Fossibot F2400 Solar Generator 2400W Launches with $400 Discount


Fossibot F2400 Solar Generator with 2400W power, 2048Wh battery, 10-year life span, and 1.5-hour super fast charging debuts Nov 21st with a US$400 off retail price. However, this special presale ends on Dec 5th. There is a US$200 off with a US$200 presale coupon. The new portable power station can be charged using 500W solar panels or 1100W AC. Also, this is the best solar generator, and backup power for camping trips or RVs offers up to 2kW power. So, you can use various high-power appliances, tools, and recharge phones, laptops, or other smart devices. Valued at US$1699, it will be available for only US$1299.

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Fossibot F2400 Portable Power Station Review

A 2kW and 2048Wh battery capacity portable power station with a waterproof design has many advantages for camping, backup home power, and emergencies. The Fossibot F2400 has 2400W, up to 4800W Peak Power, 2048Wh capacity, and fast 2-hr 1100W AC charging. Considering the US$1299 early bird sale price, it offers many features with a 4-year warranty and up to a 10-year life span durability. You can use high-power home appliances, fully power a 2kW RV, a 24/7 UPS backup home generator, a solar generator, or on camping trips. There are 16 ports, Dual Inverter Technology, dust-proof, water resistance, and AC/Solar/Car/AC+Solar Simultaneously charging options.

Fossibot F2400, Solar Generator, solar generator, solar powered generator, portable solar generator, best solar generator, portable power station, power station

Spec Sheet

Output: DC Outlets: 6 x 110V/20A Receptacle, 2,400W In Total
Inverter Type: Pure Sine Wave
Surge Power: 4600W
USB-C Ports: 3x PD20W, 1 x PD100W Max.
USB-A Ports: 2 x QC3.0 18W
12V x DC Outlets: 
1 x 12V/25A (RV Outlet)
1 x 12V/10A (Car Outlet)
2 x 12V/3A DC5521 (5.5mm Outlet)
Input: AC Charging Input: 1100W max
Solar Input: 500W Max, VOC 11.5-50V
Car Input: 12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port
Maximum Input: 1600W, with AC and Solar Input Simultaneously
Other Specs: Simultaneous Recharge and Discharge: Yes
Weight: 48.5 pound(22KG)
Dimensions (L x W x D): 15.43 x 10.98 x 12.71 in (392mm x 279mm x 323mm)
Charging Temperature: 0-40-degree C (32-104?)
Discharging Temperature: -15-40-degree C (-4-104?)
Storage Temperature: -15-40-degree C (-4-104?)
Certifications: UL Standard, CEC, DOE, FCC, CA 65
Warranty: 48 Months (Enter to learn more about our warranty policy)
Battery: Capacity: 2,048Wh, 51.2V, 40Ah
Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Lifecycle: 3,500+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity
Shelf-Life: Recharge to above 50% Every 3 Months
Management System: MPPT Charge Controller, BMS, etc.
Recharging Time: AC Charging(1100W): 2 Hours
Solar (500W): 4 Hours
12V/24V Car Outlet (100W/200W: 17 hours@12V, 8.5 hours @24V
AC charge+Solar Panels(500W): 1.5 hours

Fossibot F2400, Solar Generator, solar generator, solar powered generator, portable solar generator, best solar generator, portable power station, power station


How much are 2048Wh capacity and 2400W high power?

A family of 8 can use a 2400W and 2048Wh capacity portable power station for up to half a day as backup power or emergencies. The Fossibot F2400 is also a portable solar generator and supports 500W solar charging with a combination of 1100W AC plus a 500W solar panel. On average, an RV uses 2kW power. Therefore, it can also help control an entire RV or help camping trips.

How many ports does the Fossibot F2400 power station have?

There are 16 output ports, six AC ports, four USB-C ports, two USB-A, two DC5521, a cigarette lighter, and a 12V/25A outlet for RV. The Fossibot F2400 solar powered generator can power almost all household appliances with 2400W AC output. You can use a microwave, refrigerator, space heaters, mini coolers, gadgets, tools, electric kettles, etc.

Can I use it for camping trips?

The newly launched F2400 portable power station and solar generator have a built-in LED light. There are SOS, flashlight, and SOS flashing options for camping trips for the LED. Also, it has a waterproof and dustproof design with rubber plug covers to prolong its life. In addition, there are dustproof covers for the fans and inlets to keep them safe from bugs, flies, ants, and other insects. There is also a top shelf for storing cables and accessories for camping.

What is the peak power rating?

If the total load exceeds 2400W, the F2400 power station can continue to provide power up to 4800W peak power and voltage below 78V. Hence, it has a 4800W peak power rating.

Price and Availability

The newly launched 2400W best solar generator and portable power station, Fossibot F2400, has a retail US$1699 price. However, it will go on presale from Nov 21st to Dec 5th with US$200 off and a US$200 coupon. Therefore, you can save US$400 and purchase it for only US$1299. The US$200 coupon is available freely on the products page and is easy to apply. It is first released on Amazon Japan and Rakuten Japan. For the black model, shipment will begin on Dec 6th, and Dec 20th for the green color version. You can visit the official Fossibot website for pre-orders.

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