Hisense E8H Review? The Best Display Quality to Hit the Market

The era of screen entertainment has arrived, and users with continuously improving visual aesthetics are constantly exploring better ways of home entertainment. The newly launched Hisense E8H is developed based on the ULED X display technology platform, which can present excellent picture quality according to the real usage scenarios of users. Let us experience it through the evaluation.

Hisense E8H

The hardware configuration is strictly controlled to create an excellent image quality user experience.

Hisense E8H TV is the highest-quality TV in 2022. Compared with traditional products, it can bring a more advanced and excellent picture quality and has a powerful hardware configuration that can hold the scene.

(1) Single-zone light control area is smaller

Mini LED lamp beads

Under normal circumstances, the smaller the single-zone light control area of ??the Mini LED TV screen, the higher the controllability of the TV picture quality and the more delicate the picture effect. The Hisense E8H TV has a new Mini full-array dynamic backlight system. 3000+ Mini LED lamp beads are evenly distributed in 500+ Mini zones, and the light control area of ??a single zone is concentrated at 60% of the traditional Mini LED TV. At the same price, the Mini LED product leads the audience.

The shooting of poster content

Combined with the actual test, the light and dark areas in the same frame are presented transparently and vividly, without the dull feeling brought by the single backlight of the traditional TV. The overall picture is full of three-dimensionality, which is pleasing to the eye.

(2) Higher peak brightness

Left is 1000nits effect, right is 1600nits effect.

With XDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) technology, Hisense E8H TV can achieve an industry-leading peak brightness of 1600nits, equivalent to 1.6 times that of traditional Mini LEDs. The field details are not exposed.

(3) The industry’s first advanced panel

2.37% ultra-low reflectivity

The picture quality indicators of high-end TVs are generally obtained by testing in a dark room environment. However, ordinary users do not always use TVs with a dark background. There is natural light during the day and 50-500Lux lighting brightness at night, improving the TV picture quality. Loss. Moreover, there are more and more families of 4 and 5. If everyone watches a show at the same time, it may happen that family members sitting on the side sofa cannot see the screen if family and friends visit more obviously.

To this end, Hisense E8H is equipped with the first ultra-low-reflection large viewing angle negative LCD panel in the TV industry and a 178° wide viewing angle obsidian screen. The screen reflectivity has dropped from the industry average of 5% to 2.37%, which can minimize the impact of ambient light on The impact of viewing immersion greatly reduces the problem of backlight stray light overflow when viewing from the side, allowing users to experience excellent color and contrast from different angles.

Light exposure does not damage the picture quality

It can be seen that the picture of the Hisense E8H TV is very good, and the image itself is relatively bright. Even under bright lighting, it still maintains a clear effect. I believe everyone can feel it very intuitively.

The picture quality is still excellent when viewed from a small angle

According to the actual test, no matter how small the tip is, the Hisense E8H TV can still maintain the picture quality of the same specifications as the front view, and the clarity and color display is very good.

(4) Powerful chip drives hardware performance

Xinxin U+ super image quality chip

The excellent single-zone light control area and peak brightness bring a higher picture quality upper limit from the hardware level. Hisense E8H TV also has a powerful Xinxin U+ super picture quality chip, which can give full play to the hardware performance. As the saying goes, two fists are hard to beat four hands. Traditional picture quality chips need to do light control and picture adjustment simultaneously, and there may be situations that cannot be taken into account. However, Hisense E8H TV adopts a 1+N distributed driver chip architecture. The super image quality chip cooperates with nearly 20 distributed light control chips. The light control tasks are all completed by the light control chip. A single secondary light control chip is only responsible for 32 partitions. This way, the light control response speed and fineness are obtained 10 times with a 40% boost.

The shooting of poster content

From the actual test, it can be seen that whether it is mountains or green vegetation, it can be well presented, the picture has a strong sense of layering, and the details of bright and dark parts are fully preserved, bringing us a high-level visual experience.

