FIIDO X Foldable e-Bike now available for just $1599 (Find your X-factor)

FIIO has been growing in the past few years. If you are new to the company, FIIDO is a well-known brand to manufacture electric bikes. FIIDO D11 and FIIDO L3 were the latest electric bikes launched in 2020. The folding electric bikes come shorn with all the glamour and beauty you may attach to some of its non-folding variants. Now FIIDO has changed its perspective with its new series of FIIDO X Foldable e-bike and X Lite bikes.

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FIIDO X Lite Foldable bike Germany

Features of FIIDO X Foldable e-bike:

The company reveals the specs list of the electric bikes along with a video. In comparison with the D11 and L3, we get a variety of upgrades in new bikes. As per the video released by Fiido, we see a lady donning the new Fiido e-bike outclassing her opponents in a bike race excellently.

Also, FIIDO will come with the X Lite version; the version is said to be the lightest version. The X Lite comes with a small battery size, less range, top speed, and price. We also get peddle assistance in both bikes to push them beyond their stated ranges. Electric bikes have Seatpost integrated batteries. These will give the driving range of 60km and 130km, respectively.

The one-piece frame design makes the FIIDO X more stylish. The bike also features the premium removable seat tube battery seated on a sliding track.

FIIDO X Lite Foldable bike Indonesia

The FIIDO X foldable e-bike comes at 25km/hr high speed. The frame is made up of magnesium which is easy to fold and handle while travelling. One can easily switch the rate from high to low quickly, thanks to the 7-speed Shimano transmission. Customers also get the keycode locks for LED lighting, solid tires, and other features.

FIIDO X Lite Foldable bike Italy

We also see some features for the very first time in an electric bike. The FIIDO X foldable e-bike comes with a hydraulic disc brake system.


The FIIDO X folding bike comes with a removable battery which users can remove easily any time. This helps in storing the battery indoors in cold temperatures and extends the battery life. Long-lasting battery of the bike will let the users ride it for 8 miles per charge.


On the front, we get the OEM LED lights, which help the riders at night. Similar to this the bike comes with a taillight which can be effective on a snow day.

Riding Experience:

The torque sensor brings a more responsive and intuitive riding experience. Also, the low-resistance riding motor will allow the sure to ride easily also with power on. Compared to the throttle, the bike provides a smaller impulse force even starting it on a snow day.

The best part of this bike is how easily the user can set it up from the box. The three-second folding technology makes it easier to store the bike.


The rugged bikes are meant to be dirty and not cleaned on a daily basis. So, the FIIDO has made sure the bike comes with dust and water resistance with IP54 protection. Along with this, the EN15194 EU safety certification will give safety to the riders. The hydraulic disc brakes bring more safety while riding and stop it easily on a snow day.

Promotional Period: 11.1 – 11.15

From 1st-15th3 Nov, you will have the chance to receive the following benefits:

1.$1599 to buy Fiido X

2.15% off accessories, save up to $69.07

  1. The first 100 orders can get an adaptable battery/foot pedal/mug bracket.
Promotional Period: 11.16 – 11.30

From 15th-30th Nov, you will have the chance to receive the following benefits:

1.$1599 to buy Fiido X

2.10% off accessories, save up to $46.05

  1. The first 100 orders have the opportunity to get: an adaptable battery/foot pedal/mug bracket

$200 Coupon code: FX20

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