ORICO 25PW1-U3 External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

With the continuous upgrading of computer hardware, there are more and more idle hard disks in the home. It is a pity to throw them away or sell them as scraps. But how can these idle hard disks be used again? After thinking about it, a hard disk box should be the most convenient way. A hard disk box can turn an idle hard disk into a Portable Hard drive in seconds. ORICO 25PW1-U3 External Hard Drive Enclosure is only $7.99 with a discount coupon from Aliexpress and Amazon, but it can play a big role. Let’s take a look at the experience!

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Packaging and Design

The outer packaging of the ORICO 25PW1-U3 External Hard Drive Enclosure is a square box with a white background and a blue edge. There are product pictures and brand logos on the front. A lot of information is relatively clear. There are a total of four personalized color matching black, white, blue, and pink, you can choose as you like.

We started with the classic black model. When we opened the box, there was ORICO 25PW1-U3 External Hard Drive Enclosure and a data cable.

The main product is a cuboid body, but the shape is round without edges and corners. The size is about 130*80*14.5mm, which is similar to the size of our commonly used mobile phones.

In terms of details, the exterior of the ORICO 25PW1-U3 External Hard Drive Enclosure is made of high-strength ABS material, with an integrated streamline design and anti-slip stripes. It feels smooth but not easy to fall off. The LED indicator light is carefully arranged, which is always on during sleep and flashes during transmission so that you can clearly understand its real-time status.

Open the ORICO 25PW1-U3 External Hard Drive Enclosure, and you can see that there is also a built-in thick cotton pad, which can effectively alleviate the impact of the collision, shock, and fall, and multiple protections make the hard disk safer during use.


Open the hard disk case, insert the hard disk at the interface, close the back cover, and connect to the computer to complete the installation, even without installation tools. Just note that it supports 7-9.5mm thick 2.5-inch SATA mechanical hard drives or SSD solid-state drives.

Performance and Benchmark

From the specific parameter identification, it can be known that ORICO 25PW1-U3 External Hard Drive Enclosure adopts USB3.0 transmission interface, supports UASP+TRIM dual acceleration protocol, effectively reduces delay, improves read and write speed, and can achieve a maximum transmission rate of 5Gbps, with SATA solid state Hard disk, the measured speed can reach 490MB/s. We have also conducted actual measurements to achieve this transmission efficiency.

The AS SSD software test shows that its actual read speed is 409.42MB/s, and its write speed is 403.31MB/s. Although it does not reach the 490MB/s standard, the data is relatively close, and the gap is not very large.

In the CrystalDiskMark data test, its read and write speeds reached 454.30MB/s and 438.23MB/s respectively. This data is further close to the 490MB/s standard, which has basically reached the same level.

The ATTO disk benchmark test shows that its maximum read and write speeds are 433.90MB/s and 420MB/s respectively. This data is in the middle of the first two rounds of tests. It can be seen that its performance and transmission effect is still very stable, which is also in line with the standard value of 490MB. /s is not much worse.

Then copy the 6.8G large file test, the whole process does not drop the speed, the average transfer rate reaches 312MB/s, about ten seconds, the file transfer is completed, the speed is still very fast, and the whole process drives the reading of large capacity The performance of the hard disk is very relaxed, which can be regarded as fully releasing the potential of the old hard disk.

User Experience

Connect the manufactured ORICO 25PW1-U3 External Hard Drive Enclosure to third-party devices such as laptops, TVs, and mobile phones. It is plug-and-play, with no need to install drivers, and has no separate power supply. It is widely compatible.

Therefore, it is very convenient to save office materials at work, and store blockbusters, fun games, photos, and videos in daily life, and it is very convenient to use. When there is no operation for about 10 minutes, it will automatically hibernate, which can reduce the wear and tear of the hard disk, and optimize its durability and life of the hard disk.


A simple ORICO 25PW1-U3 External Hard Drive Enclosure, which costs more than 8 USD, can instantly revive an idle old hard disk at full speed. The key transmission speed is fast, it supports a 6TB large capacity, and is widely compatible. The design also has a fashionable and compact appearance. Value and a lot of thoughtful hard disk protection, I have to say that this is really a cheap and practical good thing!

$1 Discount Code: 25PW1U3USD1
Buy From Aliexpress at $3.99~$17.99 with Coupon Code Buy From Amazon at $7.99

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