ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router Review

If I were to choose one thing that I couldn’t live without the most in the 21st century, I would probably choose the Internet. The ancestors’ dream of “knowing everything in the world” has finally been realized today through the Internet. As a “heavy Internet user”, the greatest happiness in life is to surf the Internet while resting after getting off work. Today’s broadband speeds are getting faster and faster, and gigabit packages have become commonplace.

I believe that many people who pursue Internet speed like me have also discovered one thing: they excitedly upgraded the broadband according to the operator’s propaganda, but the Internet speed still did not improve. This is often because there is a problem with the router. If there is no suitable router, the network speed will still not be able to exert itself. XiaomiToday brings you a ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router that can adapt to high-speed broadband (Thanks to ZTE for Providing us).

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router is the big brother in the domestic communication industry – ZTE, a fairly powerful router released not long ago, its inherent performance is very strong, the network speed can be as high as 3000Mbps, and it also supports Easy Mash One-click networking, let the network cover every place you go! Let’s take a look at the experience of the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router.

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Packaging and Unboxing

The packaging box of the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router is more elegant and atmospheric, with a relatively clear appearance of the router on the front, and the corresponding name, model, and brand logo next to it, which shows that its performance is not ordinary. There are detailed descriptions of its configuration and interfaces on the side, and a brief introduction to the main features on the back, which is convenient for users to quickly understand routing-related information.

When you open the package, you can see the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router, power adapter, a quick guide, and a network cable. Each accessory is packaged independently and will not shake during transportation, which is very considerate and reflects the rigor of the manufacturer in terms of details.


The appearance design of the ZTE AX3000 Pro is simple and stylish, without the use of a cylindrical or square design style. Four independent antennas are located at the rear of the fuselage, one of which has the Wi-Fi 6 logo. In normal use, the maximum coverage of the wireless network can be achieved by directly erecting 4 independent antennas.

Four gigabit network ports are on the back of the fuselage, three of which are LAN ports and one is a WAN port. However, a LAN port on the right can access another broadband to achieve two broadband aggregations.

The power interface and the reset button are on the far right side of the back of the fuselage, where the reset button and the WPS button are integrated. To reset the router, long press the WPS button. In addition, the cable can be hidden behind the host after plugging in the power supply, which looks more beautiful.

In order to improve the heat dissipation capacity, the ZTE AX3000 Pro wireless router has large-area heat dissipation holes on both sides and the bottom of the fuselage. Even if it is turned on 24 hours a day, we don’t have to worry about the router freezing or restarting due to overheating.

Hardcore Performance

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router is equipped with Qualcomm’s IPQ5018 highly integrated 802.11ax Wi-Fi system-on-chip solution, built-in 1.0GHz dual-core 64-bit processor, and 12-thread programmable network processor, which can fully meet the needs of high-performance, The smooth operation of efficient and cost-effective wireless networks, home routers, mesh nodes, gateways and other devices can easily cover all the Internet access needs of a family.

In order to enable this chip to fully turn on its firepower, ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router also designed a very efficient heat dissipation solution: the motherboard adopts “Oreo” type heat dissipation, and the front is a long fin type. The radiator, the high-performance thermal conductive grease on the back, and the aluminum plate directly dissipate heat; the bottom of the shell adopts a large-area hollow design to reduce the heat accumulation inside the shell, and cooperates with the side antenna air outlet and foot pad to form a “chimney” type air duct inside, Accelerates heat export to ensure stable and efficient operation of equipment.

At the same time, the dual-channel WAN port of the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router also maximizes the uplink speed. It can allocate Internet data streams to different uplinks to achieve speed superposition, and achieve simultaneous access to the Internet on multiple uplinks, thereby increasing the bandwidth Superposition to meet the user’s demand for high speed.

Facing the pain points of strong signal and wide coverage of large-scale and even large-level owners, ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router also provides its own solution: it has built-in independent 2-way 2.4GHz and 2-way 5GHz Wi-Fi -Fi 6 high-performance signal amplifier, with longer signal transmission and stronger penetration; the antenna also adopts a Franklin-style high-gain array design, and metal springs with better transmission performance are preferred to reduce losses, and two for 2.4GHz and 5GHz are used. Independent single-frequency antenna reduces the impact of the interleaved dual-frequency antenna on radiation efficiency and achieves optimal coverage performance in multiple dimensions.

When using the previous route, the WiFi signal across one wall was poor, but after using this route, its WiFi signal strength is really powerful, even if there are two walls across, the WiFi signal strength is also very high, and the transmission of the network speed is also very fast, and the parents’ browsing of small videos is not affected at all, and it is even more powerful for my network office.

Easy to install

Now let’s connect the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router to see the actual settings. This router supports both PC and mobile APP settings and management. 

