Viomi Alpha 3 Auto Self-Washing Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

With the development and application of technology, various types of smart home products have emerged. Since Electrolux of Sweden launched the world’s first “Trilobite” sweeping robot in 1996, people have begun the journey of liberating their hands. In recent years, the development and replacement speed of sweeping robots has been accelerating. As an intelligent product derived from sweeping robots, the integrated Robot Vacuum Cleaner not only solves the problem of automatic cleaning of home sites in our daily life but also realizes mopping. The function has been welcomed by many families as soon as it appeared. In such an era of coexistence of opportunities and challenges, as the pioneer of whole-house Internet home appliances. Viomi has built the Viomi Alpha 3 sweeping robot with rich experience accumulated in the field of the smart home. What about the upgrade experience?

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Viomi Alpha 3

Traditional floor cleaning only has two steps of sweeping and mopping, which can only remove visible garbage or dust with obvious particles. And the real threat to family health is often those invisible bacteria. Taking into account the current hygiene needs, the Viomi Alpha 3 floor sweeping robot has added an electrolytic water sterilization system. The cleaning station has a built-in electrolytic water module, which electrolyzes tap water into sterilized water, which can effectively kill Escherichia coli, Salmonella, etc., and the floor sterilization rate is 99.9%, from the cleaning of visible garbage to the killing of invisible bacteria, comprehensive care for the indoor hygiene and health of users, only sterilization without hurting the skin, babies can also enjoy themselves, and mothers no longer have to worry. There are more test reports from authoritative institutions so the sterilization effect can be seen.

High-Frequency Vibration Wipes

High-frequency vibration mopping is another highlight of this Viomi Alpha 3! Ordinary sweeping cleaners are still mainly wiped up and down, so not only stubborn stains are difficult to remove, but the mop that can only vibrate locally also limits the cleaning range. In response to this common pain point, Viomi Alpha 3 adopts the hand-wiping vibration method to effectively remove old oil stains, solidified coffee stains, ink, paint, and other stains in the kitchen, with a wider cleaning range and stronger rubbing force. The mop can not only be wiped back and forth repeatedly but also has a high-frequency vibration of 240 times per minute of the entire mop, which can easily remove large areas of stubborn stains.

Although there are also sweeping cleaner products with electrolyzed water and high-frequency vibration functions on the market, they basically have one of them alone. For example, Mijia Pro only has electrolyzed water to sterilize, and like Viomi Alpha 3, they are perfect for both. The combination is really the first! One plus one is greater than two, this combination is an almost instant kill for any stubborn stains. This effect is really exciting.

Flatbed Liftable Mop

The Viomi Alpha 3 sweeping robot also has intelligent functions. It has built-in LDS lidar + 8 infrared ToF obstacle avoidance sensors. It has excellent automatic driving technology, which can easily scan the whole house and create a map. And accurately perceive the home’s environment in three dimensions. The environment is not only efficient but also has a strong ability to get out of trouble. And also has a relatively good obstacle avoidance ability.

Viomi Alpha 3 robot vacuum cleaner has a large suction power of 3200Pa and supports multi-speed suction cleaning adjustment. It can clean different types and quality garbage. With a 5200mAh large-capacity battery, the cleaning of large-sized houses can be easily done.

Added ultrasonic carpet recognition sensor. When encountering a carpet, the mop quickly lifts without wetting the carpet. At the same time, the suction power increases, effectively cleaning the carpet, rejecting secondary pollution of the mop, and not getting stuck.

The APP mobile phone is more convenient to control. You can customize the cleaning plan according to the needs of different areas of the family, and set the area regularly, which is under your control. It can also control the machine to move forward and backward, left and right.

It also supports the intelligent control of Xiao Ai speakers. In the phrase “Xiao Ai”, the floor is clean and moving, and the things that can solve by moving your mouth, resolutely do not do it. Enjoy the smart life of lazy people, Viomi Alpha 3 robot vacuum cleaner understands carpet needs better than you.

High-Temperature Drying Mop

The disposable mop of the sweeper is too expensive, and the hand-washable mop is too dirty. At this time, the self-cleaning mop is undoubtedly more popular. However, many mops on the market that are automatically washed by cleaners do not have a drying function. And the damp and moldy mops are carried around the house by cleaners, which is scary to think about.

This Viomi Alpha 3 can not only wash the mop with a washboard but also dry the mop quickly after cleaning. At the same time, compared with some products that need 12 hours to dry. Viomi Alpha 3 can dry in only 3 hours, avoiding the breeding of bacteria and odors to the greatest extent. Its 50°C drying temperature is better, sterile, tasteless, and healthier.

The cleaning station has built-in dual 4L large-capacity cleaning and sewage tanks, which are placed independently without frequent water changes. The sewage tank monitors the water level in real-time, and the water level reaches the warning line and automatically pushes information to remind the replacement.


In conclusion, as a flagship, The Viomi Alpha 3 vacuum cleaner is very attractive and competitive. And will definitely bring us a new automatic cleaning experience, but there is no doubt that the Viomi Alpha 3’s innovation in technology is enough to lead the era of sweeping and dragging robots 3.0. With this industry benchmark, Vacuum Cleaner as a whole may usher in further development. And the market demand for sweeping and dragging machines is expected to be further released.

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