Sony SRS-XE200 Review

For me, listening to music is like coffee that I can’t quit. When I go out, I am used to carrying Sony SRS-XE200  headphones with the handy carry strap even if I don’t have a backpack. Still, it is undeniable that using headphones for a long time will not only cause ear fatigue but also have a certain impact on Line-Shape Diffuser. Moreover, it is inconvenient to use headphones to share the sound when traveling with a partner. If you play it directly with the mobile phone’s built-in speaker, the Party Connect is almost meaningless. With the rise of outdoor camping, the popularity of portable Bluetooth speakers has also been born. It looks like a great way to share your voice. However, not all Bluetooth speakers can be called outdoor speakers, and x-balanced technology are not enough to cope with complex outdoor scenes.

To identify whether this wide sound field Bluetooth speaker SRS-XE200 from SONY can become a competent outdoor speaker.

This speaker has four colors: black, light gray, blue, and orange. It is enough to meet the preferences of various users. Those who like to show off can choose blue and orange. I prefer the durable color system, so I chose the light gray model to start with. In addition, this package still inherits the full environmental protection material audio settings on Sony headphones. A small fine print on the back indicates that the overall packaging material is only 5% plastic, excluding coatings and adhesive materials.

The family photo is unavailable because the contents in the box are also very environmentally friendly, and there is only one C port charging cable. Looking directly at the protagonist, the shape of the pentagonal column has been rounded on all sides and corners. As a multi-scenario rich sound Bluetooth speaker, the overall appearance is quite high. The length, width, and height are about 90x208x94mm, and the volume is close to a sports bottle. Except for the top, the other surfaces are also covered with rubber like a skin-friendly material, which gives a good grip from all directions.

In fact, some time ago, Sony released a total of three Bluetooth speakers, namely SRS-XE200, XE300, and XG300. Among them, the design of SRS-XE200 is relatively lighter. In order to reflect its outdoor portable positioning, a lanyard hole is directly designed, and a lanyard is standard.

I checked the official information and said that the SRS-XE200 weighs about 0.8kg.

According to the inertia of many digital manufacturers, this “about” is generally to the right. I really took a look on the scale, and it was 0.779kg, which was a little left. Sony is very strict. With a weight of 800g, it is not tiring to lead out the door through the lanyard. Of course, if you want to go hiking, it is recommended that the water bottle on the side of the backpack is more suitable.

This lanyard is actually more suitable for hanging on a chair or branch when you are camping and having a picnic. It is conducive to the smooth playback of the sound, and does not occupy the table, avoiding accidents such as bumps.

The SRS-XE200 has Sony’s newly developed linear diffuser, combined with the pentagonal shell design, no matter what position it is placed, it can ensure that the X-Balanced speaker unit in the weave network evenly spreads the sound to the outside of the speaker, achieving a wide range of performance. sound field.

In order to let everyone understand its structural principle more vividly, a picture is made. Its structural design can concentrate most of the energy of the sound in the center of the diffuser, and re-gather it through a narrower angle to increase the sound pressure. The sound is further diffused to the front area of ??the speaker, which reduces the sound transmission of the speakers due to the different placement of the speakers. Even if you are not directly in front of the speaker, you can feel fuller sound details than other Bluetooth speakers of the same level. .

In addition to the outstanding design recognition of Sony’s products, it also has a family-style design inheritance. This vertical single-column simple icon button design reminds me of the UI on the PSP that I played many years ago. Good design is worth inheriting and integrating into its various product lines. The raised rubber button feels good, and it gives you a sense of certainty when you press it, unlike some flat designs and touch buttons that make me unsure if I press it successfully.

Many Bluetooth speakers on the market are quite stingy with the buttons on the body.

Many of them are volume plus and minus and the extra power button. Other functions rely on the combination of these two or three buttons or the long and short press to distinguish the response. This seemingly simple design actually causes threshold for use. The handy strap on Sony’s side can be said to be quite in place. In addition to the conventional power parties, Bluetooth pairing, playback, and volume plus and minus keys, there are also independent volume broadcast keys and microphone mute keys. It can be said that the design is quite detailed. When you use it to make phone call, you can temporarily pause the microphone directly on the speaker to protect privacy.

