Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth Speaker Review: Powerful and Water Resistance

Tronsmart launched the mini version of the Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker, which was a success for the company. Now Xiaomi Today is reviewing the latest launched Bluetooth speaker that takes music everywhere with you. With the 30W power and 360-degree sound, the speaker will be a great ally for your home and kitty parties. 


The Tronsmart T7 arrives in an elongated cardboard box that denotes the good work of the brand since they take care of detail that many other Chinese products do not take care of. Along and across its faces, it shows us its design and main characteristics, being inside protected by a plastic frame and a bag of the same material.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth Speaker

In addition to the documentation, consisting of the user manual, warranty card, and an explanation of SoundPulse technology, a USB-A to USB-C cable is included to charge your battery.


Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth Speaker now available to purchase at just $40


Firstly, when we carry the speaker, it seems a bit heavy. The tower design of the Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth Speaker with dimensions of 780 X 216 mm doesn’t appear to be 870 grams. The speaker appears very decent in design with a very elegant finish which is common in other speakers of the brand. 

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth Speaker

It is covered practically all around by a metal mesh that feels great and allows the 360º sound to escape from its speakers. And it is that the Tronsmart T7 has a pair of tweeters and a woofer that combine a power of 30W, being able to project the sound all around without it being easy to identify which part. Also note that it specifies to work in a frequency range between 60 Hz and 20 kHz, so it does not falsely promise to go down to 20 Hz like most models on the market.

Volume Control

The upper wheel on the Bluetooth speaker is the volume control which comes with 15 levels of adjustments. Along with this, the RGB light surrounds the volume controller. Users get four different RGB modes that they can change according to their requirements and surroundings.  

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth Speaker

On the back, we find five buttons that allow multimedia control and the choice of different equalization modes with the SoundPulse button, one of them of the same name with its own technology that promises to improve the sound.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth Speaker


Under these, a small rubber cover hides the USB-C connector to recharge its battery and a micro-SD slot as a physical audio source, the alternative being the Bluetooth 5.3 connection. This version of the protocol reduces latency, although using the SBC codec. Also, it is not compatible with other high-definition codecs such as aptX-HD or LDAC. Of course, it is compatible with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology, which allows connection to a second unit to achieve stereo sound and double the power.

Bluetooth 5.3

On the lower side, we find the woofer that enhances the bass. At this point, we must highlight the speaker’s IPX7 certification that allows it to be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep without problems, although “only” for 30 minutes, so it should not remain underwater for too long if we want it to continue working. . In addition, note that it has a 2,000 mAh battery inside that promises up to 15 hours of autonomy with the light off, and up to 13 hours with it on, recharging in about 3 hours.


We started the tests of the review of the Tronsmart T7 by connecting it to our Nubia Red Magic 5G smartphone via, obviously, Bluetooth. Again we must note that it does not have a high-definition codec, although the latest Bluetooth protocol manages to improve latency, something important, especially when watching movies or playing games.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth Speaker

The first thing we should highlight about this portable speaker is its power because, with 30W, we will have enough volume for indoors, without being excessive and without saturating the most. Outdoors, it is difficult to maintain a conversation with the volume at maximum located a few meters away, so, again, more than enough if we do not want to sound a party with ease. Of course, we must highlight its 360º sound projection, so if we place it in the centre of the heart, we will enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

In general, it offers a sound with powerful bass and contains them, clearly its strong point. This does not mean that it offers bad mids or highs since these are clear and sharp, but in some equalizations, the bass takes precedence over them. Personally, I find it ideal for modern musical styles, where the bass requires forcefulness, although it’s not bad for other more minimalist styles, whether it’s jazz or even classical. Obviously, it is not a speaker for audiophiles, but it is something that we must be clear about from minute one for its price.


We must also talk about its autonomy, estimated at up to 15 hours, although with the lighting off. In our tests, we have managed to exceed 12 hours of use with this turned off, while we have only achieved 9 hours of autonomy.

Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth Speaker


From the Play Store, we can download the Tronsmart APP, in the case of using an Android terminal, from which to view the battery status, choose between the 6 available equalizers and between the two audio inputs, as well as synchronize it with a second unity. To say that it also allows us to update the firmware, something that, in our case, happens when we start it for the first time.


After completing the review of the Tronsmart T7, we can conclude that it is an excellent option for those looking for a relatively portable Bluetooth speaker since it is somewhat heavy and, above all, powerful. And it is that with its 30W. It offers a quite good maximum volume to enjoy indoors and outdoors, highlighting the 360º projection of its sound so that everyone can enjoy it equally. On the other hand, its elegant aesthetic is only “broken” by the RGB LED strip that decorates the upper part, shining to the rhythm of the music if we so wish. Indeed, it does not offer a very high autonomy, around 6-9 hours depending on the volume used and if we turn on the lighting, something to always keep in mind.


  1. Excellent design and finishes
  2. Very good sound power
  3. Very crisp and clear sound
  4. Powerful Bass
  5. IPX7 certified


  1. Somewhat fair autonomy with RGB lightning
  2. Not compatible with aptX codec
Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth Speaker now available to purchase at just $40

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