XGIMI Halo+ Review: Cost-Effective Portable Projector

I’ve always dreamed of having an overhead projector at home. I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s synonymous with the big screen, football evenings with friends, and romantic movie nights. If you like to watch movies or series on the big screen, you may already have a video projector—a classic heavy and bulky device. If you are thinking of changing your video projector or equipping yourself with one for your bedroom, office, or living room, we invite you to discover the new model from XGIMI. XGIMI Halo+’s new Full HD video projector is intended to be particularly bright, mobile, and intelligent.

With its look of a small connected speaker, it completely changes the image of video projectors. I’m glad to be testing out the XGIMI Halo+, thanks to the XGIMI, who provide the review unit for testing it and for review.


The box contains the XGIMI Halo+, the user manual, the power adapter, and a remote control. Two positive things are immediately apparent here. Although the XGIMI Halo cannot be charged via USB-C, which would certainly be an advantage with a portable projector, it has a long enough cable to be operated permanently with a cable. Many USB-C alternatives are tied to the original cable or power supply (in terms of the full power supply).

Which is always too short. Since I have the XGIMI Halo in mains operation most of the time, this is a great advantage since I don’t have to worry about the projector discharging during the process. The second positive aspect is the remote control of the XGIMI Halo+, which is currently one of the best projector remote controls. In contrast, other manufacturers still need to catch up regarding usability.


The XGIMI Halo+ comes in a metallic design but is mostly made of plastic. It is nothing negative, as it still looks very high quality and is generally super modern in design. It is visually one of the most attractive projectors. Its dimensions of  11.3 x 14.5 x 17.1 cm and its weight of 1.6 kg can be slipped into a bag without worry. It is easy to install. Its rubbery base keeps it in a stable position throughout the projection.

At the front of the XGIMI Halo+, we have the projection lens, which is slightly down and perfectly normal. We have the autofocus sensor as the lens shines diagonally up and further down. It has a new position with a view of the old halo and now allows auto-keystone. That was impossible with the non-plus variant, where you had to solve it manually. But I’ll get to the keystone feature in a moment.

The XGIMI Halo also features the “Sound by Harman / Kardon” branding. On the back, we have our connections for the power adapter, headphones via 3.5 mm, HDMI, USB, and the power button. The USB port can be used to play your media, for example, and supports USB speakers and headphones. Even headphones that come with a wireless transmitter.

Alternatively, Bluetooth 5.0 can also be used here since the system is based on Android. Otherwise, we have the XGIMI logo at the top, a status LED, and touch buttons for direct playback and volume control. It’s nice that you can feel the position here.

Below we have a ¼ inch thread for use on a tripod or wall mount and another mini stand to move the projection up a notch, which makes a huge difference over long distances.


Like the classic Halo, the upgraded model has 2GB of Ram and 16GB of internal storage. Therefore, it is possible to store many images and music there. Watching movies on streaming is better than downloading them because the files are larger. In my case, I installed every useful app essential for use and didn’t get any full memory notification.


The Installation of Halo+ is the easiest. The first thing to know about the XGIMI Halo+ is that it automatically adjusts to the surface where the image is projected. It is composed of a projection material having a throw ratio of 1.2:1, which is its strong point. Its lens allows an idea between 76 cm and 7.6 m. To illustrate, we can have an image of 2 m diagonally at a distance of only 2.40 m from the wall. The possibilities are endless as the device adjusts automatically.

Just turn it on the first time with the “on” button on the back of the device (the remote control will not work on the first start, it requires Bluetooth synchronization). The device will first update itself, automatically detect its positioning, and activate the automatic correction of vertical and horizontal keystone distortion. It is possible to fine-tune the settings manually, but the device does very well.

900 ANSI Lumens

XGIMI claims that the Halo+’s 900 ANSI lumens make it the brightest projector in its class, and the initial impression is that it’s plenty bright, even on battery power. There’s no problem watching it during the day, although, of course, in darker conditions, it can shine. Image quality is crisp, and while 1080p may not be the highest standard anymore, it’s impressive in a portable projector of this brightness at this price.

There may be video noise issues with darker scenes, but the Halo+ won’t be the first or last projector to suffer. A contrast that offers a significant variety of blacks and a depth that brings out the image in a suitable way. In short, if it’s not ecstasy, it doesn’t penalize the idea and even improves it, making the result rather good.


HDR is the other huge argument related to this Halo+. It is a technology that makes the image sharper and the colors richer when projected. But with HDR10, the experience is even heightened. This mode gives it more than brilliant colors.

