AIRROBO P20 Review: Absolutely Worthy With Affordable Price

In recent years we have had the opportunity to test several robot vacuum cleaners from various manufacturers. We have had several models on our editorial desks and floors. AirRobo gives us a chance to try Airrobo P20 Vacuum Cleaner, so of course, we are glad to test it. An international group created AirRobo with 10 years of experience in research, development, and production of artificial intelligence and humanoid robots. This proves that a vacuum cleaner robot does not have to be expensive to leave behind a convincing cleaning performance. Let’s Check out.

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First Impression

When we got home, we were initially impressed by the appealing design and the high-quality materials. The instructions recommend placing the charging station on a wall with at least 1 meter to the left and right and 2 meters to the front. This means a piece of furniture in the middle of the room for small apartments. Setting up the device and the app is pretty easy, as I said, if you’re good at English. Thank goodness the app is different. This is well-translated and works perfectly. We created the AIRROBO customer account in just a few minutes and connected the robot.


The dimensions of the AirRobot P20 are 17.76 x 14.65 x 4.61 inches. Its weight is 8.53 pounds, making it thinner than most competitors and allowing it to slip under furniture for easy cleaning. There is a button on the top of the vacuum cleaner, which you can press once to start/pause cleaning. If you hold it down, the robot vacuum returns to its charging station. You can also press and hold this button for 8 seconds to reset its Wi-Fi connection.

One of the most important criteria of Airrobo P20 vacuum robot comparison is the height of the devices. Because the big advantage over conventional vacuum cleaners is that they can easily get under furniture thanks to their small size. So if you are tired of moving your furniture, it makes sense to measure the ground clearance in advance. The P20 has a height of 11.7 centimeters.

Boundary Strips

The boundary strips are brand new. You can now use these to mask off areas that you do not want the Airrobo P20 to enter. For example, if you don’t want the device to drive into the office, you only need to stick a strip on the doorstep, and the robot won’t go in even if the door is open. This is a great addition to a device in this price range.

2800Pa Suction Power

The suction power is adjusted from 800 to 2800PA according to the level of dirt, which you can see very well from the slightly higher volume. If he encounters heavier soil, for example, the little rug in our hallway, the volume increases somewhat. If it drives down there again, it becomes quieter and continues to vacuum at normal power.

Best Cleaning Experience

I have to admit; Before the test, I didn’t have very high expectations of the suction power of the AirRobot P20. I’ve thought of a challenging obstacle and dirt course that even high-performance vacuum cleaners can’t always cope with: cat fur in the carpet, confetti on various surfaces, crumbs on edges, dust under the bed, and numerous chair legs have to be avoided exactly.

The AIRROBO P20 did all of these tasks well. The brushes protruding to the side, which enable the little robot to pick up more dirt at once, have repeatedly thrown away small crumbs and individual confetti instead of picking them up. On the whole, however, the vacuum cleaner has served its purpose on all tested surfaces.

The low height of the AirRobot is remarkable, thanks to which it can even be cleaned under the kitchen unit and the bed without any problems and, above all, without annoying bending over. And the vacuum cleaner even passes the obstacle course; it reliably navigates tightly through the chair legs and also picks up almost all dirt. Due to the compact shape, the dust container is a bit small; it had to be cleaned several times during my test run.

The Airrobo P20 is equipped with several anti-collision sensors, which is why it luckily doesn’t bump into furniture, but always rolls around carefully. Nevertheless, he regularly overestimated himself, and his ability to overcome increased in my test run. Again and again, he tries to roll over doorsteps or even the bottom of a drying rack without success.

Spiral cleaning

The robot must be placed manually in the middle of the room that is to be cleaned. He runs his program in a spiral form up to the room’s edges from this position. When the program is done, it goes back to the charging station. This is where the Airrobo P20 has trouble finding its charging station from time to time, as we have to place the P20 in the space for this cleaning manually.


With the AIRROBO app, you can quickly and easily integrate the suction robot into your household so that nothing stands in the way of cleaning and operation via the app. Of course, you can also maneuver the Airrobo P20 with the included remote control, but we only use it to steer the vacuum robot to a certain area.

Otherwise, we operate exclusively via the app. Incidentally, your home’s four walls are also mapped over these, so you can “observe” the P20 and send it to certain areas.


Three lithium-ion batteries power the electric motor. This ensures a long cleaning time of up to 120 minutes. The charging time is about 300 to 360 minutes. As a result, the AIRROBO can also clean larger apartments of over 80 square meters.

In our test, we used it for more than 90 Minutes in Performance mode with a single charge without getting any low battery signal. So we were impressed with the battery life of the P20.

Verdict & Buy

AIRROBO has its catalog with an interesting proposal with the AIRROBO P20. It is powerful enough for satisfactory cleaning, compact, with a 0.6-liter bin and comfortable autonomy,and particularly silent, all without sacrificing performance. Those who want to have the cartography so as not to do without magnetic strips to delimit the space to be cleaned and resume from a specific location after charging will have to turn to another model.

If you are looking for a vacuum robot for an apartment with a mix of hard floors and carpets, the AIRROBO P20 is the right choice. You only have to live with the chaotic cleaning principle, which is normal in this price range. Higher investments are required for systematically acting vacuum robots. Currently, AIRROBO P20 Vacuum Cleaner is selling on Amazon at just $199.99. With free and fast delivery, order it now.


  1. Affordable Price Obviously
  2. Above-average suction power – 2800Pa
  3. Follows a pre-programmed cleaning pattern
  4. Large capacity dust bin
  5. Slim and compact design
  6. App, remote control, and voice control
  7. Low noise level even in maximum suction mode


  • Lack of finding the docking station sometimes

Discount Code p20promo

Buy on Amazon

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