UGREEN Charging Kit now available in market at lowest price here

UGREEN Charging Kit 

UGREEN is a Chinese consumer electronics brand owned by  Ugreen group limited and based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The brand was established in 2012 and specializes in USB hardware, such as cables and AC adaptors, as well as other categories of consumer electronics, such as audio equipment.

In this review, we are going to learn about three different products of the industry namely. 

  • Ugreen 36W Dual USB Charging kit 
  • Ugreen Mifi Certification Right Angel Lighting to USB A Cable
  • Ugreen 100W USB C to USB C Cables

Since its early days, USB has been positioned as an external bus standard for fast charging. 

Charge on the go with the UGREEN 36W Dual USB Charging kit, perfect for charging your phone, smartphone, or even portable speakers as you travel. UGREEN USB car charger with advanced independent output technologies automatically identifies and supports both quick as well as normal speed charging. Let’s go through the article to learn about the features of respective products.

Ugreen 36W Dual USB Charging kit 

 Fast Charging

With state-of-the-art independent output technology, UGREEN USB Car Charger provides both fast charging and regular charging. Each USB charging port of this super powerful 36W dual USB car charger converter offers just the right amount of power to meet your device’s needs when charging two devices at the same time. Multi-protection security systems and high-quality circuitry provide full protection for users and devices.

UGREEN Charging Kit

Safely Charge Your Devices

Independent circuit design protects against short circuits, overheating, overcurrent, and overcharging and features an all-aluminium body for superior heat dissipation. Charging will automatically stop when the battery is fully charged. This feature is fantastic; if you do not remember that you had put your phone on charge, it can provide safety against any mishap.

Strict Safety Requirements

Special safety systems protect against short circuits, overvoltages, and other hazards for user safety and device safety. The device has a full ventilation system, including hydrogen gas detectors, to compensate for battery gassing. All battery stands are also coated to withstand acid, and rollers are spark-proof.

Fast Heat Dissipation 

The full-body aluminium case of the charger dissipates heat quickly, ensuring the safety of your device while charging. The heat generated needs to dissipate to the surroundings to avoid thermal-induced damage. The temperature rise in electronic devices seizes fully under control.

Don’t be afraid of bumps, even on unpaved roads. The spring contact design ensures charging stability. Apart from this, the material is premium which the device ensures that it is fireproof.

Final Price: $9.99
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UGREEN 36W dual USB charging kit now available for just $9.99

Ugreen USB A Cable


There is an option between red and black color for consumers. The device is 78.74*0.39*0.39 inches in dimensions, along with a weight of 2.47 ounces. It features slim and standard USB plugs and fits firmly your devices on both ends. The cable feels as sturdy as the consumer can imagine a good quality braided cable should feel. 

Mfi certified

The device is the certification that apple assigns to authorize manufacturers to produce peripheral accessories for apple devices. Mfi stands for made for iPhone now instead of made for iPod, but exclusively using MFI certified Lighting cables will protect your iPhone, iPod, and even computer from potential damage.

Ugreen USB A Cable

Aluminium shell

We know that aluminium is a metal.  Metals are generally good conductors of electricity. The cable has 5 layers. The interface is made of an aluminium alloy shell, a strong and tough TPE-reinforced joint to prevent breakage, upgraded braided wire with strong tensile strength, support for synchronous transmission of charging data, and high purity copper core to support current.  

Tangle-free nylon braided jacket

The device is tangle-free with a nylon braided jacket, which helps the consumer enjoy a tangle-free experience. You can easily do whatever work you want to do. The device is convenient and easy to carry from one place to another.

Fast charging 

The cable charge your device very quickly with 2.4A. The standard Ugreen Mifi Certification Right angel Lighting to USB a Cable is capable of power delivery. This is enough for most cell phones and tablets to charge up very fastly. 

Quick data transfer

The cable has a feature of quick data transferring as it can transfer data within 25s up to 1 GB file. Additionally, the USB-C fast charging cable provides transfer speeds up to 480mbps. 

Final Price: $7.5
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UGREEN USB A cable now available to purchase for just $7.5

Ugreen 100W USB C to USB C Cables

Transfer data in seconds

USB-C fast charging cable provides transfer speeds up to 480 Mbit/s (USB 2.0), allowing you to transfer 1GB of movies and music, documents, or an entire photo library during a 30-second power discharge. That’s pretty quick, though it’s still slightly under the rated 1,250MB/s. Of course, this still depends on the device you are transferring to and from. Whether your hardware has speed caps is also another factor.

Upgraded Right Angle Design

USB-C right angle connector design is more convenient and easy to use, more convenient and convenient for you to play games, play videos or read e-books while charging. Ugreen did not state what the lifespan of the cable is. However, this cotton braided cable should likely last pretty long. The connecting point also uses a plastic shell instead of rubber, and should likely be more sturdy. Honestly, I think the durability of this Ugreen cable is pretty good.

Ugreen 100W USB C to USB C Cables

Extra long and durable

The device is portable and as well as convenient as it can charge anytime and anywhere. The 2.1m USB-C to USB-C cable won’t limit charging space. The UGREEN Smart Digital Life USB-C to USB-C cable arrived in a 5 1/4 inches wide by 7 1/2 inches zipper-style hanging bag.  The hunter green UGREEN title display’s along the bag’s top section, just above the “Smart Digital Life” name.  The hunter-green top ridge of the bag contrasted nicely against the white title section and accented the company name.


USB-C to USB-C cable charges 52% faster than a 60W USB-C cable, with an output power of 100W (20V, 5A), charging laptops such as 13″ MacBooks Perfect for Up to 39% in 30 minutes at Pro full speed. 

Original Price: $13.99
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Final Price: $6.99
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UGREEN 100W USB-C to USB-C cable now available for just $6.99

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