ORICO 2 bay Hard Disk Cabinet Review: Necessary for data storage expansion

With the popularity of solid-state drives, it seems that traditional mechanical hard drives are no longer useful. But it is not the case. However, solid-state drives have advantages in read and write speed. They are not as solid as mechanical hard drives in terms of data security and service life. The price of large-capacity solid-state drives is relatively high. This is the reason many industry users still choose mechanical drives.

Recently, I also plan to add a mechanical hard disk as a backup storage disk. But only one 3.5-inch hard disk bay is reserved in the chassis. Considering that disassembly and installation are troublesome, I bought an ORICO dual-bay hard disk cabinet for expansion. It supports a capacity of 18TB on a single disk, and is connected to a Type C interface. It has an external 12V-4A power supply, and its operation and data transmission are relatively stable.

Features of ORICO 2 Bay Hard Disk:


The packaging continues the ORICO family-style design with blue and white stitching. A rendering of the hard drive cabinet is printed on the front. The ORICO brand LOGO and product model are in the upper left corner.


The technical parameter information of this hard disk enclosure is listed on the back of the box. In addition to the hard disk cabinet, the package also comes with a power adapter, USB-Type C data cable and instruction manual.

ORICO 2 Bay Hard-Disk now available to purchase for just $78.99 (36TB Drives)

ORICO 2 Bay Hard Disk


ORICO 2 Bay Hard Disk adopts a vertical structure. The overall body is mainly made of ABS material. The main part is a black matte texture, and the cover part is black and glossy. The splicing of different textures also makes it look not monotonous. The measurements of the fuselage are 14*9*18.5 cm, the volume is not too large, and we can place it directly on the table.

ORICO 2 Bay Hard Disk

A large diamond-shaped heat dissipation grill is reserved on the back of the fuselage, and the power button, Type C data interface and DC power interface are distributed near the bottom.

There are four raised rubber support pads on the bottom of the fuselage. On the one hand, it avoids the friction between the hard disk cabinet and the desktop. On the other hand, it also lifts the fuselage to a certain height, leaving a gap for the fan installed at the bottom.

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ORICO 2 Bay Hard disk

Heat Dissipation Grill:

There is also a heat dissipation grill on the edge of the top cover, which shows that this hard drive enclosure has put a lot of effort into optimizing the heat dissipation.

Heat dissipation Hard Drive

The box cover is fixed to the body by magnetic attraction. There are magnets in the four corners of the inner side. The fixed structure without screws and buckles is convenient for opening the box cover. It will be more convenient to insert and remove the hard disk.

Metallic body Design

There are two 3.5-inch hard disk bays reserved inside. The one near the front of the fuselage is slot 1, and the one on the back is slot 2. There is a clear mark on the top. Each hard disk slot has a SATA data interface and a power supply interface.

ORICO 2 bay Hard Disk


Hard disk installation is also relatively convenient, but users must note that this hard disk cabinet only supports hard disks with SATA interface, and old hard disks with IDE interface are not compatible. Novices must first confirm their hard disk interface before installation. The maximum capacity of this dual-bay hard drive is 18TB for a single hard drive and 36TB for two hard drives, which is enough for daily use in homes or small studios.

36TB memory for drives

Align the hard disk interface with the interface in the hard disk cabinet, push it down, and fix it with a little force after the gold fingers are aligned. I only have one hard disk here, and I chose the dual-bay version for later expansion needs, so I installed it in the first hard disk slot. After installing, close the cover of the box.

USB 3.1 Transmission protocol

The next step is to connect the wires. ORICO 2 Bay Hard Disk has two versions of USB and Type C interfaces, and you can choose according to your needs. I chose the Type C version here and use the included wire to connect it to the computer. It uses the USB 3.1 transmission protocol, so you need to plug it into the interface of USB 3.1 and above to ensure the read and write speed. Then plug in the power cord, and the external independent power supply can make the hard disk cabinet run more stably. The output power of the adapter is 14V-4A.


ORICO 2 bay Hard Disk Connectivity

Of course, users are most concerned about its read and write speed and operational stability. The ORICO 2 Bay Hard Disk adopts the master control adjustment scheme of USB 3, 1 Type C to SATA3, supports UASP protocol, and the theoretical transmission speed can reach 5Gbps, which can effectively reduce the utilization rate of the CPU, reduce the delay time of data transmission, and improve the transmission efficiency.

Take the Seagate 500GB 7200 RPM hard drive I used as an example. Install the hard drive directly on the computer. Now you can use the CrystalDiskMark 8.0 tool to test the read and write speed of the hard drive. The measured continuous read speed is 214MB/s, and the continuous write speed is 192MB/s. s. Install the hard disk into the ORICO double-bay hard disk cabinet, and connect it to the computer through the USB 3.1 interface. The continuous reading speed is 120MB/s, and the continuous writing speed is 119MB/s.

ORICO 2 bay Hard Disk


In order to take care of the heat dissipation performance and improve the operation stability, a large-area heat dissipation grill is reserved in the design of the fuselage. Also, we find the 60mm diameter double ball bearing fan at the bottom. It takes away the hard disk and hard disk cabinet through high speed and large air volume heat generated during work. There are cooling grilles on the top, bottom and back, and the through-type structure. These also improve heat dissipation performance.

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Stornger Performance

It took about half an hour to continuously copy files. Using a temperature gun to test the surface temperature of the hard disk cabinet, the highest surface temperature was at the front of the fuselage, and the temperature was 33.1 degrees. Open the cover to test the surface temperature of the hard disk is 38.2 degrees.

ORICO 2 bay Hard Disk

In terms of noise, the rotation of the fan at the bottom of the hard disk cabinet alone will not make obvious noise. But the hard disk itself will make noise when reading and writing. Putting the hard disk cabinet on the table will inevitably make the noise slightly louder than installing the hard disk in the chassis.

ORICO 2 bay Hard Disk Conclusion

Combined with about half a month, ORICO’s dual-bay hard disk cabinet is sufficient for individuals. Also, small studios can use it to solve storage expansion needs. A single disk supports a maximum capacity of 18TB, USB 3.1 transmission protocol and other technical advantages. The independent external power supply of 12V-4A provides a strong guarantee for the stable operation of the hard disk cabinet. In addition, the magnetic cover design, through-type heat dissipation structure, 30-minute smart sleep, etc., also add a lot to the actual experience of this hard disk cabinet. You can also choose the 5-bay version if you have multiple hard drives. As it can support a maximum capacity of 90TB.

ORICO 2 Bay Hard-Disk now available to purchase for just $78.99 (36TB Drives)

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