MIUI Full Screen Gestures Not Working, How to Fix

As an operating system, Android may be tailored on many levels. Xiaomi’s MIUI is a well-known and popular Android skin that offers a unique set of features and functionality. A bug could appear between many system upgrades, like the MIUI Full screen Gestures Not Working issue affecting many Xiaomi devices.

MIUI Full Screen Gestures Not Working

By offering various alternatives that you can use from your mobile device, we’ll dive deeper into the issue and strive to find a solution to this issue. One of these techniques will likely allow you to solve the MIUI Full Screen Gestures Not Working problem and enable you to resume using the navigation gesture option. Don’t consider using buttons instead; you can still move your finger across the interface by gliding it across the screen.

Full screen Gestures Not Working issue Problem Origination

Any Xiaomi phone and any system version may experience this particular issue. But thankfully or regrettably, all affected customers have a Xiaomi running Android 11 and MIUI 12, a fairly localized origin, in common. Since the introduction of this update, some devices have had trouble working properly.

MIUI 12-MIUI Full Screen Gestures Not Working

Since MIUI 12 doesn’t have a patch, the company had to correct it to make up for all those people. Because of this, Xiaomi set up MIUI 12.5 to address the gesture issue and others associating to the sensor or WhatsApp camera issues. Several Xiaomi and POCO models have had issues with their cameras, but other devices using MIUI 12 and Android 11 may also experience the same problems.

Causes of the Ineffectiveness of Gestures on MIUI Devices Using Third-Party Launchers

Xiaomi’s Halt to Third-Party Gesture Navigation

Even though Xiaomi cannot significantly change how gesture navigation bar works with 3rd-party launchers, during their recent software updates, Xiaomi completely banned the use of gesture option by independent 3rd-party gesture launchers. You won’t even notice the janky animations when navigating with the default launcher’s full-screen gestures. But we were happy to ditch the smooth Android user experience for the attractive animations.

MIUI Full Screen Gestures Not Working

However, Xiaomi only wants to have its default launchers pre-installed on all devices so that consumers are not able to use any other launchers. Xiaomi uses ads placed in system apps, monitoring user behavior and app engagement, and stealing data to generate more cash. Xiaomi has created its own default launcher, which most users do not change because using a different launcher would require them to use 3 buttons instead of the standard 2.

Changes to Android Q Beta 5’s Codebase

Midway through 2019, Android Q Beta 5 was released, bringing with it a variety of upgrades, including improved gestural navigation. With this update, gestures for smartphones with full-screen displays were made available.

MIUI Full Screen Gestures Not Working- Android Q

In Beta 6, you’ll use three buttons to move around instead of a custom activity launcher.. This fixed the issue with the way that non-stock ROMs handled the frames between navigation transitions.

Android effectively killed off driver custom ROMs because they didn’t want the Android experience to change due to the use of 3rd-party gestures.

Custom launchers using gesture navigation encounter the following issues:

  1. The Close All/Clear App button is not present (full scroll to confirm this)
  2. Returning to the home screen and being unable to tap icons
  3. Lack of fluidity in animation
  4. Flashing home screen icons
  5. The home screen is updated
  6. The navigation bar is unable to change apps with a sideways swipe.
  7. No motion when exiting an app or viewing recent screens.

MIUI Full Screen Gestures Not Working

Fixes for the MIUI Full screen Gestures Not Working issue

If your Xiaomi phone is having difficulty with the navigation gestures, we have a few tips that may help you get back to using them. One might be to update to MIUI 12.5, but we also provide you with other options if you are not able to use that choice.

System Launcher Cache Removal

After multiple system updates, it’s possible that the cache built on your device may cause issues with navigation of full screen gestures.. You must erase the cache to remove the system cache and ensure that such files are no longer causing issues.

Follow the following steps to accomplish this;

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Next, pick installed applications under Applications.
  • Look for the system launcher there, then select wipe cache.
  • Choose Delete all app data.

Install Poco Launcher.

Installing a different launcher that supports navigation gestures is an alternative to the prior solution. The POCO launcher is a better option for replacing the MIUI launcher at this time. The launcher has no full screen gesture bugs, and you may also slightly alter the system’s look and feel.

Restoring fingerprints might solve the Full screen Gestures Not Working issue

Several customers have claimed that a malfunctioning fingerprint sensor is responsible for the MIUI Full Screen Gestures Not Working issue. In MIUI 12, both features overlap, making it impossible for gestures to function as intended. In order to reconstruct all of the fingerprints, it is necessary to have access to all of the data.

Steps to change Xiaomi’s fingerprint

  • First, go to Settings to complete this.
  • Select the Passwords and security option next.
  • Click the Fingerprint section.
  • Delete all earlier prints inserted.
  • To leave your fingerprint once more, add a fresh footprint.

Switch On and Off the Navigation Buttons.

Changing the way the navigation bar is displayed could help revive the gesture option. These ideas can be successful, even if they seem absurd. Visit Settings > Home screen > System navigation to do it. To reset them, choose Buttons from that option and press again. That might solve the issue.

Launch your Xiaomi.

After all the modifications, restart the system to ensure everything is properly carried through. The operating system will appreciate you for doing something so simple and quick for free. The power button will cause several icons, including the Restart icon, to show on the screen.

MIUI Full Screen Gestures Not Working

Can I Employ Gestures When Using Third-Party Launchers?

Yes, there are some restrictions, as explained above. You can use the gesture bar with a custom third-party launcher of choice. Some launchers no longer support gestures on MIUI. Xiaomi is trying to keep users within the MIUI system launcher and away from Mi Services making it difficult to get a solution to the MIUI Full Screen Gestures Not Working issue.

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