INNOCN 27M2U 27″ 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor In-depth Review

How to choose MiniLED Monitor? INNOCN 27M2U is a Professional Art Monitor with Excellent Quality.

Having a monitor with a beautiful screen can significantly increase job productivity because the product manager’s daily duties invariably involve creating prototype drawings and, on rare occasions, even outputting some UI sketches in an emergency. I first determined my usage requirements after getting the idea to upgrade from a computer monitor. The INNOCN 27M2U 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor quality is better for office use. Only the Mac platform is supported by the drawing tool. It is difficult to go back to the flat screen after being used to the MacBook’s amazing screen quality. Therefore I typically watch films and connect on the computer.

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I am playing light-hearted Switch games with my girlfriend. After contrasting the features and profitability of different Mini LED monitors, I finally chose the INNOCN 27M2U professional art MiniLED Monitor. After using it for a while, I will write a review for you.?


Design and Performance

Let’s talk about the parameters of this LED display first. It is equipped with an IPS panel with Mini LED technology, with a resolution of 3840*2160, and supports a dual 99% color gamut.

It has professional-grade color accuracy with a E value of <1 and supports reversing the Power supply to 90w and an intelligent dimming function the light is quite powerful in terms of parameters and parts of the display, so how is the actual INNOCN 27M2U user experience?

INNOCN 27M2U 27" 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor

The INNOCN 27M2U 27″ 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor measures that with the blessing of 4k resolution, the delicate picture brought by it is far beyond what 1080P and 2K panels can match. The naked eye can no longer see any graininess under the ultra-high-definition resolution. The overall display effect of the LED display is very fine, I can see every detail displayed on the screen, and the high-resolution wallpaper is still full of more information after zooming in~

The INNOCN 27M2U Monitor is equipped with MiniLED technology that I have to mention here, and I feel that, has reached the first year of mini-led, which is one of the reasons I bought this LED display very important.

MiniLED is a backlight technology for LCD screens, which roughly means that by reducing the size of a single light source, more and more dense light source units can be placed. On the one hand, it can improve the degree of color reproduction and bring a wider color gamut range. , which makes the color performance of the screen more eye-catching and brings a more realistic viewing experience!

On the other hand, it can bring better brightness performance and provide more fine-grained regional dimming. Based on this feature, displays can reduce power consumption, balance heat dissipation, and avoid screen burn-in problems.

This year just happened to be the year when MiniLED technology flourished. Major display manufacturers have used Mini LED technology in their high-end products, including the latest MacBook Pro. If there is a sense of fragmentation, the display should support MiniLED technology. In general, INNOCN M2U Mini LED displays can be regarded as a trend in future display development. Use them early and enjoy them before.

Picture Quality of INNOCN 27M2U

In terms of color adjustment, the INNOCN 27M2U 27″ 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor supports 99% Adobe RGB color gamut, 99% DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and 100% sRGB color gamut. The color gamut covers a wide range and belongs to the first echelon. This performance is enough to cover Mainstream professional needs, and each displayed product has reached the professional standard of E<1. E is a parameter to measure color accuracy. The smaller the value is, the smaller the color deviation of the display is. E<1 has reached a very high level. Excellent level.

This means that users cannot distinguish the difference in color on this monitor. The monitor can work directly without additional color adjustment. The actual display effect of this INNOCN 27M2U Mini LED monitor, and my MacBook is measured. Very close, the color performance is almost the same.

In addition, the INNOCN 27M2U 27″ 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor officially claims to support a million-level dynamic contrast ratio. The dynamic contrast ratio can mainly ensure the brightness of bright scenes and be pure enough in dark backgrounds. The scene is more translucent, and the dark scene is deeper. You can get a picture of true color reproduction when watching movies or processing pictures. Watching movies and playing games has an immersive feeling.

The INNOCN 27M2U 27″ 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor not only has very bright color performance but also controls the color temperature and light of the screen very well. According to the official website data of this display, the brightness and color temperature uniformity is maintained at 95~98%, which is quite good. Yes, in actual use, the screen of the INNOCN 27M2U Mini LED display will not have the problem of unbalanced brightness and color temperature.

Because my desk is facing the sun, the brightness and transparency of a display are very important to me. However, fortunately, the brightness of this MiniLED Monitor is high, up to 1000 nits; even if the display is facing strong sunlight, you can see the content on the screen.

This brightness also makes the screen more transparent, and with HDR1000 certification, the picture is just like reality, with a degree of brightness and darkness, which is good for watching movies and playing games. very cool~

This INNOCN 27M2U 27″ 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor makes me feel very smart, mainly in three aspects, such as intelligent light adjustment, reverse charging, gravity sensing, and other functions.

The INNOCN 27M2U MiniLED Monitor supports intelligent light adjustment and has a light sensor on the top of the display.

There are similar functions on the MacBook, which is an important reason why the MacBook looks very good in different light environments.

The intelligent light adjustment can output a suitable light parameter according to the current ambient light to play a good role in The eye protection effect and can reduce the problem of fatigue caused by watching the monitor for a long time. Put: intelligent dimming will take care of your eyes more than you~

Smart Dimming Test

And reverse charging is very useful for me, which means that I don’t need to add an external power cord to my computer, the desktop looks neater, and it also saves the trouble of configuring a docking station. The 90w charging power is very fast; In major power-hungry scenarios, such as rendering, I can still guarantee that my computer will not lose power.

Support multi-angle adjustment comes with background ambient light

Gravity sensing can adjust the screen content’s orientation according to the screen’s horizontal or vertical orientation, which is quite fun.

Our Verdict

The INNOCN 27M2U 27″ 4K HDR MiniLED Monitor can effectively meet both professional and entertainment needs thanks to its strong display impact on the one hand and its delicate hues, authentic colors, transparency, and full brightness. When utilized with the Mac operating system, they complement one another.

There will be no difference when using the two because their display effects are identical. Designers, photographers, and other users seeking enhanced screen display effects will find it quite suitable. However, it concentrates on the typical user experience. The intelligent operation allows users to use this monitor better and truly feel the intelligence of this monitor. This is also a good addition to a monitor—sub-option.

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