XGIMI MoGo Pro+ Portable Projector Sales Cheapest at AliExpress

The XGIMI MoGo Pro+ Projector comes with a promise to push the limits. The MoGo Pro was already one of the flagship models of the Xgimi brand due to more than enough capacity to conquer all audiences. Despite this, the manufacturer innovates and refines its projectors to meet even more the public’s needs and improve the models’ capabilities.

Buy XGIMI MOGO Pro at AliExpress Buy XGIMI MOGO Pro+ at AliExpress


Impossible not to see the physical resemblance of this model with that of its big brother of the same name. It echoes the compact but elegant appearance of the MoGo Pro, opting for the black color here, emphasizing its luxurious appearance. Of course, this device is a portable projector, and the dimensions are accordingly. They are 14.6×10.5×9.4 cm, and it weighs 0.9 kg. Always so easy to take it with you during a trip or a getaway in nature. The bottom of the MoGo Pro+ has a foldable stand that allows you to adjust the projection angle up to 30° so that you can adjust the height a little without a tripod. The integrated frame is collapsible and can be stored on the bottom when unused.


Without denigrating the skills of the first name, the MoGo Pro+ is supposed to be superior in terms of visual rendering. It is capable of projecting in 1920 x 1080p and compatible with 4K; we expect clear improvements, whether in normal format or 3D.


Android TV is a smart TV platform powered by Android provided by Google. It is designed for users to enjoy content on TV, so it is compatible with projectors and boasts high operability. You can download over 4,000 apps from the Google Play Store and enjoy countless games and apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime Vand video, Hulu, dTV, Abema and TV, DAZN, and more.

Remote Control

The remote control has a microphone, and you can operate voice with Google Assistant by pressing a button. Search for the latest blockbuster, play a show, launch a game, and more. Ease of use is further improved because it saves the trouble of entering characters.

300 ANSI Lumens

When choosing a projector, brightness is a very important feature, in combination with the projection distance and the maximum diagonal you want to achieve. This particular one has a brightness of 300 ANSI Lumens, indicating how much light the projector can deliver on a certain surface size. The general rule suggests that “brighter” projectors are preferred in rooms with enough light or several light sources, while “darker” projectors are good in dark rooms.

Sound Control

Why change the recipe when it works? Once again, the Harman/Kardon brand takes care of the good side of the MoGo Pro+ projector. However, the two built-in 3W speakers do not live up to expectations. The first negative point concerns the bass, which is not present enough. The second is that the sound is not powerful, and you quickly need to connect a speaker to hear the sounds of the film. The sound immersion is far from satisfactory, even considering it is a mobile projector.

Fan Noise

The observation is very simple; we do not hear it! Whether to view an image or a video, this model does not exceed 30 dB. And if you don’t set the light output to maximum, it will be even quieter! The projector won’t be noticeable by its fan noise even close to you. This is also confirmed by customers who were pleasantly surprised by his silence.

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Verdict & Buy

The choice between the MoGo Pro and the MoGo Pro+, therefore, depends on the use you intend to make of it. If you use it to its full potential while commuting, camping, or otherwise, then the utility aspect of the MoGo Pro+ will come in very handy. If you’re only going to use it at home, you won’t need to make a thousand adjustments so that this model won’t be as vital to you. However, if image quality is important to you, the MoGo Pro+ is still a bit above its predecessor. If you want to buy, click the below button on which model you want and place your order.

Buy XGIMI MOGO Pro at AliExpress Buy XGIMI MOGO Pro+ at AliExpress

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