EasySMX ESM-9110 Review – Inexpensive Wireless Game Controller

On the market there are numerous cheap gaming controllers, the one we want to talk to you about today despite having a low cost is of high quality, and produced by a company specialized in the sector, we are referring to the EasySMX ESM-9110 Controller. EasySMX once again delights us with its EasySMX EMS-9110 controller, which at an affordable price allows us to enjoy any game on a multitude of platforms, from a PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, Android devices, and a PC; all with your wireless or wired connection. A complete controller, with all the functions and much more, learn more about the EasySMX controller with our review (Thanks to EasySMX for Providing us).

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  • Manufacturer: EasySMX
  • Model: ESM-9110
  • Connection: 2.4GHz + cable;
  • Vibration response: two vibration motors;
  • USB port: USB Type C;
  • Power supply: built-in 600 mAh battery;
  • Charging time: 2.5h;
  • Operating time from one charge: 7-8 hours;
  • Working distance: up to 10 m;
  • Compatibility: Switch, PC, PS3, Android;
  • Optional: 5 levels of button backlight brightness, and five levels of vibration intensity.


As usual, we will talk about the content of the packaging and what we are going to find inside it. The gamepad is packed in two cardboard boxes. The outer box is glossy with an image of the ESM-9110, its main characteristics, and the contact details of the manufacturer. Inside there is another cardboard box in which the delivery set is fixed.

On the front of the box, we will find a frontal view of the EasySMX EMS-9110. One of the sides is intended to mark the design of the control that is included inside. Finally, the back part is intended to indicate the main characteristics of the controller.

Inside the box, you will find the EasySMX EMS-9110, the USB-A to USB-C cable, the USB adapter, the instruction manual, and a small thank-you note for purchasing an EasySMX product.


  • EasySMX EMS-9110 Controller
  • 2.4G Wireless USB Receiver
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual


The design of the EasySMX ESM-9110 controller stands out for having the typology of the controller of the Microsoft console controllers. The entire controller is made of high-quality plastic, except for the sides of the controller, which are dotted for a better grip on the hand. The body is made of black plastic. The top of the case is completely glossy and instantly picks up fingerprints. The side parts on which the A, B, X, and Y buttons and the right analog stick are located are covered with removable matte overlays. On sale, there is a version of ESM-9110 with overlays on which a colored abstraction is depicted.

The following buttons are located in the center of the front side of the gamepad:

  • Home” – exit to the desktop;
  • Back” – action “back”;
  • Turbo” — assignment for the buttons of the mode of repeated multiple operations with one press;
  • Mode” — choice of connection mode Xinput, Dinput;
  • Start” – action “Start”, programming the lower buttons M1 … M4.

Below is the LED indicator of the mode of operation of the gamepad, under which there are buttons for adjusting the brightness of the backlight and the power of the vibration response. There are five levels of adjustment, including the complete shutdown of the backlight and vibration.

The front side also contains the following controls:

  • 2 Analog sticks that can also act as buttons when pressed;
  • D-Pad Control D-pad;
  • Buttons A, B, X, Y.

Buttons A, B, X, and Y are made of transparent acrylic. They and the right analog stick light up.

On the back of the EasySMX ESM-9110 gamepad there are four programmable buttons M1 … M4, by default these buttons duplicate the buttons A, B, X, Y. At the end there is a USB Type-C connector for charging and wired connection of the gamepad to devices. Above the connector is a red LED that lights up during charging and goes out after it is finished.

Between the right stick and the D-pad, there are two additional keys with icons. One is responsible for changing the brightness of the backlight, and the second for the degree of vibration. Above, you can see 4 rows of LED indicators, they perform several functions. Firstly, they show the type of connection, and secondly, they signal the discharge of the device’s battery.

By the way, since we started talking about the backlight, this is how it looks in the dark. In total there are 4 levels of brightness or a complete shutdown of the backlight.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the supplied Type-C cord is only suitable for charging, it does not contain signal lines. If you want to connect the gamepad with a wire, you will have to use a third-party full-fledged wire.

