Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds Review

Are you tired of the various “egg-shaped” TWS Bluetooth headsets on the market? It doesn’t matter if it’s round or oval, it’s too impersonal, they all look the same! So are there any headsets developed for e-sports parties who like to be independent? There really is one! I searched for various Bluetooth headsets with distinctive shapes on the market, and finally found an Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds that can satisfy their cyberpunk style.

Edifier is very familiar to everyone. It is a professional audio brand. HECATE is a professional Gaming Sub-brand of Edifier. It aims to open the door to the game world for players with acoustic technology. It can be said that it is specially designed for game parties. Fashion brand. This Edifier HECATE GX 07 has an exaggerated shape with great visual impact, with RGB lighting effects and ANC hybrid active noise reduction technology, making this TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset full of personalized tension, which is definitely the current e-sports industry player. the best choice.

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How, does it sound like a very high-level sample, what is the actual experience? Today, we will bring you a detailed review of this Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds (Thanks to Edifier for Providing us).

Packaging and Accessories

Let’s take a look at the Packaging of the Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds. First, the packaging box is a pull-out type. I found that the package is quite large, with shiny laminated cardboard wrapped on the outermost side. Except for the LOGO and model number on the front, the most conspicuous thing is the product rendering. Operation, accessories, parameters, and production are detailed on the back and bottom.

Pull out the outer cardboard, and a black storage box with a lychee pattern is introduced into the eye. It does not look so simple. After opening, you can see that the main body of the headset and accessories are neatly arranged from top to bottom.

The accessories box has been marked with 2 pairs of earplug sleeves, 1x charging cable, 1x manual, and 1x square headphone bag. The charging cable is a Type-c interface, and the manual is wrapped in plastic film, which is worth mentioning. The only thing is this earphone bag, which feels very tactile to the touch. It should be made of leather and has a magnetic suction function.

One thing to say, as a gaming headset with a price of, you can feel “Premium Quality of everything” from the packaging accessories, which is by no means comparable to low-end wireless headsets.

Appearance and Design

The battery box shape of the Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds is really worth blowing up. Its top view is shield-shaped, with slightly curved lines on the sides and bottom, and irregular hexagons on the side. The main body is decorated with silver gray, which looks a bit sandblasted metal texture. The front and rear are decorated with glossy and sandblasted black panels. There is also a decorative button on the front, which is treated with bright silver chrome. The overall shape is clean and concise, with clear edges and corners, and has a sense of technology. 

The black and gray color matching also caters to the popular tastes of trendy men and women. Looking at the official copy, it seems that there are also white and black, yellow and black color matching. The workmanship of the battery box is relatively fine, and it is not easy to leave traces if it is slightly scratched. It is more resistant to dirt, and will not leave obvious oil stains and fingerprints.

The bigger surprise came when the battery compartment was opened. The Edifier HECATE GX07 battery box adopts a double-wing clamshell design. It is said that the design is inspired by sports cars, which makes the GX07 have a unique opening attitude. This is the essence of the design and the most distinctive feature. The included angle and elevation angle formed by opening the cover is very particular, and the posture from various angles is very stable. 

There are Hall sensors on both sides of the flip cover, opening the cover can wake up the headphones of the corresponding channel, and the left and right channels are connected to different hosts. The flip cover has even damping, and moderate suction force, neither loose nor difficult to open. This clamshell design also makes picking and placing the earphones easy and adds a sense of ritual. All in all, we love the design, it’s good-looking and functional.

In addition, the GX07 also adds RGB lighting effects. Opening any flip will trigger the RGB lighting effects, and it will automatically turn off after a period of time when the cover is closed.

The earphones of Edifier HECATE GX07 are designed in a bean sprout shape, and the basic shape of the earphone handle is still an irregular hexagon, which is consistent with the design language of the battery box. The acoustic cavity part of the earphone does not hesitate to use curved lines, which is done to make it more comfortable to wear. The actual wearing feeling of GX07 is good, there is no obvious top bulge, and it also maintains good stability and is not easy to fall off. The GX07 headset part also has a lighting effect, which can be turned off in the APP.

We have written a lot about the shape design because this design will actually be more appealing to the hands. In the TWS world of various egg shapes, we really need this kind of personalized design to relieve everyone’s aesthetic fatigue.

The speaker uses Edifier’s self-developed 8mm moving coil unit. The main control chip used by the GX07 has not been officially announced, but according to some known parameters and performance judgments, the high probability is the Hengxuan solution. GX07 supports the most common SBC/AAC/LHDC but does not support Qualcomm’s aptX series. SBC/AAC is the most compatible solution now, and it is supported by almost all models. LHDC is much less popular, mainly supported by the latest Xiaomi mobile phones. To make the sound quality of GX07 full of blood, LHDC is more suitable, so it is best to match it with Xiaomi’s phone.

The two GX07 earphones weigh about 11 grams, which is quite light. The total weight of the battery box is about 63 grams, which is a little heavier than most similar products. The built-in light bar is also heavy. The battery life of the GX07 with noise reduction turned on is 5+15 hours, and when it is turned off, it is 6.5+19.5 hours. The actual measurement turned on noise reduction, medium volume, and after 4 hours of work, the remaining power was 38%, which is a little better than the official data.

