections.

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