LONGER RAY5 10W laser engraver now available at $30 discount

The majority of people consider metal when they think about engraving. However, new technology makes users engrave every kind of material with engraving machines. The new LONGER RAY5 10W laser engraver on your shelves will help you to engrave wood, plastic, rubber, acrylic, and other hard materials easily. This 10-watt laser’s strength enables it to cut nearly any material and even cut wood panels in a single pass. Additionally, it operates at a speed of up to 10,000 mm per minute, making it less time-consuming and user-friendly. 

LONGER RAY5 10W Laser Engraver


A 3.5-inch touchscreen is located on the front left of the casing. This is used to regulate the laser speed, establish a manual offset, and make other modifications. There is a little SD card in the slot where you may retrieve documents and print them instantly. There’s no need for a computer or a smartphone!


The user must calibrate the LONGER RAY5 engraver before using it. To start, the laser module must be adjusted to the ideal distance from the target. Depending on your working material’s thickness, it can involve shifting it up or down. After that, just place your board beneath the head and look for the little metal cylinder in the kit. This is your focusing column, which slides into a small slot in the laser module. Unscrew the module’s screws and position it so that it rests lightly on the focusing column.

LONGER RAY5 10W Laser Engraver


The working area of the LONGER RAY5 is 400mm by 400mm. It comes out to a rather large size of 15.75 × 15.75 inches. Users can engrave large plaques or intricate artwork without restricting the time frame. The laser can engrave at 10,000mm per minute or around 32 feet. The precise speed varies according to how dark the image is. The slower the laser moves, the deeper you’re aiming to cut.


The LONGER RAY5 10W Laser Engraver features a rectangular metal frame like the majority of laser engravers. It is made of matte black metal, which is strong and lightweight. The frame raises a few inches from the floor on a set of metal feet. Including the laser module’s overall dimensions are 23.07 inches wide, 22.95 inches deep, and 6.95 inches tall.


The gantry covers the top of the structure that stretches outward in all directions. It is supported by a set of robust wheels that are secured in a groove in the side rails. It may now freely move back and forth across the working area as a result. The gantry’s movement propels by a tiny motor at one end.

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Price at Hand: $459

LONGER RAY5 10W now available for just $459

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