Teclast P20S specs and compatible bands

We have summarized the details and compatible bands of the Teclast P20S tablet specs.

When writing the article, there is no announcement of the International version.

Specifications of Teclast P20S

The Teclast P20S is an Android tablet from Teclast that will be released in August 2022.

Product information
terminal name P20S
Release year August 2022
Release area Overseas: SIM free
Manufacturer/Brand Teclast
remarks 4G LTE compatible tablet
Correspondence band, frequency, network
3G undisclosed
4G LTE FDD LTE?1 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 8 / 20
TD-LTE?38 / 39 / 40 / 41
5G NO incompatible
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Wi-Fi 5

Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Codec: Unpublished
SIM size slot Dual slot (Nano-SIM x 2)
Body specifications
display Size:10.1-inch IPS with narrow bezels
Material: LCD
Screen occupancy: Undisclosed
Shape: No notch
Maximum refresh rate: Undisclosed
Maximum touch sampling rate: Undisclosed
resolution Resolution: 1,280 x 800 (HD+)
Screen Ratio: 16:10
pixel density You may be worried about the roughness of 149ppi/dot
size Long side: 243.8mm
Short side: 163mm
Actual Thickness : 10.2mm
weight 530g
body-color Blue finish
System specifications
OS Android 12
CPU?SoC? MediaTek Helio P22
AnTuTuBenchmark Overall score: 103,000
GPU score: 15,000
(AnTuTu v9 reference value)
Memory/storage capacity
combination Memory 4GB + eMMC storage 64GB
storage card Supports MicroSD card (up to 1TB)
rear camera Single camera
? 5 million pixels (main)
image stabilization: undisclosed
Sensor size:IMG PowerVR GE8300RAM,PowerVR GE8320 @650PowerVR GE8322RAMPowerVR G6110

PowerVR G6230RAM

PowerVR GE8322 / IMG8322

PX size: undisclosed

front camera In-camera with built-in bezel
Number of pixels: 2 million pixels (main)
Sensor size: Undisclosed
PX size: Undisclosed
Functional specifications
Biometric authentication/unlocking Fingerprint authentication: undisclosed
Face recognition: undisclosed
sensor Infrared sensor: Undisclosed
Acceleration sensor: Undisclosed
Proximity sensor: Undisclosed
Gyro sensor: Undisclosed
Electronic compass: Undisclosed
Light sensor: Undisclosed
Waterproof/dustproof/toughness grade Waterproof/Dustproof: Undisclosed
Shock resistance: Undisclosed
earphone jack none
NFC NFC: Undisclosed
FeliCa/Osaifu-Keitai: Not supported
Other functions Equipped with dual speakers
battery capacity 6,000mAh
Charge Wired charging: 10W (5V/2A)
Wireless charging: Unpublished
Reverse charging: Unpublished
port USB Type-C
spec table source
reference element [Official site] Teclast P20S –


SoC is Helio P22. 4GB of memory

The SoC of Teclast P20S is Helio P22 mid-range SoC.

SoC is an abbreviation for System On Chip and is an integrated circuit that collects various parts such as a communication modem in addition to the CPU and GPU, which are the brains of electronic devices. This is where terminal performance is determined.

The memory (RAM) is 4GB and the storage capacity (ROM) is 64GB .

Since memory is a work area, the more memory, the more stable the operation. As of 2022, I want at least 4GB if I use it as my main model. It is easy to be stable when there is 6GB.

The internal storage capacity is the amount of data that can be stored on the device itself, such as photos and apps. As of 2022, I want at least 64GB if I use it as the main model. From the beginning, about 10% is used as the system area.

Supports the expansion of storage capacity with TF cards such as MicroSD cards. The maximum supported capacity is 1TB.

AnTuTu score for Chinese Model Teclast P20S (Helio P22)

AnTuTu score is an indicator of performance. We haven’t collected the AnTuTu score of the actual Teclast P20S yet, so let’s check the Helio P22 8-Core Processor reference benchmark.

* Since the processing performance of the terminal is determined by the SoC, the AnTuTu score of the terminal equipped with the same ARM Cortex-A53 processors SoC can be used to predict the general operation feeling. The reference score of MediaTek P22 octa-core processor is as follows. The AnTuTu app version is measured at 9.

  • Overall score (CPU): 103,364
  • Game performance (GPU): 15,645

The following is a guideline for how much the AnTuTu benchmark score will show as of 2022. You can check which performance band the performance of this terminal corresponds to! ?

AnTuTu Ver.9 score Action/Operation
Overall score: Approximately 500,000 points or more
GPU score: Approximately 180,000 points or more
Null null, no dissatisfaction with operation
Overall score: about 350,000 points to 500,000 points
GPU score: about 140,000 points to 180,000 points
Can handle heavy games
Overall score: about 250,000 points to 350,000 points
GPU score: about 70,000 points to 140,000 points
For light games
Overall score: about 150,000 to 250,000
GPU score: about 30,000 to 70,000
The minimum required
Overall score: Approximately 150,000 points or less
GPU score: Approximately 30,000 points or less
For sub terminal
AnTuTu Ver.8 score Action/Operation
Overall score: Approximately 400,000 points or more
GPU score: Approximately 170,000 points or more
Null null, no dissatisfaction with operation
Total score: about 300,000 points to 400,000 points
GPU score: about 130,000 points to 170,000 points
Can handle heavy games
Overall score: about 200,000 points to 300,000 points
GPU score: about 60,000 points to 130,000 points
For light games
Overall score: about 100,000 points to 200,000 points
GPU score: about 20,000 points to 60,000 points
The minimum required
Overall score: Approximately 100,000 points or less
GPU score: Approximately 20,000 points or less
For sub terminal

Teclast P20S camera

The rear camera of Teclast P20S is a wide-angle main camera (5 million pixels) with a single eye configuration .

In-camera configuration ?The number of pixels is a single-lens configuration with only the main camera (2 million pixels) .

Teclast P20S display

The screen of the Teclast P20S is 10.1 inches in size, has a resolution of 1,280 x 800, and uses a liquid crystal display . The screen shape will be without a notch .

  • Size: 10.1 inch
  • Resolution: 1,280 x 800
  • Display: LCD
  • Screen shape: no notch
  • Refresh rate: Undisclosed
  • Touch sampling rate: Undisclosed

Teclast P20S size, weight and color

The Teclast P20S has a long side of 243.8 mm, a short side of 163 mm, a thickness of 10.2 mm, and a weight of 530 g .

  • Long side: 243.8mm
  • Short side: 163mm
  • Thickness: 10.2mm
  • Weight: 530g

The color is one color development of the blue system .

Teclast P20S price and where to buy

Memory 4GB + Capacity 64GB?
Limited to 70 units!

[Purchase] Teclast P20S / Memory 4GB / Capacity 64GB for $204
Check Aliexpress latest budget model price!

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