6 Math Technology Tools to Keep Students Engaged

Today, math has become more interesting for students. This is because of the integration of technology into the process of learning. Learning this subject has become easier thanks to innovative technology concepts. Students need a strong mastery of math concepts. They also need to develop their skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and communication.

As a teacher, you must constantly adjust your instructional strategies. Do this to engage students in the learning process and meet their academic needs.



VmathLIve offers online math competitions. These are specifically for K-8 students. But there is a fee to pay before using this tool. VmathLive consists of 4 primary components. First is the Intelligent Teacher Dashboard area. It keeps track of student performance.

The Learn component allows students to work at their own pace. They can do this through questions from over 300 topics in math. The Master component quizzes users on what they’ve learned. The Play component allows real-time competitions from students around the US.

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Students can complete their education by studying well and accomplishing all coursework. In college, math is a lot more complicated. A student can try to learn everything he/she can in the amount of time given. For those who need reinforcement, suggest Plainmath textbook solutions online. Looking through questions and answers done by experts in math makes it easier for learners to understand the concepts better. With a better understanding of the concept, learners can feel more confident. They can also spend more time learning other subjects they have in school.



Sumdog is an evidenced-based and scientifically proven digital learning tool. Use it to engage students in interactive math activities. It has adapted lessons that will meet the individual needs. These lessons also provide progress reports to evaluate the mastery of students.

Math learners can use Sumdog to practice the skills they learned independently after the lessons. Then you can use the progress report to evaluate their learning. You can also use the assessment information to guide your lessons and provide individualized instructions based on the needs of your students.

Woot Math

Woot Math is a stand-alone fraction-based curriculum. It’s designed for upper elementary or middle school class mathematics. It only takes a couple of minutes to introduce the site. Just make sure to build in the time for changing the initial passwords.

After the initial procedure, match the students to the devices with headphones for them to start. The work sessions in Woot Math are between 10-30 minutes long. Use these as a chance to teach individuals and small groups. It’s also possible to use Woot Math as a standing homework assignment. For instance, it’s possible to set expectations for a number of lessons each night. Assign these lessons to reinforce student learning.


Desmos offers two main features that help students feel engaged in the process of learning. First is the web-based graphic calculator. Second are the digital activities for learners from grades 6 to 12.

The main offering of this tool is the calculator that matches the functionality of $100+ TI calculators. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a way to teach math using technology effectively. The other main offering is the digital activity center. This feature offers a number of interactive lessons that students can do using their gadgets. Desmos also has a section where you can create and share your lessons with the other teachers.


Popplet is an online tool that students can use to capture their ideas and get organized. You can use it as a thinking map to visualize mathematical concepts and teach them. With Popplet, students can capture thoughts, images, and facts. Then they could use what they captured to create relationships. For instance, students can use the multiplication chart to organize thoughts and create relationships between numbers.

Math Nation

Math Nation is the perfect tool for distance learning, student-driven topic reinforcement, and flipped classrooms. There are quizzes at the end of each topic that helps students determine their current level. Moreover, Math Nation also serves as a starting point for teacher-student discussions. It’s even possible to use it when designing classroom learning. Each section ends with a comprehensive assessment that further measures student understanding.


The technologies we have in classrooms today have become more comprehensive and sophisticated. These new technological tools go above and beyond traditional math practices. They offer tracking, differentiation, and customization. Prepare your students for modern learning so they can conquer the next levels. Some of these tools focus on making math relevant, both to future career choices and social issues that spark discussions and interest.

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