Dareu A87 Pro Review

The years when Dareu relied on professional athletes and game accessories to sell cakes were when the company first developed its brand complex according to the gaming news. Its products such as Dareu A87 Pro have won a following with its favorable price/performance ratio, appealing design, and positive market reputation feedback.

A leader in China’s peripheral brands may be told for the period when peripherals were still in their infancy, and the top advanced class gaming product line such as Dareu EK861 tri-mode connection or Dareu EK868 with RGB BACKLIT in that early gaming news were far from being a joke.

Dareu A87 Pro

In recent gaming news, with the increasing living standards of the 90s generation, more and more users have changed from paying attention to pursuing product feel and performance.

Dareu is one of the few old factories that keep up with the new era. It is still in the peripheral circle when new products are coming out. Today, we bring out the unpacking of the upgraded Pro models of its well-received Dareu A87 Pro with RGB BACKLIT series. I hope I Can give some comparison references from gaming news for friends interested in gaming news.

Dareu A87 Pro 3-mode Connection mechanical switch Design

Dareu A87 Pro is subdivided according to the shaft body, keycap, and shell color theme. Among them, the customized purple-gold shaft (paragraph) and sky shaft (linear) are popular with good feel feedback and reputation in the gaming news.

This time Pro The version still uses these two high-quality custom shafts. The color scheme is currently on sale in the Black King Kong and Sky versions, which are Dareu A87 Tri-mode Connection designs and adopt the most popular and well-recognized by users. The gasket structure scheme, priced at $100 by a certain east, is a cost-effective wind stacking work with mid-range pricing.

Accessories: instruction manual, transparent dust cover, key puller (missed by mistake), paracord cable.

The keyboard adopts the non-suspended standard American >87-key compact TKL layout, and the >87-Key TKL layout makes the keyboard more compact and delicate in appearance than the 104.

The upper cover and bottom case of Dareu A87 Pro are relatively restrained black. As a fashionable evergreen, it has simple, versatile, and calm visual characteristics, which belong to the color scheme that will not be outstanding. The black shell has a grainy feel similar to glitter, and the dullness of the real object will be smaller.

The single color scheme of these keycaps of Dareu A87 Pro is not bad. The black letter area is decorated with yellow roots, with the embellishment of large keys and ESC, which is more in line with the naming theme of Black King Kong. The overall keycap has a relatively harmonious transition. Match sense.

The connection details and the edge turning are also more delicate, and there is no sense of cheapness. Side-printed logo to enhance brand recognition.

Side-printed logo to enhance brand recognition.

The toggle switch on the top of the left outer side controls the connection mode. The three connection methods of 2.4G/wired/Bluetooth enrich the usage scenarios of the product, and the mode switching has a strong sense of confirmation and is not easy to touch accidentally.

The texture of the paracord cable of the keyboard is the softest among the mass-produced keyboards I have ever used, and it has a lighter twist. With the paracord cable binding tape and the three-way outlet guide groove, a relatively refreshing desktop wiring can be achieved.

The back edge is provided with non-slip silicone foot stickers, which have good visual consistency and are also stable in pushing and moving. The two-stage foot support marked with the lifting angle can also better accommodate the usage habits of most users, and the foot support is also designed. There is a non-slip pad, so you can use it without worrying about sliding.

Dareu A87

In terms of the shaft body, thanks to the fence-type shaft core structure, the Sky Axis V3 has a fairly stable straight-up and straight-down feel feedback. The trigger pressure of 40g is also the most popular force range for the current linear axis. With the built-in silicone silencer pad, the soft gasket structure of the bomb can better optimize the spring sound and swaying feeling triggered by pressing.

The trigger stroke and total stroke of the Sky Axis V3 are 2mm/4mm, respectively. The consistency and smoothness of the pressing are unexpectedly high. It is visually observed that the factory has been lubricated. I have also touched some shafts myself. The smoothness and consistency of the shaft press feedback are top-level.

The right 2.4G wireless receiver storage compartment.

The upper cover of the PC shaft can also ensure a good EH469 RGB backlight transmission effect with good light actuation and light Effects. Perfect companion with lightest gaming mouse, high-quality gaming mouse, AutoFull Gaming, gaming mouse chip10 Mode, Rexus Xierra Gaming Mouse, Symmetrical gaming mouse as a true gaming enthusiast.

Dareu A87

The keycaps are PBT sublimation, the characters are clear and elegant, and the thickness is moderate. The surface is frosted and touch, and the hand is dry and delicate.

The PC positioning plate is matched with the interlayer silicone of the fence layer and the silicone pad of the lower cover to achieve a customized sound package configuration. The pressing is soft and smooth, and the large keys feel smooth and smooth without too much shaking.

Although the new satellite shaft is adopted, there is still room for improvement in the adjustment of individual large keys. Others do not have too obvious feedback defects, which are quite top-notch in the mass production of 73 or 87 dollars.

Dareu A87

The battery life of the keyboard is pretty good. The official reference data given by the 4000mAh lithium battery is 45 days/7 days in the light off/on mode, plus the keyboard itself does not move very much and can be plugged in at any time. In theory, it can be used wirelessly. Feel less constrained.

Regarding connectivity, the Dareu A87 Pro tri-mode wireless connections hot-swaps mechanical keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.0 & ..and 2.4G wireless connections. Its anti-interference and stability performed well during the experience period. The Bluetooth 5.0 & .. connection and typing test of the computer/mobile phone were carried out, respectively.

During the experience process, there was no sense of delay. Although the stability needs to be verified for a long time, the field office’s use of input requirements can be fully satisfied. It is more user-friendly for multi-scenario use.

In addition, at the moment when DIY is popular, a big selling point of the Dareu A87 Pro is the design of full-key Hotswap RGB Backlit PBT. With the attached shaft puller (lost), the keycap and shaft body can be easily replaced for personalized matching. The shaft seat is compatible with ordinary tripod and five-legged shafts, as long as they are MX-like.


The desktop collocation remains excellent. The plain desktop can be made more interesting by the overall introverted and straightforward shell and the single color black diamond. There is no overt infringement, whether a wood-colored desktop or a black and white mouse pad.


  • Highlighted keys
  • Greater wear resistance
  • A specially calibrated shade of ice blue


  • Switch looseness with hot-swap RGB backlight PBT PCBs
  • The keyboard is quite expensive

The keyboard is more attractive than the 104 traditional male model thanks to its non-suspended design, compact layout, and low-latency Bluetooth wirel and 2.4G wireless connectivity, which broadens the product’s application possibilities. This keyboard has a very good feel quality thanks to the gasket’s structure, the interlayer silicone’s support, the noise-canceling silicone pad on the lower cover, the new satellite axis, and the specially designed sky axis V3.

It also features minimal latency and a light but powerful power optimization mode. The portable necessities for traveling outside have been considerably satisfied by the wifi connection and the 4000mAh battery. This is a brand-new, improved product with superb looks, feel, and wireless performance. The cost of $160 is also rather affordable.

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