A4tech Bloody MR710 Gaming Headset Review

Gaming headsets are essential for any gaming party. There are many different models available, so it can be hard to choose which one to buy. The A4tech Bloody MR710 gaming headset that Shuangfeiyan Bloody Hand has unveiled will help you avoid confusion and delays. How did that particular performance go? Come together with us.

The A4tech Bloody MR710 Display

A4tech Bloody MR710

The Shuangfeiyan A4tech Bloody MR710’s outer packaging is mostly black, with red accents. The design is cool and stylish. There are product renderings and selling point descriptions on the front of the packaging, and again, on the back is a detailed introduction to the product features.

A4tech Bloody MR710

Open the package as the product body, and make secure protection without fear of bumps and falls.

The Headphone’s Accessories

The accessories are very rich, including a 2.4G wireless receiver, storage bag, USB Type-C charging cable and a USB extension cable. There’s also an AUX cable for 3.5mm headphones and a quick operation guide.

A4tech Bloody MR710 headset

Shuangfeiyan A4tech Bloody MR710 is a wireless dual-mode RBG gaming headset that supports a 2.4G, Bluetooth, and a wired connection designed with creative tech and comfort.

Therefore, it is not only compatible with computers and tablets but also with mobile phones, game consoles, VR, etc., and device connections. This multi-mode, multi-platform e-sports RBG gaming wireless headset is our first choice.

Product Design of the Gaming Headset

The A4tech Bloody MR710 headset adopts the design style of an integrated head beam and oval earmuffs with soft foam and great terms of quality. The main body is black, with a small amount of red embellishment, which visually gives a low-key, calm, and high-end feeling and an elegant design.

A4tech Bloody MR710 headphones

The inner side is made of super soft and extremely resilient ear pads. The fiber mesh treatment and soft foam padded earpads is skin-friendly and breathable. After wearing, it can fit the head perfectly due to its wider compatibility, and the package is tight and with additional comfort.

The metal structure inside the Bloody MR710 head beam is durable and can withstand bending without breaking, and the retractable adjustment is highly adaptable to the player’s head.

A4tech Bloody MR710

Headset’s Creative Tech

The A4tech Bloody MR710 headset has a striking design with innovative features, and the triangular shape and striped pattern make it look high-tech.

Finishing work and texture are no problem. Furthermore, the light-transmitting RGB light strip on the outer ring of the earmuff triangle, combined with the bloody hand Logo in the middle, brings a good RGB light effect to the headset, which is cool and passionate.

The design of the noise-canceling microphone on the headphone body is very innovative and embraces creative tech specs. When it is quiet, it can be inserted to avoid interference.

There are two buttons on the earphone body, and the volume wheel is easily accessible and located conveniently. The earphones are easy to use, so you can keep your hands on the wheel and drive safely. Next to it is the Type-c charging port.

The port contains a built-in high-density and large-capacity battery, which can provide the product with a long battery life of up to 22 hours, the RGB lighting effect is turned off and the battery life is up to 44 hours ensuring a great connection mode. A copper cable extends from the power source to the type-C charging cable for charging.

The earmuffs also have a folding design, which makes them easy to store and makes the neck cooler.

User Experience

Bloody MR710 user experience

The earphone sound unit is made of high-quality materials, including TPU and carbon fiber mycelium. Both headphones provide a more accurate sound.

Also the two soft and hard materials have their advantages, showing a very good and true sound quality performance. For example, Deng Ziqi’s “Outside the Light Years” had clear treble, warm midrange, and deep bass. The performance of this product is unparalleled at the same price.

Demanding gamers need footsteps, gunshots, and vehicle sounds to be clearly and accurately represented. This headset makes me feel like I’m in the game, and I can locate and respond to the opponent quickly. It also seems to help me pre-empt the enemy and successfully eat chicken. It is worth mentioning that communication with teammates is clear and barrier-free.

Atmospheric RGB lighting effects and powerful A4 technology make the A4tech  Bloody MR710 gaming laptop more motivating and fun.

A4tech Bloody MR710


Overall, my experience with the A4tech Bloody MR710 has been excellent. It is worth the money because of its upscale texture, sleek and ethereal appearance, and excellent sound and gaming performance. Moreover, the headset with the highest cost-performance among those of the same price can play games.

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