Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headphones launched and available online

The Chinese tech. Giant Xiaomi announced its new audio product (Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headphones). The headphones use bone conduction technology to allow users to listen to the outer noise. The technology is similar to the sense of mammals that live underwater. This helps them to listen to the surroundings that keep them safe from other mammals and help them catch their prey. In this technology, the sound vibrations pass through the cheekbone rather than the air. This technology allows users to remain aware of their surroundings while still listening to music. So The users will not have to remove their headphones when they want to listen to their surroundings.

These headphones are very useful who are always in search of perfection. We can use these headphones while running, swimming and cycling. Users can also use these headphones while performing their day-to-day work. While doing the exercises, there will be no disconnection, and the user can always have a stable connection.

xiaomi bone conduction headphone

Features of Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headphones

We get the 360-degree closed directional sound cavity in the headphones. The sound cavity can effectively suppress sound leakage and protect privacy. 

In terms of connection, these earbuds use Bluetooth chipset, which allows the users for fast connectivity. It uses a Type-C interface which is common to mobile phone charging cables.

In addition, it offers up to 12 hours of usage on a single charge. A five-minute charge allows the user to play up to 2 hours of music.

xiaomi bone conduction headphone

It provides 86ms latency, which helps in giving a stable and uninterrupted connection. These headsets come with MIUI pop-up quick connection, allowing the user to connect the earphones automatically with any nearby smartphone.

The IP66 dust and water resistance feature of the headphone make sure it can withstand wind, rain and sweat.


Last month this product was launched in China. There is no information about its global launch yet. This headset comes with a starting price of $117.99 in China. 

Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headphones now available at just $117.52

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