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router can be connected in two ways: wired or wireless. The wired one is easily limited by the length of the wire, and it is more convenient to use a wireless connection. Use the laptop to quickly search and connect to the router’s WiFi, and open the browser to enter the for the setup wizard page, the setup is very simple, follow the setup wizard to complete the setup, and then you can connect to the network.

Unlike most routers that display a green light after a successful connection, the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router will have a red light on the front end after a successful connection. The colors are conspicuous, easy to distinguish, and friendly to home users and novices.

The WEB management interface is relatively rich, providing function-setting interfaces such as night mode, router settings, firewall, updates, and more. In dynamic IP settings, we can choose the current mode from current WAN and multi-WAN, connection mode, and IP mode. Wi-Fi settings are similar to smartphones, such as Wi-Fi switches, default SSID, and networks. name, security mode, password, Guest SSID, WPS, Wi-Fi optimization, and advanced settings.

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router has three connection modes, generally, select dynamic IP mode. In the routing settings, you can see that there is a dual-band integration option. Facing the needs of different users, ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router has a built-in independent 2-way 2.4GHz and 2-way 5GHz Wi-Fi 6 high-performance signal amplifier.

Next, about the settings of functions such as NFC.If it’s troublesome to tell the passwords one by one, and for security, the passwords are generally set to be cumbersome, and the input of the guests is also very troublesome. Turn on the ZTE AX3000 Pro NFC to connect to Wi-fi with one touch, realizing “connection” with one touch.

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router supports Easy Mash one-click networking. For owners of large apartments, signal coverage is one of the important reasons for choosing a router. Think about the editor’s single-family villa in his hometown, the spacious area is indeed a hundred times more comfortable than the rental house in the city, however! The router signal in my hometown is complete, and it is basically useless outside the range of the living room and bedroom! Heavy users of the Internet can only live in traffic, which is really sad.

ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router has the Easy Mash one-click networking function. When multiple AX3000 Pros are used in combination, the signal can easily cover the entire area and achieve seamless signal roaming. There is no signal in any corner of each room. Worry about surfing.

From the router settings, it can be seen that the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router has a wide range of applications. It can not only allow small apartments to use the Internet freely but also large-scale users to achieve smooth connections throughout the house. Facing the needs of large-scale users, the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router has built-in independent 2-way 2.4GHz and 2-way 5GHz Wi-Fi 6 high-performance signal amplifiers, which can effectively enhance the WLAN signal transmission power and transmit In addition to the farther signal transmission and stronger penetration, there is also a Lanklin-type high-gain array antenna with a gain of up to 5dBi and 7dBi. The WLAN signal reception capability is greatly improved, and it can receive farther and weaker signals.

ZTELink App

In addition, you can easily manage your home network from your smartphone using the ZTELink app. This router can also be managed using the APP. In the APP application, you can intuitively understand the upload and download speed of the route. And at the same time, you can display the indicator light of the route or restart the route in the APP application.

In the APP application, one-click physical examination and one-click optimization can be performed for the use of routing, and some problems in routing can be found. Through optimization processing, the network connection performance of routing can be better played. In the APP application toolbox, set the functions that we often need to better manage the router.

Signal and Speed Test

In the actual experience, the performance of the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router also surprised me. The ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router adopts a 4-antenna design and the signal is indeed much stronger than other routers. We put the router in the bedroom, the download speed of the bedroom reached 92M+, the download speed of the living room on the partition wall was 85M+, and the download speed of the bedroom farthest from the master bedroom was 6M+, which completely realized the network coverage of the whole house. Even if the area is larger than the author’s home, if the router is placed in the central area, the signal can also be achieved without dead ends.

Compared with my previous router, it is many times better. To be honest, WiFi6 is really good technology, and the wireless speed has been improved all of a sudden. ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router is also a dual-band WiFi6 router. Compared with the previous generation. WiFi6 not only has a much faster speed but also greatly reduces power consumption and latency.

During the period of using the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router, the biggest feeling for me is “stability”. The self-developed dual-core chip and 4-antenna design bring stronger penetration ability and a larger coverage area. Moreover, the design of 4 antennas greatly reduces unnecessary interference. Which is also the key to the stable and continuous output of this router.


After a period of use, the performance of the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router, is indeed beyond imagination, and its signal coverage ability is worthy of praise for large apartment areas. Of course, there are not a few gigabit WiFi6 routers on the market. But the ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router, is definitely the only one that can be equipped with a Qualcomm dual-core main chip. In other words, I have what others have, but I still have what others do not. So, if you plan to buy a router in the near future. You might as well try this ZTE Miracle AX3000 Pro Wi-Fi 6 Router.

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