Many speakers still rely on the different colors of the indicator lights to remind themselves of the unclear interaction of the volume. Sony’s experience of clicking the BATT button to play the current percentage of the remaining battery is really too humanized. Moreover, the functional states of switch, quick charging, Bluetooth, power saving, and microphone mute all have independent indicator positions reserved, instead of sharing one indicator light like the speakers in the market.

As a multi-scenario speaker that includes outdoor use, the charging port on its side is also designed with a dust cover. After opening, you can see the USB Type-C Frequency Transmission Range inside. By the way, the longer-lasting battery life of this phone is about 16 hours, and when the battery is about to run out, it supports fast charging, and 10 minutes can bring about 70 minutes of continuous playback time, which is enough to solve your electricity anxiety.

A few days ago, I passed by a music fountain that I often visit, and found that the fountain is still there, but there is no music. On a whim, under the surprised eyes of the tourists, I put the speakers I brought by the water and sing to add to the fun. I am not worried about the possible impact of water splashes.

Because I like this Bluetooth speaker, one of the reasons is that it supports IP67 waterproof and dustproof, which means that it can still effectively block dust in a test environment containing dust particles with a diameter of up to 75?m for 8 hours. It can still maintain normal operation under the immersion of 1m underwater for 30 minutes. And he also passed the professional drop test (drop to 5cm thick plywood at 1.22m), this three-proof feature which is more adaptable to the weather and the environment determines that I can take it to the sand and gravel road environment with confidence.

Last weekend, I went out to find a partner to go to a popular check-in spot for dinner, and just brought this Bluetooth speaker with me. While waiting outside, I took out the speakers for them to play. Thanks to the strong sound pressure of the SRS-XE200, even in a noisy outdoor environment, the Bluetooth speaker in your hand still brings an immersive sense of presence. Thanks to it, too, our half-hour-plus wait was less boring.

After dinner, I found a place to sit down with my friends and appraised the sound performance of this Bluetooth speaker together. Similar to my experience, they all feel that its sound field is quite broad, which should be due to the fact that it is equipped with Sony’s exclusive linear sound diffuser, and a few partners around feel the close-to-ear sound similar to that brought by the big speakers in the store.

Another memory point of everyone is that its bass performance is quite good.

The configuration of its woofers gave me an energy field beyond its size. Here I have to mention the built-in Sony X-Balanced speaker unit, which is different from the circular diaphragm of traditional speakers. The X-Balanced speaker unit is a non-circular diaphragm. In addition to increasing the diaphragm area, this shape can also bring greater sound pressure and deeper bass. And the passive diaphragm design on both sides also makes the bass more clear. Used to listen to popular songs can maximize the texture of the music itself.

Today, I mainly follow up on the progress of a project through video conferences with partners from other places. At the appointed time, I connected the speakers to the laptop I brought. Compared with the built-in speakers of the notebook, the online meeting experience brought by the SRS-XE200 Bluetooth speaker is more immersive, especially when we are in this outdoor venue, even if there are some environmental noise interference, the SRS-XE200’s wide sound field, and high-definition The degree of use can fully guarantee the user experience.

If you want to further tap its functions and potential, you can install the Sony Music Center app. After opening it, my device was recognized, and even the colors were matched. The speaker group function can be activated through the APP.

The whole process of the multipoint connection is actually tested, and it is still very smooth. Just select one of the connected speakers in the APP and go to the next step, it will automatically search for other nearby speakers with Bluetooth enabled, check the speakers that need to be connected in Sony X-Series Portable Wireless Speaker, and wait. After a short while, it will be automatically connected successfully, and a prompt tone will be played.

Speaking of this function, I can finally take out another SRS-XE200 that I have been holding back for so long. This black and gray are actually the same, and they belong to a durable and timeless color scheme. If the gray version is more elegant, then black is calm and resistant to dirt. In case of indecision, choose black.

The colors of the speakers can be identified in the APP, and two modes are provided in the creation of speaker groups. One is the epic stereo sound Pair mode, which can only connect two identical speakers and set them to the left and right channels respectively. The other is the Party Connect mode, if you’re big enough. You can even connect up to 100 speakers wirelessly to add fun to the party. It is not limited to the same model in series, but also compatible with Sony’s LSPX-S3, black SRS-XE200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, SRS-XE300, SRS-XB33, and SRS-XB23 in series.

