How to Fix Xiaomi Sound Crackling with AAC codec

I finally got it in the middle of the night. I finally know why Xiaomi sound connected to bluetooth and played music became Crackle. It took quite a long time to find out that it was the reason for the AAC bluetooth format.
All the posts and comments about Xiaomi Sound Crackling with AAC codec said that its sound quality was bad, not as good as SBC. , but Apple especially likes the AAC format. It is very easy to change the format for devices with Snapdragon chips. It is a
little troublesome to have a Dimensity chip in the Bluetooth settings.

Another Xiaomi User is facing the sameXiaomi Bluetooth Crackling with  problem like “

Unfortunately, when playing audio files through these headphones, they tend to crackle. However, if I connect them to an iPhone XS Max instead, everything works fine. If you’re having trouble using the audio from the codec SBC, you may need to remove any EQs, disable Dolby Atmos, and change the Bluetooth settings in the Developer Settings menu. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the 11T Pro. However, if you’re running Global 12.5.1, then you might be able to get some help from our support team.”

How to Fix Xiaomi Sound Crackling Noise?

Go to the developer options to find the Bluetooth sound quality and make this A2DP in blue light ( turn on that is maybe )and no more annoying crackling via bluetooth.

Why Xiaomi Can Not Fix Xiaomi Sound Crackling Bug?

?I don’t understand why there is such garbage as AAC? I have used the Xiaomi sound for half a year, and the Harman Kardon tuning. The sound quality of Xiaomi’s first high-end smart speaker was ruined by AAC.

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