iPlay40 5G Best Cheap Tablet for $286

One of the most popular 5G tablets in the tablet market, Alldocube iPlay40 5G, is available with an over US$200 price cut. The retail price is over US$440, but right now, this budget tablet sells for the lowest price of US$286.80. The Alldocube iPlay40 Pro 4G LTE Android tablet PC is also available at a discount of US$235.99, but for a limited time. Both affordable tablets feature the same mid-range specifications, but the dual 5G sim tablet costs more and has MediaTek Dimensity 720 SoC. Why is it famous? Let’s discuss its features and compare both models to get a better idea.

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Alldocube iPlay40 5G Vs. iPlay40 Pro Android Tablet

Let us make a comparison of the specs between the two affordable tablets.

iPlay40 5G Alldocube iPlay40 5G Alldocube iPlay40 Alldocube tablet Android tablet best tablets best Android tablet tablet PC

iPlay40 Pro

The iPlay40 Pro base model has a UNISOC Tiger T618 octa-core processor with Mali G52 gaming GPU, 4G LTE sim, 8GB RAM, 256GB internal storage, up to 2TB memory card expandable storage, 8MP rear, 5MP front camera, 4 speaker system, 10.4-inch screen size, IPS 2K Full HD display, 2000x1200p resolution, and 6200 mAh excellent battery life. You can use up to 7 hours of battery life. There is USB-C headphone jack support. Dual-Band WIFI, Bluetooth 5.0, smart display touch screen, alloy frame, and eye protection mode are bonuses.

iPlay 40 Alldocube iplay 40 ALLDOCUBE iPlay 40 Pro tablet computer tablets for sale android tablet tablet

Alldocube iPlay40 5G

However, the Alldocube iPlay40 5G has a dual 5G sim, Dimensity 720 CPU, Mali G57 gaming GPU, 10.4-inch screen size, 2K IPS screen, 6GB RAM, 128GB UFS 3.1 built-in storage, up to 2TB memory card slot for expandable storage, dual speaker system, 13MP rear, 5MP front camera, 6000 mAh battery, and 18W fast charging.

So, the iPlay40 Pro price of US$235 is highly competitive with more speakers, 6200mAh battery life, and 8GB/256GB (RAM/ROM) advantage, but there is a 4G LTE network and no 5G network like iPlay40 5G. You can use a USB Type-C audio jack. It offers up to 6 hours of battery life. Dual-Band WIFI, Bluetooth 5.1, video calls, 2x stereo speakers, touchscreen, and GPS make these inexpensive tablets into powerful tablets.

iPlay40 5G 2 VS iPlay 40 Pro: Specs Comparison

iPlay 40 5GiPlay 40 Pro
10.4-inch 2K IPS Laminated
10.4-inch 2K IPS Laminated
Operating System:
Android 11
Android 11
MediaTek Dimensity 720 Octa-Core
UNISOC Tiger T618 Octa-Core
6 GB
8 GB
128GB, up to 2TB MicroSD
256GB, up to 2TB MicroSD
6000mAh, 18W fast charging
SA/NA Dual 5G, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS
4G LTE, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS

Which of the two best cheap tablets is the best choice for me?

If you consider using 4G LTE, the iPlay40 Pro model with four speakers, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, and a 10.4-inch 2K Laminated screen for a starting price of US$235 is a better deal. Compared to Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, and other expensive tablets, these are cheap tablets with almost the same performance.

iPlay40 5G Alldocube iPlay40 5G Alldocube iPlay40 Alldocube tablet Android tablet best tablets best Android tablet tablet PC

However, the dual 5G network, powerful Dimensity 720 CPU, G57 GPU with 4K video decoding support, 13MP rear camera, and 18W charging for a 6000 mAh battery life, under US$300, is great if you can afford Alldocube iPlay40 5G best Android tablet PC. But, if you use a lot of WIFI, having a 4G LTE option and a cost of only US$235 is still better. Both have become the best mid-range specs and cheap tablets for the time being.

Alldocube iPlay 40 Pro 4G LTE

Alldocube iPlay40 5G

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