Most people use the epic stereo sound Pair mode, which is more suitable for personal or small-scale use. When the speaker group becomes the Stereo Pair mode, the two speakers will broadcast themselves as L and R respectively. It is to remind you of the placement. When you place it on the left and right sides of you, its balance is not inferior to that of array speakers. There is a sense of hearing wrapped in headphones in a trance, but it brings far better sound than headphones. of cavity volume. It’s a Portable stereo speakers, and versatile speaker. It is right to be addicted. I also tried two groups to become party mode. In this mode, the audio quality coverage can be expanded as much as possible, similar to the feeling of simultaneous playback of ambient speakers in the square, and there are no specific requirements for placement. In this mode, the series speakers are Certainly more connected in series, the better the effect. If there are only two well-built speaker, it is more suitable for stereo mode, and the listening experience will be more comfortable. In addition, I also found a detail. After the compatible speakers are grouped, if you click the power button of one of the speakers to shut down, the other speakers will also be shut down synchronously.

This APP also has several functions that I rarely see on other audio quality devices, such as the design of the ambient noise sensing function in this power optimization function is very detailed. Unlike headphones, speakers coexist with ambient noise. After this function is turned on, if the sound is difficult to hear due to the interference of ambient sound. It will intelligently change the corresponding sound quality to achieve longer battery life. If you are worried that your battery is frequently single charge and discharged, which will affect the life, you can also turn on the battery maintenance function in the power options of the APP. With minutes of charge time such as  10-minute charge, you will get 16-hours of battery life.

Yes, the maximum rechargeable battery power is limited to 90%, similar to how some notebooks protect the battery capacity.

Another feature of this Sony SRS-XE200 speaker that I think is very useful is that it can connect two devices with Bluetooth simultaneously. Note: it is to remain connected at the same time. For example, I can connect my phone and computer at the same time. The computer clicks on the video playback, and the Bluetooth speaker will play the computer’s sound. If there is a video call from the other side of the mobile phone, the Bluetooth speaker will automatically switch to the mobile phone to play. If you are connected at the same time, you need to temporarily fix one of the playback devices without contact pairing, you can also set it in this APP.

The SRS-XE200 Bluetooth speaker also has a very useful high-quality sound function

ClearAudio+, which can automatically coordinate and process digital signals after it is turned on, giving you better-balanced sound profile. However, some songs and scenes may not be perfectly suitable. When encountering a scene with a slightly dull listening experience, I will manually adjust the tri-band at this time. It is a good device that can adapt to my listening experience.

No product is perfect, let me say some of my suggestions for it before I finish. The content of the reference guide that comes with Sony’s audio quality does not have the specific function introduction of the product. You need to scan the QR code inside and jump to the corresponding page of the official website to view the online use help to have a specific function introduction. Maybe this method can improve efficiency. The function changes caused by firmware updates or batch changes only need to update the online page, but I still hope the attached box can also clearly describe the basic functions. For example, various button functions on the speaker and descriptions of all indicator states. This can further reduce the threshold for users to use.

Another feedback from family members is that the Music Center APP used together will cause certain download difficulties for newbies. Because there is only the QR code of this APP in the blue icon guide in the box, scanning the code will jump to us, and we cannot access the Google Play application store. The app is also not searchable in the mobile app store. A Sony music center app page on the official website contains local downloads of various APPs for Sony audio equipment.

It is possible to consider putting the link QR code of this official website page into the package instruction manual. Just as Sony mobile phones are equipped with the Meizu Flyme function in China, the speaker products are good, and localization adaptation is also recommended.

There is a lot of writing, personal habits, more casual, where you want to record it. Despite the flaws, this Sony wide sound field Bluetooth

Sony SRS-XE200 – Speaker

has met my expectations. The characteristics of the three defenses, the high-value ID design, and the commendable cavity performance are not only suitable for outdoor use but can be regarded as a true full-scenario Bluetooth speaker. It is especially suitable for scenes where you often go out to play or have a lot of friends. Instead of wearing headphones to go out, it is better to take out this speaker and share the good sound with your partners.

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