This technology produces a unique richness and depth of colors, not to mention the high contrasts obtained. The experience is then at its height when viewing black-and-white films. The beauty of the image is even more breathtaking, with the colorimetry even more improved.

It should be noted that in SDR, the quality of the image is already impressive. In the case where HDR is activated, we will then observe a better rendering compared to SDR. If XGIMI Halo+ already has several qualities that make it attractive, this latest technology makes it even more desirable.

Game Mode

Game Mode Boost offers 26.5ms input lag and 60Hz refresh rate, putting it even among the best spotlights for PS5 (broadly defined), and certainly great for fast-paced party games like Mario Kart. But if you’re a competitive gamer who wants more than the fastest lightning available, you will need more than this.

The auto-keystone feature is more annoying for the zero-latency obsessives because it isn’t available in game mode. You’ll have to do more manual work (and potentially reposition the projector) to play on it.


The Halo+ has two 5-watt speakers, which Harman Kardon signs. The quality is excellent, especially the clarity of the sound. Indeed, the brand has concentrated all its know-how to offer a unique sound experience to its customers. No distortion is perceived, even at maximum volume.

XGIMI Halo+ is best known for its resounding and powerful bass, essential for enjoying music. In the testing, the sound felt like cinema because I was sitting close to the projector, but it was hard to recognize the proper direction because it surrounded the whole room. Especially since, with the many settings available, you can adjust the sound for a sound immersion that better suits each person.

Noise Free

There is a small fan at the back of the device. Its main function is to avoid any risk of overheating, thus protecting the projector. We can therefore use it for several hours without problems, which is one of its main advantages. The particularity of this fan is its great discretion. Indeed, the noise barely reaches 30 dB, even after heavy use.

And in economy mode, this sound barely reaches 29 dB. It is impossible to hear during a projection unless you are 10 cm from the fan grille. And the sound of the projector will drown out that noise without worry.

Remote Control

The remote control supplied with the XGIMI Halo+ projector is as practical as discreet. Due to its small size, it only contains the essential buttons to control the projector. We find the power button, the menu, and Google Assistant.

In addition to volume control, these buttons are used to make specific adjustments. But the most interesting is the microphone functionality integrated into the remote control. Thanks to the microphone, we can directly tell Google Assistant what we want to do with Alexa and Siri.

Operating System and APPs

The operating system runs Android TV on the XGIMI Halo+. It has the classic interface, as expected from smart TVs and other Android TV systems. Accordingly, there is no need to get used to it or anything like that. It is clear, runs very smoothly, and offers simple setting options. In addition, there is a large variety of apps in the Google Play Store. In addition to the major streaming services such as MXPlayer, Amazon Prime, and IPTV app.

It is important for people who want to watch Netflix that the service no longer works here, as with almost all Android projectors. No longer because it used to work with APKs from the web, but that’s no longer possible. In general, it is because Netflix only grants licenses to larger TV manufacturers, for example. Projector manufacturers are not given rights. 

According to XGIMI, efforts have been made to obtain these licenses for some time. Accordingly, something could change here in the future, even if it takes a long time. All requirements are at least met since the XGIMI Halo+ has the certifications for 1080p and 4K streaming in the Android system. And also, Chromecast or the transmission of content via browser or smartphone is supported.


The XGIMI Halo+ has a 5500 mAh battery with a playback time of up to 2.5 hours in projector mode (offline). It takes about 2.5 hours online. That may be enough for classic 150-minute films, but it is quite good for a portable projector since the predecessor lasted around 1.5 hours.

This may be due to the better display and brightness. But three to four hours would have been nice. Note: some of the reviewers said in their articles that it has a 17,100mAh faulty battery; maybe they need to calculate the voltage.


We liked the XGIMI Halo+ in the test. The setup and operation are simple, and Android TV is built right in. With its brightness of 900 ANSI lumens, it is not only a “portable” but can also be used as a serious home projector. Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, the mobile operation is very easy to implement and a great additional benefit, even if the Halo+ projects less brightly in battery operation than when the mains adapter is connected. 

To conclude, the XGIMI Halo+ is undoubtedly a device that is worth the purchase. Despite its fairly high price, this device is much better than a simple mobile portable projector. It is superior in every way and adapts to any environment in which it finds itself. And then, if we aim for a high-level projection, why deprive ourselves of the XGIMI Halo +, which reaches almost perfection?


  • Well brightness
  • Extremely good presentation
  • Extremely good sound
  • Relatively quiet fan
  • Very Good Remote Control
  • Gaming mode 
  • 3D Support


  • No USB-C or second HDMI port
  • No Android TV 11
  • Netflix only works with detours

You can order it now on the official XGIMI website

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