DT No.1 DT8 Ultra Smartwatch Review: $30 Apple Watch Clone, Worthy?

Clones of the most popular terminals have been made all our lives, but we will see only sometimes as good copies as the ones we see now. We have been sent a unit of the DT NO.1 DT8 Ultra smartwatch is basically a “tribute” to the recently released Apple Watch Ultra. And they are so similar on the outside that I doubt that someone not very expert would be able to identify them at a distance. The good thing about this watch is that it not only looks stunning, but it is fully functional and has basically everything you could need. And the best, the price, is just $30.

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The watch comes well packaged in a very colorful box where it can already be seen in all its splendor through a photograph where it can be seen with two straps of different colors, one orange, and one grey.

Once we open the DT No.1 DT8 Ultra box and remove the manual, we can see the smartwatch with a sticker that simulates the screen showing the WearPRO logo. Unboxing the DT8 Ultra / manual, watch, and wireless charger is what our DT8 Ultra brings.


Let’s see the DT No.1 DT8 Ultra. Look. I do not have an Apple Watch Ultra here, but if you look for images online, you will realize how similar it is. The body is made of metal, and it is very well-finished. The truth is surprising, for this price level.

We have a couple of buttons on the right side. Above, a large crown that will allow us to move quickly through the menus, in addition to changing the wallpaper in real-time, is amazing. A little further down, a button will help us go the home and to access multitasking (also to turn off the phone and access SOS mode if we leave it pressed).

If we go to the left side, we see, as happens on the Apple watch, a large orange button that will help us quickly access the sport mode. We will access the available sports modes through it (running, swimming, cycling, soccer). Both on this side and the opposite, we have a microphone input (or at least it seems) and, on this left a speaker output. Because yes, we can make and receive calls from the watch as long as we have it paired with our smartphone.

If we see the lower part we find all the sensors that the watch claims to have, then we will talk about them. By the way, I see two little tabs on each side. Maybe they are used to changing the strap. We will have to investigate.

If we see the lower part, we find all the sensors that the watch claims to have. Then we will talk about them. By the way, I see two little tabs on each side, which may be used to change the strap; we will have to investigate.


The strap is silicone, light, and good-looking, but I need convincing the closure it has. Now we will see it better.

The weight is 63 grams. The truth is that it feels light, although being a little larger than the traditional smartwatch, it weighs a little more.


In this section, I am delighted that the screen looks good and is quite fluid and responsive. Whether clicking on any of the controls or scrolling, the animations are beyond what I expected on the watch.

The screen is quite wide, DT No.1 DT8 Ultra mounts a 2-inch IPS to be exact and the flat design of the case reaches 49mm. So we are talking about a 1:1 copy of the original Apple Watch Ultra. The screen resolution is 420x420px, reaching up to 320 PPI.

This means you can forget about taking your phone out of your pocket to see who is calling you or reading your messages. Just raise your wrist, and you will have a notification on the screen that conveniently alerts you with a gentle vibration.

Body Temperature

Body temperature measurement is a popular feature for our virus-filled past days. We need to know our body temperature and condition better. And now the quality has landed on the DT8 Ultra smartwatch. This way, you can always keep an eye on your health.

Watch Faces

Suppose you like to change “watch faces” or faces constantly. In that case, the WearPRO application allows you to send not a few if not hundreds of different models to your watch, there is something for everyone, and apparently, it is updated very frequently.

Voice Assistant

One of the innovations of the DT No.1 DT8 Ultra is that you can use the voice assistant directly from the watch. Thanks to the fact that the look has a built-in speaker that allows us to communicate bi-directionally.

Other Features

But of course, that’s just the basic list of the most eye-catching features of the new smartwatch model. You also get all the good stuff, like Bluetooth calls or app notifications. Or the full set of health sensors, including heart rate monitor, EKG, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, or atmospheric pressure. And users are sure to appreciate things like NFC, built-in games, and menstrual cycle reminders.


One of the strengths of this watch is its autonomy, and that is that the DT8 has a 280 mAh lithium battery that allows us to enjoy the look for up to 4 days of intensive use or 6 of moderate use.

Charging time from 0 to 100 is about 2 hours.


We have to talk about the app, which is called WearPro and is a little better than the usual Chinese watch app that we usually see. This one works fine and looks good too.

The first thing we must do is link the watch to the app, a process that takes no more than 10 seconds. Once done, we can access all the options. From here we can see all the healthy options, including the measurements we have made from the clock.

And we can change a lot of things on the clock. The most striking is the watch face. There are tons of them and surprisingly very pretty. We also find the typical notification options


At the moment that is all, I can tell you about the watch. I don’t know; II find it quite surprising that something like this can cost the same as a couple of drinks. It’s nice, well-built, has a good screen, and is fully functional. The Apple Watch Ultra is worth 1,000 euros.

This watch is barely 30. Of course, the Apple watch is light years away from this one, don’t get me wrong. In the end, what I’m looking for in an eye is for it to be pretty, notify me well, and count my steps. And not have to charge it daily. And DTNO.1’s DT8 Ultra watch does all this exceptionally well. You can buy it on AliExpress at an affordable price.

Buy on AliExpress Visit official Page

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