Watching the actual combat test, the picture quality is outstanding

After understanding the main functions of the Hisense E8H TV, let’s use the film and television works to fight.

video playback test

Color is the basic construction element of film and television art. Blockbusters will use the same color gamut standards from initial shooting to post-production. The same color gamut can be used to obtain an ideal viewing experience in the playback process. DCI-P3 was introduced by the American film industry and is a wide color gamut standard specially formulated for film production. Hisense E8H TV supports true 96% DCI-P3 coverage, plus ?E?0.96 professional-grade color accuracy, to ensure that every pixel can accurately present the corresponding color on time.

video playback test

We selected “Grey Shadow Man” and “Top Gun 2” for testing. Hisense E8H TV lived up to expectations. It not only showed the story scenes and the skin colors of the characters realistically, but also the bright field and dark field in the same frame can appear in the same structure, with color transition. Natural and delicate, with a large screen display, the atmosphere of the blockbuster is filled and immersive.

Gamut switching settings

It is worth mentioning that Hisense E8H TV also supports AI color space adaptation; users can switch from DCI-P3, BT.709, and BT.2020 color gamut according to the usage scene, which is quite good for creating backgrounds. Function, team members can see the color expression through the large screen to more easily adjust and optimize the work.

video playback test

The current frame rate presentation has become a common concern of TV users. For this reason, the Hisense E8H TV is equipped with a native 144Hz high refresh screen, and with a powerful chip, it can easily achieve 4K 144Hz picture output. The frame rate of the disk is 120 frames, and in the actual test, the gorgeous picture is presented as smooth as water, which brings extraordinary pleasing quality.

In addition to film and television works, the high frame rate of TV is more used in console games. More and more excellent pieces of 120fps have appeared in console games. The Hisense E8H TV is equipped with a full-blooded HDMI 2.1 interface, which can easily achieve a 144Hz high-brush display. Advanced technologies such as VRR variable refresh rate, ALLM automatic low-latency, and FreeSync anti-tearing can bring a more silky picture presentation. Players who love fighting, war, and racing games get a delightful experience.

video playback test

Hisense E8H TV also incorporates a new ultra-high frequency PWM dimming technology this time. The dimming frequency of 8000Hz is several times higher than the international standard, so it can bring excellent pictures without flicker, even in “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” Waiting for a super-long movie, the eyes will not feel tired after watching, and the Care+ comfortable vision is very pleasing.

Many friends have this experience. Although the 0Day film and television resources downloaded from the Internet have clear and exquisite pictures, they are equipped with “total loss” audio tracks. The actual viewing is very “playable”, and it can be seen that the sound quality presentation also has a great impact on the viewing experience. Influences.

Hisense E8H TV has introduced a runway-type full-frequency audio unit this time, which can make the sound radiate more widely. At the same time, the rear 25W super-power, 1.3L large-volume super-submersible subwoofer can submerge the bass audio to 60Hz. The independent audio amplifier can bring an incredible experience directly to the heart. The combination of the two builds a custom Dolby Atmos 2.1-channel speaker system. I believe that friends who love war/action movies will not want to miss it.

video playback test

Of course, Hisense’s classic Hi-Sound Pro Teana engine also appeared on the E8H TV. The scenes of various fighter jets whizzing past brought us an immersive experience of “sound.”

It is precise because of the vast improvement of the picture quality and sound quality of the Hisense E8H TV, this TV easily won the dual authoritative certification of Dolby Vision, panoramic sound, and IMAX ENHANCED, which can bring the original sensory feast to audio-visual lovers.

Starting from the actual needs, leading the new trend of the intelligent era

In the era of intelligence, Hisense E8H TV also realizes richer audio and video functions with the help of FULLINK combined screen interaction.

A new way of fitness:

Home Workout Demo

With the popularity of home fitness, there are more and more “Li Ruotong” girls and “Wang Xinling boys” around. In order to bring you a more scientific fitness experience, Hisense E8H TV can directly call the ultra-high-definition camera of the smartphone, not only allows everyone to see the teaching video and their actual actions at the same time, and also supports gesture start/pause operations, which is very convenient.

