GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox Mobile Game Controller Review

With the continuous development and progress of smartphone hardware, the functions of mobile phones are more and more complete, and the performance is more and more powerful, and now it has become a full-featured entertainment terminal. The Android system itself has many excellent native games, and major emulators provide rich games from various old platforms. Now, with the development and popularization of 5G networks, cloud games have begun to appear, and playing PC games with mobile phones is no longer out of reach. 

Mobile games are more convenient to play than traditional video game consoles and computer games, but their disadvantage is that the ease of operation is not as easy as that of PCs and game consoles. All game operations of mobile games can only be done through a small screen completed, and this screen is also responsible for displaying the game screen. When players operate the game, their fingers will basically block the mobile phone screen, which will affect the game experience.

GameSir is a well-known game peripheral manufacturer Chinese Brand. It has carried out in-depth research in the field of the game experience for many years, and the controller products it has launched have a good reputation among players. Recently, GameSir has established a strategic partnership with the industry giant Microsoft XBOX to cooperate on the host and cloud game ecology. In the future, they will explore the innovation of peripherals in the field of game manipulation. The GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox is officially the first Microsoft-licensed mobile game controller from GameSir.

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This time, I got the GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox Game Controller for review (Thanks to GameSir for Providing us). Let’s see what the smartphone games experience can bring us.

Packaging & Unboxing

The Gamepad X2 Pro-Xbox is packaged in a white carton box, and the controller is printed with words such as “XBOX”, “GAME PASS”, etc. It can be known that this handle adopts the layout of Xbox and supports Xbox games. And the back side of the box introduces the product-related features and specifications.

Not much to say, we immediately unpacked to take a look, there is a delicate storage box inside, which is convenient for us to carry the handle in our daily travel. The classic red and black color matching, the surface is a fabric with fiber texture, the texture is very good, the front is printed with the white brand name GAMESIR and the handle model X2 Pro.

The workmanship of the storage bag is very good. The two-way opening and closing zipper have a sealing design, which can prevent dust from entering, and also has a certain waterproof performance. The red silicone handle is also printed with the word GAMESIR in white.

The internal space is relatively large, the size of the lower part is just enough to accommodate the controller, and it is fixed with straps, and the upper part has a mesh storage compartment, which is convenient for storing data cables and some small accessories.

In addition to the instruction manual and warranty card, other accessories include USB Type-c charging cable, Stickers, and 4x concave silicone rocker caps, which can meet different feel requirements. In addition, there is a one-month Xbox Game Pass membership card, which can play hundreds of AAA Games for free. But it can only be used for new users.


Let’s take a closer look at the main appearance of the GameSir X2 Pro, the overall shape of the GameSir X2Pro is also very simple and elegant. The GameSir X2 Pro has a classic black and white two-color version, which exactly corresponds to the color matching of the current generation of Xbox Series X (black) and Xbox Series S (white) game consoles. The black version we received adopts the same pure black design as the XSX, with a simple and smooth shape. The most eye-catching part of the entire handle is the Xbox Logo in the lower right corner, even if it appears on a third-party handle, it is full of faith.

In terms of size, the length, width, and thickness of the X2 Pro handle are 184mm × 84.5mm × 37mm, which can be easily put into pockets and backpacks, and the material is light, which has good portability. The material is high-strength engineering plastic, the surface of the shell is frosted, the texture is very rich, the touch is also very delicate, and it is not easy to leave fingerprints, praise! The button layout is basically the same as that of the Switch, and it is not much different from Microsoft’s official XBOX handle, and the learning cost is very low.

The handle is ergonomically shaped, with a protruding design on both sides of the back, which is convenient to hold and is covered with a layer of non-slip rubber. It is worth mentioning that there are also two convenient custom M1-M2 back keys set on the part held by the fingers, which can make better use of the fingers and improve the sense of control in the game. When holding it normally, you can use the middle finger or ring finger of both hands to operate.

On the left side of the handle are the main joystick and the cross-direction key. The original Japanese ALPS joystick has a built-in chip and has the function of automatic calibration, which can avoid drifting to a certain extent. The joystick turns silky and smooth, the damping and rebound are very comfortable, and there is almost no dead zone, which is very friendly for shooting games. In addition, there is a particularly thoughtful design which is the screenshot button under the cross-direction key. When you encounter a wonderful moment in the game, you can quickly save it as a picture, which is very convenient.

On the right side are the ABXY keys, the secondary joystick, and the XBOX key.

There is also a USB-C interface at the bottom, which can be connected to the data cable to charge the phone during games.

In addition, pressing the same button on different platforms and different games is often defined as the operation of different buttons, especially when we are required to press the A button for confirmation in Xbox games and NS games, it may not be able to match the A button on the handle. The keys correspond to each other. In order to solve this problem, the chick X2 PRO handle is specially designed with a magnetic suction button, and the ABXY can be freely interchanged so that you can quickly get started when playing different games, which can be said to be very user-friendly.

The 4 shoulder buttons LT/LB/RT/RB, LT, and RT use Hall linear triggers, the electromagnetic induction can reach millimeter-level feedback, and the 1mm pressing accuracy makes the throttle feel very real when playing racing games.

The USB-C port on the inner side can be rotated upwards by 51°, which is very convenient to install the mobile phone, and there is no need to worry about accidental damage to the socket of the mobile phone. There are thick rubber layers on the left and right contact with the mobile phone, which can protect the smartphone from being scratched. , and improve stability.

