AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger Review

Nowadays, everyone has many identities in life. Maybe everyone is used to two mobile phones as standard, or one mobile phone and one portable iPad or other digital devices. A high-speed charger with one port has long been insufficient for daily needs. For example, I usually need to carry two iPhones when I go out every day, so when choosing a charger, I usually use a multi-port charger. But now I buy some multi-port high-speed chargers, which are already very small, but it is still inconvenient to go out. If you bring a power bank, you can only satisfy one device at most. In this case, this year, the ultra-small fast charger with dual ports that can support fast charging was born, and it has developed extremely rapidly.

This kind of charger can charge all mobile phones on the market, iPad, and small notebook computers, two C ports support any socket up to 40W power, and also support two devices at the same time PD 20W fast charging, so that if it is a dual-device mobile phone user, there is no queuing phenomenon, and there is no need to worry about charging and waiting.

Recently, various brands have begun to develop dual-port ultra-small fast chargers, and AOHi has also released MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger, which I fell in love with at a glance. The design of the compact and retractable plug and the low power of the dual ports are highlighted in yellow, and it is deeply rooted in my heart. Now, let’s share the experience of using this Charger.

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Packaging & Unboxing

AOHI’s products have a novel appearance. The outer packaging is simple, and the same yellow color is used to highlight the products inside. The front side of the box is printed with the Aohi brand, the appearance of the charger, the name, and the selling point. The back side of the box has a cover design, and the bottom of the box is printed with the product adaptation equipment diagram and parameter information. You can also know that the charger has seven rich colors black, white, gray, red, yellow, purple, and green.

The package contains the charger, instruction manual, warranty card, and a dust-proof plastic bag for the charger adapter.


Most of the designs of AOHi products are unconventional, and 40W is no exception. If the charger design wants to be innovative, it is actually a test of design skills. The shape of the AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger tends to be a flat square, the four ends of the curved surface transition, the shell is frosted and anti-fingerprint, and the whole is small and exquisite. The Aohi brand is printed on the top center of the fuselage. The two colors that have been launched so far, one is black, which is versatile and geeky, the other is bright and handsome, and yellow is strongly recommended. You can find it at a glance in the bag, which is also an advantage.

The top is slightly curved, and the edge is stepped. It looks like a cookie on the table. The dual USB-C ports are placed horizontally, still the metal decorative ring + the yellow USB inner tongue, which is also the iconic design of AOHi products. This charger is similar to the size of an “Oreo” biscuit, with a length of 49mm and a width of 44mm. 

It is also designed with a foldable plug, which is very easy to store and carry. The charging port is a dual C port. For example, if you are on a short trip without a computer, it can completely solve the charging of a mobile phone and a tablet. I have already shown you the shunting of single-port charging and dual-port charging.

The hollow design on both sides of the fuselage is convenient for users to attach and detach. Equipped with foldable national standard pins, it is easy to carry and will not scratch other equipment in the bag. The side of the fuselage also comes with dual USB-C ports, and the yellow rubber core is particularly conspicuous. Both interfaces are decorated with silver and white metal rings, making the charger look more refined and classy.

Compared with several chargers in the past, this one is more delicate in appearance, and it still feels very good. The AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger still uses its own iconic smart 3-color light-changing breathing light. Users can intuitively distinguish the three-stage working status of the charger through the different-color breathing lights. Charging indicator light, yellow (orange) light: fast charging, the power soars rapidly; blue light: normal charge, no damage to the battery; green light: micro-current.

Compared with the “heavyweight” of more than 300 grams of the AOHi Magcube 120W charger that I often travel with before, this AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger officially claims 80 grams, but I actually measured only 73.7 grams, Lost a lot of weight while out and about.

Performance and Use

This AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger was created by AOHi in conjunction with American Power Integration Technology. Industry leaders have joined forces to achieve healthier battery charging protection.

The specific parameters of the AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger are as follows:

  • Product Model: AOC-C008
  • Color: Black/Yellow
  • Product size: 49*44*22.5mm
  • Weight: about 80g
  • Output: 100-240V~50/60Hz 1.5A MAX
  • Output: USB-C 5V3A 9V3A 12V3A 15V2.67A 20V2A Each port 40W Max

The charger was tested using POWER-Z KT002 with AOHi Magline+ cable. Regardless of daily use or testing, you should use the certified wire of the regular brand or the original mobile phone wire, and the charging power can be fully loaded.