Edifier Connect APP

Edifier has an APP called Edifier Connect, which provides function expansion and flashing support for Edifier headphones. The Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds are supported, and the setting interface of GX07 has a completely different design from other headphones. Through this APP, you can control noise reduction and level 7 transparency, check the current battery level, and other functions that are not commonly used.

Active Noise Reduction, Voice Noise Reduction, and Delay

Let’s take a look at the performance of the Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds in terms of active noise reduction.

We evaluate by simulating the noise of different environments, and the most suitable noise is white noise. We created a white noise environment of about 80dB. The leftmost part of the above picture is the direct recording of environmental noise, and the other segments are the noise spectrum in different modes, namely ambient sound +3, ambient sound = 0, ambient sound -3, and noise reduction mode. The ambient sound of GX07 is commonly known as the transparent mode, and there are seven levels from -3 to 3 to choose from.

The noise reduction depth of GX07 in the 20-500Hz, 20-1000Hz, and 20-2000Hz segments is 18.3dB/15.2dB/14.7dB respectively, and the corresponding percentage values are 87.8%/82.6%/81.6%. In the current active noise reduction, TWS headphones The medium is at the upper-middle level, and the frequency band above 2000Hz performs relatively well.

The red line in this chart represents the curve of the noise source, the green line represents the signal curve after noise reduction by the GX07, and the height of a grid represents 5dB.

Call noise reduction We simulated scenarios such as 40dB indoor, 80dB of white noise, about 75dB of noisy human voices, and public places with traffic noise, as well as real-world tests. Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds have a good effect of eliminating constant noise, and the noise suppression performance will be reduced in a noisy environment. Noise reduction will cause word swallowing and cold sounds, but combined with the context, it should not cause difficulty in understanding. Off-hook calls have no effect.

The GX07 has different latency performance with different mobile phones. Using the Superpowered Latency full-loop test [including the delay caused by the recording part], with the OnePlus 9 Pro, the test result is 148 milliseconds, and with Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, the test result is 209 milliseconds.

Sound Quality

Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds have music and game modes, which can be switched in the APP. The tuning styles of the two modes are different. The mid-to-high frequency of the game mode is brighter, and it is optimized and highlighted for common game sound effects, making it easier for users to distinguish various sound signals. And the music mode is tuned in a loose and durable direction.

GX07 supports LHDC, which is the most suitable solution for music appreciation among the supported decoding, and the sound quality is obviously better than AAC/SBC. When playing games, it is suitable to use SBC/AAC to obtain lower latency. In the sound quality evaluation, the Mi 11 Ultra was used because it supports LHDC.

High-frequency performance: The high frequency of the GX07 is not very bright, but it is not dull, the sense of hearing is not sharp, or soft, and there are traces of modification, but it is well-adjusted, and it has good hearing resistance. With the support of LHDC, the high-frequency details are much richer than that of AAC, so the high-frequency overtones of many instruments present a greater amount of information. Transient and dynamic performance is not outstanding, and the detail performance is better than most similar headphones, but it is not top-notch.

Mid-frequency performance: The mid-frequency resolution of GX07 is above average, the dynamic transient is also medium, and the density and shape are not outstanding. All these seem to be ordinary, and the first hearing is not surprising, but it shows a good tuning. Level, the GX07 is warm and soft in the intermediate frequency, the listening sensation is loose and stable, there is no sense of oppression, and the hearing resistance is excellent. The GX07 expresses mature male and female voices better than younger ones.

Low-frequency performance: With suitable earmuffs, the low frequency of the GX07 has a good performance. The tuning style tends to show a sense of low-frequency volume while sacrificing a little low-frequency transient. The sacrifice is not unlimited, not the type of muddy water, but it still maintains a certain strength and maintains a soft and thick listening. It can create a better atmosphere and play slow and long low frequencies with good control. In the case of high volume, a few “perverted” bass tracks will appear as chaotic phenomena.

GX07 does not deliberately optimize for a certain frequency band or a certain sound listening index but pursues an overall relatively balanced design. In terms of sound style, there is a design that pleases young consumers, but it does not fall into blind kitsch. Trap, GX07 still incorporates Edifier’s understanding of sound, so GX07 still presents a warm and stable sound characteristic, showing good tuning strength.


The appearance of Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds is definitely distinctive and full of personality. It turns out that TWS headphones can also be designed in this way. Its double open-wing design and RGB lighting should make many young people tremble, and the impulse to chop their hands will immediately increase. The active noise reduction performance is currently at an upper-middle level, and the voice noise reduction performance is good. Supporting LHDC, coupled with Edifier’s years of tuning experience, the GX07’s sound quality performance is also at a high level among TWS headphones. There are optimizations for games, and in addition to achieving lower latency, there are also optimizations for game sound effects. So XiaomiToday gives Edifier HECATE GX07 Gaming TWS Earbuds a recommended rating.

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