Buy Zendure SuperBase V Power Station with Up To $2700 (40%) OFF in Black Friday Sale

A new category of products is emerging in tech: portable power stations. Designed for nomads, they have become more and more popular since the start of the energy crisis. One of the major market players, Zendure, has chosen Black Friday to launch unprecedented promotions. With its early access to Black Friday, Zendure is offering a great deal and a whopping discount of up to $2700 (40%) OFF on its Newly launched SuperBase V portable power Station. Take the chance and protect yourself against power failure, and enjoy outdoor trips with the best power stations.

The XXL power station Zendure SuperBase V has launched a few weeks ago on crowdfunding via Kickstarter, and the campaign already raised nearly $5,394,102 (1,183 backers ). During Black Friday, Zendure SuperBase V SBV6400 is offered at $4,299 instead of $6,999, and Zendure SuperBase V SBV4600 is offered at $2,999 instead of $4,999. Until November 30, 2022, the popular power storage devices and many interesting bundles are greatly reduced.

Product MSRP Sales Price
SBV6400 $6,999 $4,299
SBV4600 $4,999 $2,999
Satellite battery
$5,099 $3,299
Satellite battery
$2,999 $2,199
EV charger $599 $449
400W solar panel $1,399 $999

Zendure SuperBase V SBV4600/SBV6400 will be available for pre-order on the official website starting Nov.20th. SuperBase V4600 (Lithium iron phosphate battery) and SuperBase V6400 (Semi-Solid State battery) are limited to 50 units with free air freight. First come first serve, Delivery is expected in January next year.

Zendure SuperBase V Modular Power Station

The battery system can store up to 64 kWh and deliver 7,600 W to supply entire households and electric cars with electricity, in combination with a solar system. Zendure is proud to announce that the Superbase V is a commercially available semi-solid state battery system.

So if the size is important for you, if it’s important when you’re on the road, this is definitely a big plus. Solid-state batteries also reduce the need for materials that involve other costs. The Zendure SuperBase V is not a classic mobile power station, even if the base is transportable thanks to motorized wheels. Instead, it is a plug-and-play power system that can be customized in terms of size and performance to suit your needs. For this purpose, the Zendure SuperBase V can be expanded with batteries that can be stacked together to save space. While the basic device has a battery capacity of 6.4 kWh, this can be expanded to up to 64 kWh with additional modules.

Charging at up to 5,900 watts

With this capacity and the output of 3,800 W or 7,600 W when two systems are combined, the system is sufficient for the entire supply of households including electric cars. Both 120 V and 240 V are available as voltage. Combined with the satellite expansion module and the solar AC outlet, the battery can be charged in an hour. Kickstarter and the Manufacturer’s Website provide more information.

The power station has a total of 14 outputs, the AC output can output both 240 and 120 volts. Zendure advertises the system with numerous usage scenarios: you can use the base station as a powerful mobile battery for outdoor activities, while the complete system with solar panels you can use as an independent power supply that is connected to the house connection. The system is also advertised as an isolated solution without a house connection. The wheels of the Superbase V are motorized for better maneuverability.

Competitive Prices

If there’s one good reason to buy Zendure’s Superbase V system, it’s the price. As we mentioned, the company now offered the system in a black Friday sale for up to $2700 USD. Get the base model at SBV4600 offered at $2,999 instead of $4,999. Or if you want the more powerful model, you can get SBV6400 offered at $4,299 instead of $6,999.

Note for project seekers that the first availability of the Zendure Superbase V system is in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, France, Monaco, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, USA, Japan, England, Canada, and Australia.

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