Tests show that the AOHi 40W dual-port charger supports Apple 2.4A, Samsung 5V2A, QC2.0 3V/12V, QC3.6/20V, PD3.0 PPS, and other fast charging protocols.

PD3.0 detection supports 5V3A, 9V2.22A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V2.67A, 20V2A. The Android proprietary protocol based on the PPS specification supports 11V3A.

AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger adopts an AI chip and dual-port blind plug design. After the device is inserted, the charger dynamically allocates the charging power of the two C ports.

The two mobile phones I use are the iPhone 12mini and SE2. I used 100W dual ports on business trips, and the performance was too much. Using this 40W dual port charger is enough to cope with the maximum power of the two phones, and there is still performance in actual use. Excessive, when two hands are charged simultaneously, the single charging power is stable above 12W. 

My two mobile phones can’t squeeze the true strength of this charger to a certain extent, and the power of using a single port to charge the iPad 2021 is stable above 23W.

Use dual ports to charge iPhone SE2 and iPad 2019 respectively, both of which can reach the power of single port charging.

Use a single port to charge the USC-C port fast charging mobile power supply with a stable charging power of more than 28W.

When charging the iPad and the power bank at the same time, the power distribution of the charger is 6.8W for the iPad, and the charging power for the iPad is 28.7W. It is speculated that the power distribution method should be sufficient to fully charge the devices with high charging power first, and then charge the devices with low charging power at full speed.

The intelligent distribution of charging power of the AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger is more convenient to use most of the time than multi-port chargers marked with charging power. It is only inconvenient in a few cases, such as trying to fully charge the iPad first, but You can unplug the mobile power supply, use the single port to fully charge the iPad, and then charge the mobile power supply.

The temperature of the charger surface after fast charging for a period of time and the surface temperature of the charger without charging was measured using an infrared thermometer.

Subject to the limitations of professionalism and testing tools, I can only test the performance and heat of the AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger. Currently, I can only do these tests. The data may also be different from the official labels due to the tools and equipment. , for reference only, hope to understand.

Who is it suitable for?

The AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger is the first charger product I bought this year. The new design, compact appearance, and performance to a certain extent make me ready to eliminate multiple charger products in the past. However, I still want to combine usage scenarios and personal needs here. It is more subjective to say that it is not necessarily suitable for all users.

The first type of user is not just needed. If you, like me, have owned a 65W or 100W multi-port charger, such as the AOHi Magcube 100W GaN charger, and are not sensitive to weight, then you don’t necessarily need to buy this AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger.

The second category of users recommends the purchase. If you are sensitive to the weight of daily EDC devices, and there are multiple devices that need to be quickly charged, laptops (except high-performance gaming laptops), iPads, mobile phones, headphones, etc., the performance of this AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger is also slow enough. Satisfy the vast majority of usage scenarios.

The third category of users cannot be missed. As a charger lover, I can’t refuse a new charger with excellent design and powerful performance. In addition, I may travel frequently in the future. I must have a reliable charger in my bag for my own use. device or to charge your own and those of your companions.

Considering that the number of power sockets in hotels (or student dormitories) is often small, if there are more than two mobile phones or devices that need to be charged, for me such a 40W dual port is more convenient than two 20W/30W single ports.


AOHi MagCube 40W Dual-Port Fast Charger is the first single product released by AOHi in 2022. It retains the three-color breathing light design, which can intuitively understand the charging status of the device and cancels the diamond. The texture of the micro-engraving three-dimensional process adds a more practical design to the buckle hand position.

This 40W charger created by AOHi in conjunction with Power Integration and Injoinic emphasizes healthy charging. It uses an Apple PI chip, GaN gallium nitride technology, and graphene materials to achieve low heat and high output under high output power. Heat dissipation; dual USB-C port blind plug design, automatically identify the device, dynamically allocate the power of C1 and C2 ports; good compatibility, support a variety of mainstream fast charging protocols. Passed 3C, FCC, RoHS multinational safety certification.

The AOHi Magcube 40W charger compared with the former, which weighs more than 300 grams, only the weight of more than 70 grams is much stronger in terms of mobile properties. If you don’t need high-power charging in your charging equipment, and you just need a small and exquisite dual-port charger with excellent performance, then this 40W charger may be a better choice than 65W and 100W. I even think It is currently the best dual phone or phone + tablet charger solution.

Buy From Official AOHi Store at $29.99 Buy From AOHi’s Amazon Store at $25.49

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