Mcdodo Magnetic Wireless Car Charger launched and available here

Wireless charging is becoming increasingly popular, and most high-end phone flagships are expected to include it. Mcdodo has been a top choice for consumers looking for high-quality chargers for nearly a decade. The company introduced its new magnetic wireless charger, the Mcdodo magnetic car charger and Mcdodo Magsafe car mount charger for iPhone, allowing users to enjoy safe, comfortable rides with unparalleled phone charging mounts and technologies. This magnetic wireless car charger has a powerful magnet module that keeps your iPhone firmly in place on road bumps and turns.

Let’s start with the Mcdodo magnetic wireless car charger model. 

Mcdodo Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Design

The gadgets have a fancy transparent design appearance and a clear design. Both are portable and lightweight with a nice-strength scrub plastic shell and rubber non-slip materials for simple driving and navigation. The primary factor driving up demand for the product is the user’s ability to use it for two tasks at once. We can use the wireless car charging as both a car phone holder mount and a wireless charger simultaneously. Whereas, the car mount can easily fit into the AC vent and occupies less space. Also, users can easily adjust it from portrait to landscape as per the requirement. 

Mcdodo Magnetic Wireless Car Charger


Built-in string N52 magnets ensure blazing-fast, reliable suction, and the charger can provide the phone with 5W-15W of output power. Flexibility-wise, it is very adjustable by nature.


It is simple to modify to meet your needs, such as from portrait to landscape. With the help of the Triangle base, you can quickly and easily switch between portrait and landscape orientations.

Mcdodo Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Mcdodo Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Security

You can easily and securely mount your phone using the MagSafe security function design and damping rubber ring without the conventional mount’s challenging installation. Additionally provided are numerous safety safeguards and ultra-soft LED indicators.


The device is specially designed for iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series and iPhone 14 series, compatible with iPhone 14/14 Max/14 pro/14 Pro Max/13/iPhone 13 pro/iPhone 13 pro max/ iPhone 13 Mini/iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 12Pro Max/ iPhone 12 Mini.  iPhone 11 Pro Max or earlier with the magnetic case.

Mcdodo Magsafe Car mount car charger now available for just $31.99 Mcdodo Magsafe magnetic wireless charging Pad now available for just $22.49

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