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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Pickups For This Black Friday

Black Friday is a great time to buy vacuum cleaners. Whether you’re shopping for a new cordless or robot vacuum, ILIFE products are always a good decision for you, and we’re seeing great deals.

Now, we highlight the best-selling vacuums with the best reviews and discounts. So here are some suggestions for those looking for quality ILIFE vacuum cleaners.


The ILIFE V3s Max robot vacuum makes your job easier by vacuuming and mopping on a schedule that works best for you and your pet. Sit back, clean the house easily, and have a good time with your fur baby.

The ILIFE V3s Max robot vacuum is small enough to easily fit under a wide variety of furniture that dust bunnies like to hide. It’s also not as wide as many robot vacuums (just 12.4 inches in diameter), which helps it fit nicely under chairs and coffee tables.

The 600mL litter box can handle multiple rooms before needing to be emptied. The 200ml water tank can also drag several rooms. Control the vacuum with the included remote, the app, and even the voice of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

For cleaning the backs of pets, the ILIFE V3s Max robot vacuum cleaner is a lifesaver. It cleans quickly and thoroughly on hard floors and even low carpets. Easy to use and control using the remote, app, or voice. Plus, it even comes with replacement parts. Remember, it has been made for hard floors, not carpets. You can buy in on Amazon.


ILIFE V5S Pro is a Chinese-made robot vacuum cleaner in a cheap price category. It has intended for cleaning a smooth floor and soft surfaces with a small pile. The design of the robot is made in a minimalist style that combines simplicity and elegance. The round case with a diameter of 300 mm is made of white plastic with black inserts. ILIFE V5S Pro combines the functions of dry and wet cleaning. The high-power motor allows it to pull in any kind of debris on laminate, tile, linoleum, and parquet. Wheels with high suspension help the robot overcome small thresholds and climb carpets.

The 300 ml dust container needs to be cleaned every few days. When working continuously in large areas with high pollution, the drive must be emptied daily. A 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery is enough for 110-150 minutes of battery life. If necessary, the smart assistant independently monitors the battery charge, stops working, and goes to the docking station.

Even though the ILIFE V5S Pro is an entry-level model in terms of price, the vacuum robot replaces a significant part of the household work in smaller apartments. The vacuum robot is suitable for smaller apartments up to around 60 m². You can buy it on Amazon.


ILIFE V3S Pro is an inexpensive model from ILIFE, which is designed to clean hard and carpet floors from dust, dirt, hair, and wool.

The ILIFE V3S Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a modern look and round shape. As you can see from the photo, it is made of white plastic. The device’s dimensions are small (30x30x7 cm), thanks to which the robot freely drives under the furniture and cleans there. The V3S Pro has a good air purification system, thanks to which the surrounding air is subjected to maximum filtration. The system is based on the operation of two filters that require periodic manual cleaning. The first mesh filter can be easily washed with water, and the second must be cleaned with the brush included in the package.

ILIFE V3S Pro model is an excellent cleaning assistant that has a pleasant appearance, good technical parameters, and functions at a low cost. The device comes almost perfectly with its main process – dry cleaning the premises. You can buy it on Amazon.


Look at the ILIFE A10 robot vacuum cleaner to see if it’s right for you. The entire ILIFE A10s has a raised area in the center of the body, where the laser scanning system is located. Under the silver protective cover is a laser lens that can scan 360 degrees without a dead angle, which can accurately draw the cleaning Environment map and then plan an efficient cleaning path.

Concerning carpets, the ILIFE A10, with a suction power of 2000 Pa, takes appropriate action on surface objects by automatically switching to Boost mode. All dirt is collected with its unique 600 ml battery bin design, which protects the filter from clogging with dirt deposits.

The ILIFE A10 robot vacuum is a joy to use. It cleans well and does it the way you want it to. So you can clean without fuss with the remote control or exactly where and how you want with the app. It’s the most configurable robot vacuum I’ve ever used, especially with its map editing. You can buy it on Amazon.


So, that’s it. These are the best ILIFE vacuum cleaners on this Black Friday sale. We offer you the best prices and discount coupons if you want to buy any of these vacuums.

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