Shargeek Storm² Slim 130W Powerbank Review – The Futuristic Cyberpunk Power Beast

I don’t know if you have a feeling that although manufacturers have worked hard to improve the battery life and fast charging performance of their products in the past few years, they have not been able to completely eliminate the low-battery anxiety of our daily digital products. Therefore, many people are still used to carrying mobile Powerbanks with them to ensure that they can be replenished at any time.

In today’s fast charging era, basically, all kinds of electronic products around us support fast charging to bring us faster supplies. As an auxiliary that can “return blood” to digital products at any time, mobile Powerbanks have naturally joined the era of fast charging. However, when many mobile Powerbanks are still at a fast charging power of 30 to 40 watts, some Powerbanks pursued by geeks have quietly brought hundreds of watts of fast charging. For example, the recently very popular Shargeek Storm² Slim 130W Powerbank. 

I really didn’t expect the powerbank to evolve into this. Recently, I got the new mobile powerbank released by Shargeek, the Storm² Slim 130W Transparent Powerbank, and played it well. When I saw the appearance, I was amazed: this appearance should be unmatched in the entire industry. It’s right.

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In addition to the attractive outer shell, the interior is also equipped with a color display and a coulomb counter. 1A-1C dual-port output, A port peak 30W, C port peak 100W, compatible with PD and PPS protocols. The 20000mAh capacity can meet the needs of daily use, and can also be carried on a plane when traveling on business. Next, I will share some of my views on this mobile powerbank and its daily use experience.


  • Capacity: 20000mAh
  • Input: USB-C (max. 65 W)
  • Output: USB-A (max. 30 W), USB-C (max. 100 W)
  • The transparent case is made of PC material
  • Sandblasted aluminum end caps
  • Small IPS information screen
  • Airline safe

Packaging & Unboxing

The Shargeek Storm² Slim 130W Powerbank comes in a black box, which has a large shiny metallic Brand Logo Shargeek with the powerbank model on the top. On the back side of the box, product parameter is also printed on the backside. 

With the Shargeek Storm² Slim 130W Powerbank, you get a storage bag, a USB-C to USB-C 5A-100W Charging Cable and a manual. The flannel bag included in the package can be used to store the Storm² Slim 130W Powerbank every day so that it is not easy to worry about the transparent PC shell being worn out.

The standard 100W high-power fast charging cable has a built-in E-Marker chip. The material is softer, the wire is thicker, and the overall workmanship is relatively solid. I have always praised this cable, and the cable resistance is also excellent in several mainstream brands. The color is nice and soft, I always take this thread when I travel.

Design & Appearance

Many people will be surprised when they see the flashing power bank for the first time: it turns out that the power bank can be so cool! Before this Storm² Slim 130W variant, Shargeek also launched a 100W powerbank. These two mobile powerbanks are designed with a transparent shell, which is the concept of visualization.

Generally speaking, the mobile powerbanks we come into contact with in our daily life either use metal shells or engineering plastic shells, but no matter what kind of materials are used, we have no way to see their internal structure directly through the shell. of. The mobile powerbank launched by shargeek is made of transparent PC material. When we hold the mobile powerbank in our hands, we can see the internal PCB and batteries at a glance.

You may ask, we can see the internal structure of the power bank, how will it make a difference to the use? Unfortunately, from a pragmatic point of view, such a design does not make any difference to our users, because it is essentially just a power bank. However, changing the fully enclosed design of the traditional mobile powerbank, showing the internal structure of the product intuitively in front of us, and bringing us a visual experience of technological beauty, isn’t this innovation?

In fact, in addition to the flash mobile powerbank, in the field of mobile phones, there are also many brands that have released mobile phone products with transparent back shells. Most of the designs with transparent casings, such as iPods, MP3 players, and transparent shells to reflect their uniqueness.

Let’s take a look at this product in detail. The Shargeek Storm² Slim 130W Powerbank is really meticulous in the details. In addition to the fully transparent integrated PC material shell, the two sides are made of anodized spray. Sand-treated aluminum alloy frame and the whole is polished into R5 elegant arc and rounded corners, this design can bring a good grip.

Because under the transparent shell, the internal structure can be seen at a glance, so high requirements are naturally put forward for the design and process of the PCB. This mobile power PCB adopts the carbon black matte immersion gold process, which has certain requirements for PCB design and processing. Friends who know it should know that this process is relatively more expensive, and the electronic components on the PCB are all patch-type, so we can see a very delicate PCB motherboard.

Like the previous generation of Shargeek’s 100W powerbank, this Storm² Slim 130W is also designed with an IPS full-color display. Through this screen, we can learn more about the working status, voltage, current, temperature, and working time of this mobile powerbank. and other information.

In terms of batteries, this Storm² Slim 130W powerbank uses a 21700 lithium battery, which is also one of the cylindrical lithium batteries. “21” means the battery diameter is 21mm, “70” means the height is 70mm, and “0” means Cylindrical battery. The battery is designed, compared with the 18650 lithium battery, the 21700 lithium battery has a larger capacity, the unit capacity is increased by about 35%, and the energy density is increased by about 20%. After the capacity is increased, the energy density of the cell is higher, so the number of battery cells required for the same energy can be reduced by about 1/3.

