Tensky Hair Dryer uses Negative Ions to Smooth out Frizz at a Great Price

It is not easy for a quick morning hair styling. The Tensky Hair Dryer comes in handy with unique negative ions technology, a classic L-shaped design, and a shorter nozzle. So, you can quickly style your hair, get rid of frizz, and all of this without any hair damage. As hair products and salon equipment tend to weaken hair strands, this intelligent blow dryer offers damage-free use. It is because it uses gentler heat settings. It generates up to six times the air pressure with a 110,000 RPM brushless motor. A quick hairdo becomes easy and fast with 20dB lesser noise than the Dyson hair dryer Supersonic. Also, it will be available with an exclusive early bird sale price on Amazon and the official website.

Tensky Hair Dryer Review

This hair styling and dryer have a shorter nozzle, an L-shaped design, and a robust 110,000 RPM brushless motor. The Tensky Hair Dryer generates up to 23m/s wind speed like its counterpart Dyson hair dryer Supersonic. However, it comes at a lower hair dryer price. There are four adjustable heat settings, cold, warm, hot, alternate cooling, and heating. It is great salon equipment and home dryer because it uses negative ion technology to smooth the frizz quickly. Also, it is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Another benefit of using it for salons or daily home styling is its Thermo-Control technology that protects hair from heat damage. So, you can also use it for quick hair styling without applying extra hair products.

Other Features

The new intelligent classic-shaped and modern blow dryer uses 200 million ions per cm3 to smooth and enhance hair shine. In addition, the Tensky Hair Dryer reduces frizz with amazing speed. It has only 20dB noise than the Dyson hair dryer Supersonic with 79dB. Even with a high-performance motor, less noise, and intelligent frizz control technology, the hair dryer price is affordable. Moreover, it offers damage-free hair styling with improved natural hair gloss because it uses hot and cold air alternate every 15 seconds. The Tensky brand claims this blow dryer can work for up to 32 years, as various test results show if used for 5 minutes daily. Hence, a useful home or salon equipment for daily hairstyling with Thermo-Control for no hair or scalp damage.

Price and Availability

This latest intelligent dryer for quick hair styling is available at a special early bird price. The Tensky Hair Dryer price is US$149.99 on Amazon and its official website. Tensky was founded in 2018 in Shenzhen, China. Thus, having more than 10 years of intelligent high-speed blow dryer and hair device experience. The brand focuses on affordable high-performance dryers with global availability.

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