The GameSir X2 Pro handle adopts a stretchable design, and the maximum stretch length can reach 179mm. At present, all kinds of 6. xx inch full-screen mobile phones can be easily adapted. My phone is Redmagic 7, and there is no problem.

Gaming Experience

Players who are familiar with console games should know Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass was originally a free game experience service provided by Microsoft for its own XBOX. Later, Microsoft launched the PC version, which directly integrates PC games and cloud games. into the Xbox Game Pass service. The biggest feature of Xbox Game Pass is that after subscribing to the membership service, players can experience hundreds of Xbox and PC games for free, and many AAA games that cost hundreds of dollars at every turn. Players only need to buy an Xbox Game Pass member to experience it for free. In addition, because Microsoft attaches great importance to the Xbox Game Pass game lineup, many games may join Xbox Game Pass for the first time, which is very cost-effective for game lovers.

With Microsoft’s official “Collaboration”, the GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox controller can directly play Xbox cloud games on Android phones (also supports local streaming games), and players don’t have to worry about the adaptation of buttons, just open and play. A 1-month Xbox Game Pass membership is included in the GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox controller package. With the cloud gaming function of the Xbox Game Pass software, you can run various AAA Games on your mobile phone, including Forza Horizon 5 and Gears 5 ” and other games. Since cloud games do not run directly on mobile phones, there is no need to worry about the configuration of mobile phones, and it is not a problem to display next-generation pictures on the screen of mobile phones.

In addition to playing Xbox Game Pass games, we can also experience Switch games such as The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild & The Legend of Pokémon: Arceus through the egg emulator.

After installing the phone, you can basically play the game directly. There are many games that support the native controller mode. For example, Diablo Immortal, and Asphalt 9, which are very popular now, do not require mapping. After the mobile phone is connected to the controller, the game can be controlled normally, which is very convenient.

For games that do not support native gamepads, you can use the gamepad control by mapping. First, install the “GameSir World” app on your mobile phone. From here, you can see the recommendations of various games, and whether native or mapping mode is supported. operate. Click on the peripheral management below to see the games that have been installed on the phone.

For games that require key mapping, after clicking the game, you will be prompted to complete the activation of the mapping mode according to the prompt steps. There are various activation modes, and it is recommended to use wireless activation, which is simple and convenient. After the mapping service is successfully enabled, you can start playing all games with the controller.

For example, Genshin Impact, using the controller to play, feels really much more comfortable. The use of actions and skills can only be achieved through buttons and combination buttons, and the experience is better than that of the touch screen.

In addition to the conventional buttons, the function buttons are also very useful, especially the screenshot button, and the traditional mobile phone screenshot button, you need to press the volume button and the power button. Sometimes you need to be quick with your eyes and hands, just press the power button alone without paying attention to the screen. In some confrontation games, you need to release one hand to press the volume button and power button to take screenshots, but with the GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox controller, you can use the built-in screenshot button to get it with one click and save all kinds of wonderful battle moments.

In addition, GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox is the first product in cooperation with Microsoft and has passed the product certification of Microsoft, so GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox supports XBOX cloud games, you can play games on your mobile phone without owning an XBOX host. Play a variety of AAA masterpieces of XBOX. You only need to bind the membership redemption code that comes with the controller to your XBOX account, and after opening the XBOX Game Pass, download the Xbox Game Pass software on your mobile phone. However, you may need to use a game accelerator (such as a UU accelerator) to use it normally. Remember to switch the language of the mobile phone system with the language and region in XBOX Game Pass, otherwise, it will not work normally. After everything is done, you can see many games in the XBOX Game Pass software, click the icon to directly enter the game.

Some of the games are optimized for the touch screen, you can directly use the touch screen buttons of the mobile phone, and more games still need to work with the controller to run normally. Worry about the software not recognizing the controller.

I have to say that being able to play XBOX games on a mobile phone is really enjoyable, and when the opening animation of “Horizon” is loaded, it is so exciting. However, it is affected by the network factor. In places with fast network speed, such as at home, using WiFi network cloud games, the loading speed is very fast, and the picture quality is relatively clear. It can be said that it has reached a very high level with the GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox controller. With low latency, there is no difference at all with games on the console, such as racing games and fighting games often require some subtle operations, all the actions of the X2 Pro controller can be reflected in the game. If you use the 4G or 5G signal of your mobile phone outdoors, the XBOX Game Pass software will automatically adjust the picture quality to achieve a smooth gaming experience.


The GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox is a game controller that is very suitable for carrying around from design to experience. The direct connection of Type-C can achieve zero delays and smoother operation. At the same time, it can also pass the interface of the controller. Charging the mobile phone avoids the trouble of charging the controller and the mobile phone at the same time like a Bluetooth controller. The button feedback of the GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox is sensitive, and it still supports the exchange of AB and XY buttons, especially the electromagnetic gaming trigger button, which can control the pressing force very well, and it is also the standard configuration of the controller now.

In terms of game support, GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox can support games that support native controller control in the Android system, and can also control other games through mapping. The most important thing is to support XBOX cloud games, which can be played on mobile phones anytime, anywhere. Play all kinds of AAA Games on XBOX, you can play console games with just a controller that can be carried with you. This is a portable game tool that gamers must not miss.

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