The rated capacity of this power bank is 12000mAh at 5V1A, and the rated battery energy is 72Wh 3.6V 20000mAh. But in fact, as a 20000mAh mobile powerbank, if it can give one or two more output ports, it may be smoother for daily use. Even if not every output port can reach the 100W level, it is enough to support some of the more commonly used fast-charging outputs. Because many people now have more than one daily portable device, the large-capacity power supply, and more output ports can also be easily shared with friends.

In terms of interfaces, this mobile powerbank has a total of one USB-A and one Type-C. Among them, Type-C has both input and output functions. The USB-A interface can output 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V2.5A, and the Type-C interface can output When outputting 5V/9V/12V/15V3A, 20V5A, 3-21V5A, when USB-A and a Type-C are output at the same time, the maximum output power is 130W, and when the Type-C interface is input, it can input 5V/9V/12V/15V3A, 20V3.25A, which means that the maximum charging power can reach 65W.

This output power is currently very high in mobile powerbanks. The 100W power of the C port can easily support most mainstream notebook computers so the mobile powerbank can also provide support for more portable devices.

Performance Test & Use Experience

In addition to the pleasing appearance, the theoretical data of the Shargeek Storm² Slim powerbank is also very attractive. Because of the large capacity and high power output. And how does it actually perform? I also did a simple test with some equipment at hand.

Because this PowerBank is designed with an IPS hard screen, you can intuitively see the charging and discharging situation without using other test tools. When charging this PowerBank through a charger that supports PD fast charging, the maximum charging power can be It reaches 65W. Judging from the screen display, the input voltage is 19.75V, the input current is 3.25A, and the charging power is about 64.19W. During the charging process, the cell temperature is 45°C, and the PCB temperature is 49°C.

When discharging through the Type-C port, the maximum output power is 100W. This is when I use this PowerBank to charge another device that supports 100W input. The output voltage is 20.55V, the output current is 4.72A, and the output power is 20.55V. 96.91W, it should be noted that at such high power output, the internal cell and PCB temperature of the PowerBank are relatively high, and the screen temperature conditions are 49°C and 67°C respectively.

Using an electronic load to test the output power of the USB-A interface, it can be seen that the actual maximum output power is close to 31.2W.

However, there seems to be a bug here. When the output power of the Type-C port of this PowerBank is about 97.35W, even if it outputs 30W through the USB-A port, the output power displayed on the screen is not the combined power of the two, but Through the actual test, it is found that this Shargeek Storm² Slim powerbank can indeed output 130W of power, and there is no false mark for input or output power.

When I was doing the continuous high-power output test, the highest surface temperature tested was 62.2°C. Therefore, during continuous high-power output, we still have to avoid the exposed skin touching the aluminum alloy parts at both ends of the PowerBank for a long time.

Let’s take a look at the fast-charging protocol of this PowerBank. The USB-A port supports APPLE 5V2.4A, BC1.2 DCP 5V1.5A, QC3.0 5V 9V 12V, SAMSUNG-AFC 5V 9V 12V 25W, HUWEI-FCP 5V 9V 12V 24W, SCP 20W 3.4-12V 3.5A.

The Type-C port supports PD2.0 100W, PD3.0 PPS 3-21V 105W, BC1.2 DCP 5V1.5A and QC4.

Let’s study these parameters first, 72Wh, 20000mAh/3.6V, 12000mAh 5V1A, what do they mean?

72Wh represents the battery pack energy of this PowerBank, 20000mAh/3.6V is the cell capacity of this power supply, and 12000mAh represents the rated capacity of the cell when it is discharged at 5V1A.

Let’s take a look at the relationship between them, let’s talk about the battery pack energy of 72Wh. Battery energy: The energy stored in the lithium-ion battery inside the power bank, in watt-hours (Wh). Battery energy (Wh) = battery capacity (mAh) * battery voltage (V). The battery capacity marked on this power supply is 20000mAh, the battery voltage is 3.6V, and the calculated battery energy is 72Wh.

When fully charged to 100%, the charging cut-off voltages of the four 21700 cells in this mobile power bank are 4.181V, 4.185V, 4.175V, and 4.180V respectively, and the battery consistency is still very good.

When it is discharged to 0%, the discharge cut-off voltages of the four cells are 2.946V, 2.950V, 2.951V, and 2.948V respectively.

The maximum 130W output of 100W+30W is indeed very convenient in use, especially when charging a mobile phone + computer at the same time, it can meet the fast charging of two devices, and the charging efficiency is higher than that of ordinary mobile power supplies. higher.


  • Great Satisfying Choice for Geek Users

In terms of comprehensive performance, the strength of the Shargeek Storm² Slim 130W Powerbank is quite good. Cyberpunk’s transparent and visual design makes it feel like a digital geek. At the same time, it is equipped with a small screen, which can also intuitively obtain its status. Large-capacity, the high-power output can easily cope with the daily supply of various types of digital products and enjoy fast charging anytime, anywhere.

However, it is also necessary to know that because of the choice of shell material, its surface is prone to visible scratches. So at this point, the flash pole also comes standard with a storage protection bag, which is more suitable for daily carrying in the bag.

For such a large-capacity powerbank, I personally feel that it is necessary to prepare it, especially for users who have multiple common devices or who often go out. If I commute on weekdays, I will choose a small capacity and thin mobile powerbank as an emergency temporary use. But I will always keep a large-capacity one at home. When I go on a business trip or a short trip, I will choose to bring a large-capacity one.

The Shargeek Storm² Slim 130W Powerbank is a product that can better meet my needs for large capacity and high power output. It can also meet the geek’s preference for appearance, and it is a good choice for great satisfaction.

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