Buy Wanbo T4 Smart Mini 1080P Projector For Just $219.99 (Coupon Deal)

Wanbo T4 Smart Mini Android Projector – Upgraded Version 2022 has been officially launched with many outstanding improved features over the T2 Max android LCD Projector & Epson EB-W51 LCD Projector in some points. , meeting all the needs of users in a comprehensive way. In addition to equipping with the latest Wi-Fi 6.0 connection technology, the focus-adjusting camera is also equipped for the first time by the company to bring extremely practical experiences, minimizing troublesome manual operations.

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Compact Design with Delicate Curves

Wanbo T4 inherits the design language from previous generations; the overall device is neatly and meticulously polished by the manufacturer, does not take up space when used, and is especially easy to move to any location. The Xiaomi Wanbo T4 has compact dimensions of 110 x 140 x 150 mm, and a body weight of 1.2KG with a minimalist design, suitable for many purposes.

Compact design with delicate curves

The body of Wanbo T4 is made of high-quality and durable plastic; the curved lines create accents to make the product more seamless and sophisticated. In addition, the front is integrated with an auto-focus camera, which is also a special detail for the first time applied on its low-cost aggressive price mini projector line.

1080P Full HD Picture Quality, Auto Focus

1080P Full HD picture quality with 60 to 130″ Diagonal image size

The Wanbo T4 smart mini projector uses an LCD projector lamp with a brightness of up to 450 Ansi Lumens to produce sharp, true Full HD 1080P images, promising to bring users wonderful experiences full of Lamp Life (Normal/Eco. Act on movie titles and hit music, pay attention to attract more attention in lessons and meetings, and satisfy all entertainment needs at home or work.

In addition, the Wanbo T4 android LCD projector also owns autofocus technology (Automatic Focus Image); the front camera is equipped with active focus adjustment to help you easily experience, eliminating manual manipulation. Manual like conventional projector products.


The device supports diagonal image sizes from 60 to 130 inches; according to the manufacturer, the manufacturer recommends a safe viewing projection distance of 1.2 – 3m to feel the best and avoid affecting vision.

Vivid Surround Sound with Dual-Speaker System

Vivid surround sound with dual speaker system

Wanbo T4 projector owns a dual speaker system with a total capacity of 3W for long, wonderful surround sound full of life, explosive effects, and 360-degree reverberation, bringing an “extreme” experience like being in a movie theater. Miniature movie screening at home. On the other hand, users can also use Wanbo T4’s speakers to play music. At this point, the device will become a modern and versatile Bluetooth voice speaker.

Keystone Adjustment, Support Tilt Angle Projection

Keystone adjustment system, support tilt angle projection

The Keystone adjustment system integrated on the Wanbo T4 16G | Wi-Fi 6 mini projector plays an important role in adjusting and positioning the emitted image on the projection plane, optimizing the display to give users the correct frames. To avoid causing discomfort. Besides, the device also supports projection angles up to 40 degrees. And is easy to use in narrow areas and in homes with small spaces.

Built-in Android TV, Expandable Memory up to 16GB

Built-in Android TV, expandable memory up to 16GB

Similar to the previously released Wanbo mini Android LCD projector models. The T4 is also equipped with Android TV to expand the entertainment space through outstanding applications such as Youtube and Netflix … expandable memory up to 16G | Wi-Fi, and easy to download additional applications on CH Play store more favorite content.

Modern Cooling System, Noise Level Below 30db

Modern cooling system, noise level below 30db

Wanbo T4 smart mini projector uses completely closed optical technology to prevent dust from sticking to the projector lamp life for a long time. Which will affect the image quality, create black points, and reduce the lamp life. The cooling fan operates quietly, maintaining the noise level below 30db to give users the most comfortable experience.

Support Multiple Connections, Flexible for All Purposes

Support multiple connection methods, flexible in all purposes

Wanbo T4 makes it easy for users to be flexible in many different uses through standard connectivity ports such as USB 3.0, 3.5mm jack for audio line out and HDMI connection port, wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.0, and Wi-Fi 6 generation enhance the experience, minimizing latency.

Wanbo T4 Smart Mini Projector Specifications

  • Projection technology: LCD
  • Brightness: 450 Ansi lm
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 P
  • Input Interface: 1*HDMI/ 1*USB/3.5mm audio jack
  • Contrast: 2000: 01
  • Lamp life: 20,000h
  • Projection Ratio: 4:3/16:9
  • Diagonal image size: 60 – 130 inches
  • Safe projection distance for eyes: 1.2 – 3m
  • Support system: Android 9.0 | Wi-Fi
  • Projection angle adjustment: Keystone, supports 40-degree tilt angle projection
  • Memory: 1G + 16G | Wi-Fi
  • Chip: MTK 9269
  • CPU: 4 * A53
  • Speaker: 3W. dual speaker system
  • Wi-Fi: 6.0
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Noise level: < 30db
  • Body Weight: 1.2KG

Where to Buy Wanbo T4 Mini Smart Projector?

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Coupon Code: BGWBT44
Buy From Banggood at $219.99

Wanbo T4 vs. Wanbo T2 Max Android LCD Projector Comparison

Wanbo T4 vs. Wanbo T2 Max Android LCD Projector

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