Keychron Q2N Review: Entry-level Aluminum Kits with Good Cost-effectiveness

With the increase in players’ personalized needs for peripherals, more and more brands have begun to deploy high-quality kits. In addition to some head studios with excellent t reputations and quality in the customization circle, mass-produced peripheral brands such as Ajazz, Aluminum Factory, and Keychron have also successively launched some entry-level aluminum kits like Keychron Q2N with a good reputation and a keyboard with ease.

Keychron Q2N

There are also some customized keyboards that I have touched.

Currently, most market teams have less control over production costs, risks, and other environments. Today, I opened the box of Keychron Q2N with simple pictures and texts, hoping to give some comparison references for friends interested in purchasing such products.

This Keychron Q2N belongs to the 65 series knob version;

CNC anode technology, double-gasket design structure blessing, and hardware parameters can be customizable keyboard for the custom keyboarddirectly.

The packaging is lackluster. Compared with the customized keyboard that cost $500, it is relatively simple. The custom keyboard still uses its family style, and the internal protection of the packaging is more appropriate.

The accessories are pretty rich. In addition to the regular manual, the same silver color or gray color C port cable of the keyboard, the key puller, and the shaft puller, it also comes with an Allen screwdriver, mac/windows replacement keycaps, double-shot PBT keycaps, foot stickers, silicone pads, and golden screws, etc..

The Keychron Q2N adopts the design of 65 small columns

Which is more compact and delicate than the traditional 104-key, 87-key, and other working model keyboards. The non-suspended design and compact layout make the keyboard more exquisite in appearance compared to the conventional model.

In addition to ensuring delicacy, the keyboard also provides a function combination key scheme to improve the practicability of the product. The left side is similar to the conventional arrangement, retaining the win key, and the key function of the top F area can be combined by FN + digital area. accomplish.

The right side is like 87 simplified 104, cut off the digital area and most of the editing keys, only keep Del, Home. Still, for players who like personalized settings, Keychron Q2N supports QMK&VIA open source key change is good news; through fn+, you can achieve rich, diverse, and personalized input. Generally speaking, the layout logic is very friendly and practical.

The multimedia control knob in the upper right corner is very recognizable, the wheel damping is light, and the feedback is moderate, which is very suitable for volume adjustment. Very harmonious.

Although the price of the keyboard is sincere, the quality is still relatively high. The all-aluminum frame body has been CNC engraved, polished, and sandblasted. The overall look and feel are fairly good.

Top connector and Win/Mac toggle switch.

There is a certain height difference between the front and rear when placed normally, and since there is no foot support, it is recommended to use hand support for long-term use.

The foot stickers and golden screws on the back are also very attractive, and the details are also in place.

The satellite shaft is installed with screws, which have better stability and is convenient for user guide or user manual to adjust by themselves. The large keys of the mechanical keyboard also perform well.

Hot swapping is also standard on many keyboards today. For user guide or user manual, it can greatly improve the DIY and playability of the product, lower the threshold for customization, and change the shaft is also very simple. Press the shaft with the help of the puller. The cover gap can be easily pryed. You can easily replace the DIY shaft body with the included key puller. And it is compatible with ordinary tripod shafts and five-legged shafts, as long as they are MX-like shafts. It support 32-bit or 64-bit version, 32-bit version, 64-bit version and other version of Windows.

The shaft body adopts SMD LED and transparent shaft cover, and the SMD LED on the bottom layer is also clear. In addition, the design of the lower light position will not stick the keycap, and the keycap design has a compact gap, so the light is not dazzling.

The OEM height PBT two-color ball cap is quite attractive. Just because of the arc shape of the keycap outline, the contact surface is slightly smaller than the traditional keycap space bar, but the contact force surface does not adapt to the drop too much.

At present, the double-gasket design structure, which is very popular among users, space bar has a soft feel. The PCB-mounted screw-in stabilizer and the upper and lower covers are filled with silica gel and typing sound-absorbing cotton. And bottoming out. And in the case of strong pressing, you will experience soft bounce feedback that is different from the traditional structure.

In addition, the noise-reducing cotton interlayer and gaskets are filled between the PCB and the aluminum frame. The cost of these similar customized kits brings about the common problems of percussion cavity sound and vibration common in mass-produced keyboards. Great elimination.

The Keychron Q2N is equipped with a Jiadaron Gpro. This shaft is also well received in the customization circle. The three types of green and black tea basically cover the feel of mainstream players. This Gpro green shaft has a 60g trigger pressure and a total stroke of 4mm and a 2.3± The trigger stroke of 0.6mm has a very good feel feedback, and the sense of confirmation is slightly lighter than that of the Razer green axis and the canary axis (a large paragraph in advance). Personally, I feel that it is for new users of mechanical keyboards. In other words, the paragraph axis will have a more novel feel feedback than the linear axis.

The shaking of the shaft body is small, and the consistent feeling of pressing different parts of the keycap is quite good. The shaft body adopts LED lamp beads and a transparent shaft cover. The long opening is convenient for light transmission. The lamp beads on the bottom layer are also relatively clear. Ensure.

Another big selling point of the product is that it adapts very well to the Mac usage scene. The one-key Win/Mac switching of the toggle switch is very convenient. After switching, the Mac’s Command-Option-V cuts files and the Command-Delete functions are more suitable for adaptation. Good, the input experience of the peripheral expansion is much higher than that of the native keyboard, and the keycaps that are provided for easy identification are also thoughtful. After the specific experience, there is no operation, learning and adaptation problem, and a harmonious and natural input transition is achieved.

After connection, it provides 13 kinds of lighting effects, fn+A/Z completes quick switching, and Q2 supports QMK and VIA; you can program and customize each key of the keyboard, whether it is keyboard layout or shortcut key keyboard backlight effect, etc., this is also The keyboard backlight solution adopted by many mainstream customization kits at present is extremely playable.

The desktop collocation is still very good. The south-facing RGB, excellent oil resistance, third-party stabilizers, mechanical switches and Computers & Tech Parts & Accessories Computer Keyboard can embellish the monotonous desktop. Whether a black and silver color mouse pad or a wood-colored desktop, there is no obvious sense of violation. The sound resonance and compact layout make the keyboard more beautiful than the traditional male model.

Double-Gasket Structure design and the assistance of noise reduction cotton interlayer and gasket, plus custom keyboard and Gpro shaft body The blessing of the keyboard gives this keyboard a very good feel quality. In general, this is an excellent entry-level customized product that can be said to have both appearance and texture feedback. At present, a treasure is sold for less than 900. The price can also be regarded as a sincere effort by Keychron to lay out the high-end personalized keyboard market. It is worth recommending to DIY players who like texture tables and hand control!

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