Baseus Charger 67W GAN5 with 4K HDMI $42.49 Super Deal

Combines 67W Fast Charging, 4K UHD HDMI HUB for Screen Casting, and USB Dock Station

The latest GAN 5.0 Basues charger has a 4K HDMI built-in port to use as a phone charger, an HDMI hub, or a USB dock station. It supports 67W fast charging and 4K@30Hz HDMI screen casting. You can also use it as a dock for connecting a keyboard, mouse, wireless adapter, iPhone charger, or phone charger. So, it is a full-featured USB and HDMI hub adapter with a 67W mobile phone charger. Therefore, you can use one device to manage smart devices and watch 4K UHD live streams or movies on a big screen. But it comes for US$74.99. However, from Nov 1st to 12th, it will be available for only US$42.49.

Baseus Charger Baseus GAN 65W Baseus phone charger iPhone charger Xiaomi phone charger

2-in-1 4K HDMI and USB Hub Adapter 67W Baseus Charger

Baseus continuously surprises with useful smartphone and computer accessories. Another example is the latest 67W Baseus charger with a USB dock station and 4K HDMI adapter. However, while charging your cell phone, you can use the USB-A to connect keyboards or a mouse to a TV, laptop, or PC. There is a USB-A, HDMI port, and two USB-C charging ports. There is wide compatibility for laptops, iPhone charger, Xiaomi phone charger, and tablets. Also, it supports USB 4.0 protocol with up to 40Gbps transmission and 100W high output power. You can dock a keyboard or mouse with a Steam Deck. Cast the screen using a 4K HDMI cable and simultaneously charge the laptop or phone.

Baseus Charger Baseus GAN 65W Baseus phone charger iPhone charger Xiaomi phone charger

Safety Features

The latest Baseus GAN 5.0 Pro technology offers safe charging for all types of phones, laptops, or tablets. There is also BPS2 charging technology to charge three devices at once on full output potential. The new 67W Baseus charger promises durability. So, it has overcharging, short circuits, anti-interference, over-current, over-voltage, temperature, under-voltage, electrostatic, and other safety protections. Premium quality and certified safety provide user to use with confidence.

Baseus Charger Baseus GAN 65W Baseus phone charger iPhone charger Xiaomi phone charger

Price and Availability

From Nov 1st to 12th, this Baseus charger will be available with an exclusive discount. It costs around US$74, but during the sale, you can buy it for only US$42.49. Moreover, you can use the official Baseus Store coupons for further discounts. Collect the coupons from the store’s main page. You can visit the product’s page and click on “Get Coupon” below the listed price. If you follow the store, you may get surprise discounts and coupons.

Original Price: US$74.99        Sale Price: US$42.49 (Nov 1st to 12th)

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