Xiaomi Mijia Hair Dryer H900 Offered at $175.18

If you want an affordable hair dryer with many features, Mijia Xiaomi H900 Hair Dryer can be a good option for you, and you will have a new experience with a quality hair dryer. Xiaomi hair dryer can play a significant role in the beauty and decoration of your hair with its features and capabilities. This product is suitable for both home and hair salon use.

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The dimensions of the Mijia Xiaomi hair dryer are 25 x 76 x 111 cm, which makes this hair dryer suitable for various uses. Xiaomi Mijia Xiaomi H900 hair dryer is ideal for drying hair in winter, especially for women who have long hair and always have problems drying it.

In addition to the main ultra-high wind speed, Xiaomi’s Mijia high-speed hair dryer H900 supports the intelligent temperature control function, which makes it easier to dry hair and make it easier to blow out various styles.

106,000 rpm

The Mijia H900 hair dryer has a high-speed 13-blade motor of 106,000 rpm. The special design creates a type of wind channel that has no loss, and for this reason, the wind speed reaches 60 meters per second, and the high-speed airflow spreads evenly on your hair and dries your hair immediately.


The special shape of the air duct reduces pressure losses and directs the airflow at a speed of up to 60m/s to each hair, which is as much as 216 km/h, so that such a wind will quickly blow away excess water from the hair. Now you do not need to “fry” your hair at the highest temperature when a quick blow gently takes care of your health.

Air Flow

The airflow enters from the bottom of the handle and is emitted from the circular outlet of the hair dryer. Since the H900’s suction port is located at the bottom of the handle, it’s easier for girls because, unlike traditional hair dryers, hair isn’t sucked through the rear inlet.

12 Modes

For different hair drying needs, the Mijia high-speed hair dryer H900 can adjust the temperature and wind speed through the case on the dryer. A total of 12 combinations of wind temperature and wind speed can be matched, which is suitable for more hair styling needs.

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