Maono WM600 TikMic Wireless Microphone Review

Today we are introducing Maono for the very first time on our website. Maono is one of the best Audio products manufacturing brands. Today we will look at the Maono WM600 TikMic Microphone system in the version of USB-C connector from the Maono, which will come in handy, for example, for vloggers, YouTubers, creators of interviews, podcasts, or in short, for everyone who needs to record sound in good quality, but especially at a distance. Let’s check out what MW600 is offering.


The design of the Maono WM600 set as such is quite minimalistic. Both parts of the set are made of black plastic, which gives a quality impression. After all, at least the resistance would increase thanks sharply to the metal body. On the other hand, it must be objectively admitted that a metal body would increase the microphone’s price. Still, mainly because of it, it would be heavier and therefore could, for example, get in the way when pinned to clothes.

If I were to rate the design of the product as such, I would rate it as good and unsurprising at the same time. After all, we are talking about a product you can’t think of much in appearance. However, even the fact that the design is good and unsurprising is, to some extent. A positive, as a microphone clipped to clothing, do not interfere in any way, for example, on videos and the like.

Sound Quality Experience

I must say that the Maono WM600 TikMic made me happy almost immediately after unpacking and first looking at the manual. I discovered that there is no need for full use of any application or other settings. You have to insert the receiver into Lightning, turn on the microphone, wait a while for them to connect (automatically), and you’re done.

As soon as all this happens, you can start happily recording sound through the native applications of the Smartphone and Laptop, such as a Camera, via video or voice recorder, as well as through applications from the workshop of third-party developers. In short, the microphone works like the internal one on the iPhone without additional settings.


While the receiver is powered by USB-C directly from the Smartphone, the microphone needs to be charged via the USB-C port. The good news is that the microphone’s battery life on a single charge is about 7 hours, which is good enough for most usage scenarios. As for the positive aspects of the receiver, the biggest one, in my opinion, is the 3.5 mm jack connector, thanks to which you can listen to what the microphone records almost in real time via headphones or a speaker.


The Maono WM600 TikMic is a microphone system consisting of a transmitter and a receiver that can receive sound on a smartphone, Laptop, or PC and then store it in them. The great thing is that it is equipped with an MFi receiver with certification, which guarantees the device’s trouble-free functionality in connection with an Apple product.

The receiver with the Maono WM600 communicates on a 2.4GHz frequency, which ensures high-quality transmission with low latency. Suppose you are interested in the range of the connection. The manufacturer states up to 100 meters, which seems generous, at least on paper.

Range Experience

To get to about 100 meters. It is necessary that there is ideally nothing between the transmitter and the receiver that would interfere with the connection or if you want the signal. As soon as something gets between them, the connection is negatively affected, and the further apart the transmitter and receiver are. The bigger the problem is anything between them. However, it would be a mistake to think that anything between the transmitter and receiver is an insurmountable problem.

I tested the set so that the person with the Maono WM600 was standing approximately 50 meters from me in the garden. I was standing on the top floor of the family house in a room separated from the park by two half-meter walls and a fifteen-centimeter partition. In short, all is well.


Suppose you are interested in the quality of the sound recorded through the microphone. It is, in my opinion, at a high level. Thanks to this, the Maono WM600 is a very good partner for the activities mentioned earlier, led by recording podcasts, creating vlogs, and the like.

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