All buttons and the D-Pad are pressed quite softly, analog sticks have a smooth ride. Stick mushrooms are made of plastic. Despite the lack of rubber caps, they are quite tenacious and comfortable to play with.

Programmable Buttons

For programming the buttons M1…M4, you can assign the duplication of any button or the development of a macro (consecutive pressing of several buttons).

To program, do the following:

  • Hold down the “Start” button;
  • Press the M1…M4 button that we want to program without releasing the START button.
  • Release all buttons. If everything is done correctly, the backlight of the right stick will turn pink;
  • Press a button or a combination of buttons at the desired tempo and sequence (to record a macro). When you press the buttons from pink, the color will change to blue;
  • To finish programming, press the M1 … M4 button, which we are programming.

Ready! If you do everything right, then the backlight of the stick from pink will return to blue.

If you need to program the “Turbo” action (repeated operation with a single press) for some buttons, then hold down “Turbo” and press those buttons for which you want to assign this mode. Cancellation of the mode for the selected buttons occurs in the same order: hold down “Turbo” and press those buttons for which this mode was previously assigned.

You can reset all settings and macros of the gamepad by pressing the “Reset” button, which is located under the hole on the underside of the gamepad.

You can check how a button or a programmed macro works in the control panel along the path – Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> ESM GAME FOR WINDOWS  (gamepad icon). Right-click on the icon and select -> Game Controller Settings -> Properties

Use Experience

The gamepad has been tested on PC and Android TV boxes.

When connected to a PC, the EasySMX ESM-9110 gamepad can work in two input standards:

  • DirectInput: is an input standard in which you theoretically (if the manufacturer provided you with a program, although there are universal programs) can change the purpose of any button.
  • XInput: is an input standard designed specifically for the Xbox 360 controller, and here Microsoft made sure everything was perfect. The purpose of the buttons is fixed (only in the game itself, you can change them). If the gamepad supports this input standard, then it will definitely (100% guaranteed) be determined by the game (the game must also support this standard, but games that do not support this standard have not been released for 7 years) as it should (all buttons perform their functions and vibration works ).

Input standards are switched by holding the “Mode” button. Win 10 defines the gamepad as ESM Game for Windows or ESM gamepad.

The analog sticks are pretty accurate. If you tilt the stick all the way and draw a circle, we get the following picture (screenshot on the left). If you try to draw circles of a smaller diameter, you will get a picture like in the screenshot on the right. 

 There were no problems in the games. Everything works fine. Combos and fatalities are worked out in Mortal Combat XL, it is convenient to assign macros to programmable buttons M1 … M4. Darksiders, Dirt, and Rayman are quite comfortable to play. Vibration feedback normally works out in scenes where it is provided.

 With the android tv box, the gamepad started working immediately after plugging the dongle into its USB port. Using the gamepad, you can control the TV box or play Android games and various simulators.

It was easy to play NES and Play Station emulators (NES.emu, -ePSXe-). The gamepad was defined in the emulators, the controls worked properly.

You can also easily play games from the Play Market with gamepad support. It was quite comfortable to play such games as Dead Trigger 2, Shadowgun Legends, and Asphalt 8.

Battery Life

The 8 hours of operation declared in the specifications and even a little more EasySMX ESM-9110 fulfills. When the charge level is low, the LED indicator on the front panel starts flashing and the vibration feedback is turned off. But, even at a low level, the gamepad still works for about half an hour. It takes about 2.5 hours to charge.


I liked the EasySMX ESM-9110, this inexpensive gamepad is powered by a built-in battery that works via a 2.4 GHz RF channel or when connected with a cable. The ESM-9110 may well meet the needs of the not-too-picky gamer.

The advantages of the gamepad include:

  • The presence of convenient programmable buttons M1 … M4, to which you can assign a macro;
  • Precise analog sticks;
  • Adjustable backlight and vibration response;
  • Built-in 600 mAh battery and long working time;
  • Analog triggers with an interesting implementation.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • The glossy center of the front panel collects fingerprints
  • Included Type-C cord for charging only

12% OFF Coupon Code: 8FWARR98
Buy From Offiical Store at $27.28 Buy From Amazon at $35.99

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