Many friends have installed fitness APPs. To adapt to everyone’s exercise habits, Hisense E8H TV supports the “fitness mirror” function, which can transmit mobile fitness teaching to the large TV screen and shoot real-time fitness pictures through the TV’s external camera to help you compare and standardize actions. So that the exercise effect is multiplied by half the effort.

Voice control new experience:

I believe everyone is very familiar with Hisense’s dual-field voice. We are sitting on the sofa, and we can easily achieve rich operations such as “search video” and “play/pause” with just one “Hisense small gathering.”

“Hisense Small Gathering” language selection

What is exciting is that “Hisense Xiaoju” can not only recognize the voiceprints of different users and provide personalized responses as before but also supports 24 dialect recognition, including Cantonese, Sichuan, Hokkien, Hakka, and Nanchang. , Suzhou dialect, “Hisense Xiaoju,” can even talk to users in the same dialect, a thoughtful and considerate “digital fellow.”

New Connectivity Features:

At present, many households are equipped with multiple routers. For the sake of a stable signal, users will save all routing connection information on the mobile phone. It may happen that the TV and the mobile phone are not on the same network.

The left TV is connected to the Connect network, and the right mobile phone is connected to the Connect me again network.

Tencent video playback test on mobile phone

Hisense E8H TV’s built-in self-developed network-free projection screen technology solves this problem well, and the actual operation is also very convenient. After the screen is projected, it is displayed on a vertical screen. Still, it can automatically switch to a horizontal screen when playing a video, and the bullet screen display can also be retained. The experience is very satisfying.

A new way to hear:

Modern people are busy with work, and many friends habitually watch movies and dramas at night. In addition, the Qatar World Cup is coming. The game will be played late at night according to the previous situation. If the sound is turned on, it may affect other people’s rest.

TWS headset connection test

Fortunately, the Hisense E8H TV supports wireless sound transmission, and users can enjoy a private audio-visual feast exclusively with the help of Bluetooth headsets.

The era of the big screen opens up a new experience of audio and video, and the elegant design is full of artistic style.

As a new generation of home audio and video center, the overall design of Hisense E8H TV returns to the experience itself.

When 65 inches is gradually replacing 55 inches as the entry threshold for large-screen TVs, Hisense currently provides 65-inch and 75-inch large-screen specifications for E8H TVs. The sense of immersion and presence allows users to enjoy the audio and video experience better.

Unlike the minimalist style of the TV screen, the Hisense E8H TV integrates a strong artistic flavor into the base part, incorporating the arch bridge design of the “Galouse Bridge” in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the unstoppable blade elements of ancient bronze swords. Perfectly integrated, the atmosphere is full of prudence and strength and the sharp appearance indicates that it has strong combat effectiveness.

Even the small LOGO logo is very elegant in its manufacturing design. Hisense uses the engraving process to perfectly restore the iconic guillotine engraving of Breguet watches, bringing a different kind of luxurious temperament; the ice blue embellished tie nameplate brings Sapphire-like gentle and elegant character; FIFA World Cup exclusive silk screen confirms its unique identity as the official TV of Qatar World Cup.

The back design of the Hisense E8H TV is also great. Unlike traditional TVs, this TV has a subwoofer at the rear. As for functional interfaces, this TV is equipped with 1 HDMI 2.1 interface, 2 HDMI 2.0 interfaces, 2 1 USB interface, 1 AV Input interface, 1 S/PDIF interface, and 1 Antenna antenna interface, all commonly used game consoles, TV boxes, set-top boxes, cable TV, portable hard drives, etc. can be handled in one stop.

Conclusion of Hisense E8H  Review

As a blockbuster model that will attract wide attention in 2022, the hardware and software of Hisense E8H TV are really “top”, and the powerful audio-visual entertainment experience can meet users’ needs in different scenarios such as movie viewing entertainment, event appreciation, and gaming e-sports. At the same time, this TV has a full-body picture quality comparable to the darkroom test environment in the face of different light settings. It is said that it is the TV with the highest picture quality at present. With the continuous upgrading of related technologies and functions of this TV, people’s lives will be more colorful; let’s wait and see.

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