SounPeats Air3 Deluxe Review: After 2 Weeks of Experience

Today, when Bluetooth earphones are widely popularized, I believe that many small partners find it difficult to buy Bluetooth earphones because there are too many price ranges and brand models. As a Bluetooth earphone lover, I have worn too many models. After Bluetooth earphones, I prefer semi-in-ear Bluetooth earphones because they are non-inductive and comfortable to wear, unlike in-ear earphones, which will have a feeling of support after wearing them for a long time. Recently, I want to introduce you to Bluetooth earphones just released by SoundPeats Air3 Deluxe; in fact, there have been several versions of the Air3 series; this Deluxe version is code-named for luxury. Thanks to Soundpeats for giving us a chance to test SounPeats Air3 Deluxe. let’s check out this review.

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The packaging of Bluetooth earphones is not very complicated. I especially like the design of the SoundPeats packaging box. One side is the effect of the model wearing. And the other is the amplification effect of the earphone, which is simple and leaves a good impression. Unpacking, the SounPeats Air3 Deluxe accessories only have a charging cable, which seems a little short But it is enough for use, and there is also an instruction manual.


First of all, we can see that the design of SounPeats Air3 Deluxe is full of personality. The appearance is simple but not simple, and the classic design is very recognizable and textured. For young consumers, it is also more in line with their aesthetic needs. soundpeats Air3 Deluxe uses a semi-in-ear cavity. Which is very comfortable to wear because the ergonomics are perfectly simulated. And there is no pressure to wear it for a long time.

The bottom is the charging port, which adopts the TYPE-C interface. The advantage is that there is no need to consider the positive and negative issues of the charging port. It is more convenient than the Micro-USB interface, and the TYPE-C interface charges faster.

The first I saw the earphones, I was slightly surprised by their design. The bright silver “S” LOGO on the back of the earphones is the most conspicuous. It looks very delicate. Hanging the earphones at the same price on the market shows the brand’s intentions. The earphones are very small, and the semi-in-ear cavity design perfectly simulates human ear canal engineering. And there is no pressure to wear them for a long time.


The bottom is designed with a Type-C charging interface, which can share a line with the mobile phone. If you like it. It will be better if it can support fast charging. A single headset can be used for 5 hours, and the charging box can fully charge the headset 3 times. With a total battery life of up to 22 hours, ordinary users can fully charge it once a week.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, SounPeats Air3 Deluxe is equipped with a 14.2mm bio-diaphragm (most other headphones on the market use 13mm 12mm speakers). And large moving coil speakers, so that small Bluetooth headphones can also present rich details, clear and transparent. Excellent sound quality with a wide frequency range.

SounPeats Air3 Deluxe also supports aptx-adaptive audio decoding. The digital sound enhancement engine compensates for high-frequency signals. And lost tail sounds from digital audio compression, producing high-quality sound close to Hi-Ress.

Noise Reduction

Under the excellent design, the SounPeats Air3 Deluxe earphones also have cutting-edge CVC noise reduction technology. Which can filter out the sound of the air conditioner and the chassis fan in a noisy room the noise in the subway. The subway wind and human voices. This also benefits from digital noise reduction technology, which can comprehensively capture noise through microphone linkage.

SounPeats Air3 Deluxe has specially optimized the low-frequency noise reduction function for complex environments such as subways and buses. With the blessing of dual MIC+cVc call noise reduction technology, calls are clearer. It has a better noise reduction effect in the urban commuting environment and can meet the normal call requirements in the noisy subway.

Gaming Mode

Many people like to wear Bluetooth headphones when playing games, and I am no exception. Accurate listening to voices at critical moments can help me achieve the final victory. The SounPeats Air3 Deluxe headset only needs to tap the left ear three times to enter the game mode. In this mode, the headset delay is as low as 60ms. And the skills of listening to the proper position are fully displayed. Of course, this headset also supports APP operation. And the songs you like to listen to can be downloaded directly or played online, which is very convenient.


In addition to regular touch operations, SounPeats Air3 Deluxe also supports APP control. Which can turn off or turn on in-ear detection, game mode, multiple preset sound effects, and custom EQ.

It is also worth mentioning that the SounPeats Air3 Deluxe also has an in-ear detection function. Which will automatically play music when you put it on. Automatically pause when you take it off and resume playback when you put it on again. Open the cover and connect, which greatly improves the happiness of using the headset.


The normal use time of the earphone is about 5 hours, and the strong battery life cannot be separated from the help of the charging box. With it. The battery life of SounPeats Air3 Deluxe has reached the first echelon of the current true wireless earphones. And the charging box can provide additional Three full charges. A total of about 22 hours of long battery life can be provided.

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I have been using the SoundPeats Air3 Deluxe for more than two weeks. I wear it every day to listen to songs and play games. It is quite satisfied with its wearing comfort. The ear support is small and light. And its noise reduction function is also good. The quality of the call is guaranteed, but the disadvantage is that the charging box is smooth and easy to leave fingerprints on. You can currently buy it on AliExpress.

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