NITECORE p35i, Discover My Most Anticipated “Super” Flashlight in 2022 Is Here


I’ve played many flashlight games, and in the following days, I’ll start playing many flashlight games. Although it hasn’t been one of them yet, the NITECORE p35i can be said to be the one I most anticipate. Numerous firms have introduced “white laser” spotlights during the past few years.
Some have ceased promotion on one side of the market, while others exist only for a brief moment of fun with light and shadow. I’m not sure of the precise cause. Tung oil may anticipate the white laser, and in some circumstances, it’s also quite helpful. Various brands are rushing to launch it, perhaps to seize the market in advance with gimmicks.
As a result, some white lasers are toys that should only be used temporarily, so they cannot be strongly advertised and are not mature enough to be brought to the market. NITECORE p35i is a well-known lighting equipment brand in China and a top domestic brand. The tung oil folks were always startled by the white laser’s patience, careful production, and detailed polishing—the NITECORE p35.


Netcole p35i flashlight packaging

NITECORE p35i Feature Design

In terms of appearance, this NITECORE p35i flashlight is more technological in design or uses more cutting-edge technology. For example, the new LEP technology can bring about 1650 meters of ultra-long-distance precise retrieval. It can also get a large floodlight of 3000 lumens through 6 LED lamp beads.
The OLED screen gives clear feedback on the status of the flashlight. The double-button design makes the operation easy, and the built-in patented ATR temperature control module ensures long-term stable use. …

Of course, this flashlight also has military-grade 3 surface hardness and full waterproof performance, no matter the wind and rain, no matter the scene changes, just to sweep the darkness.

After a brief description of the overall performance, take a look at this flashlight in detail.

Netcole p35i flashlight

There should be hundreds of types of equipment that have been in contact with NITECORE p35i. My experience is that as long as I see the black packaging, it is either a tiny monster (the little monster is a series of NITECORE, abbreviated as TM.
Because other brands on the market have high performance, Flashlights are often super large. NITECORE has always been compatible with super high performance and relatively small size. For this reason, the Little name Monster) is a new product with black technology (P35i belongs to the P series, that is, the precision tactical series, which is widely used in many countries. The lighting for police workers is also from the P series).

The Packaging

The packaging with the magnetic top cover, and the accessories are placed in separate small packages inside, you can see the brand’s intentions in the packaging.

In terms of accessories, there are super-capacity 21700 lithium batteries, RSW2i remote control switches that can be matched with wooden warehouses, casings for emergency cr123 batteries, and spare O-rings.

There is also something worth mentioning here. The wire-controlled switch RSW2i has also recently launched a wireless wire-controlled switch RSW2i WL.

For portability, the P35i is equipped with a sleeve. The sleeve is made of scratch-resistant nylon and shaped into the shape of a flashlight. After putting it in, it just snaps in and tightens. The back is a double-choice plug-in method of large D-ring and Velcro. If you carry it, it can be said to be Very convenient. A backpack, belt, etc. can be placed.

The tube head film is the embodiment of the brand’s meticulous care. Here you can see the LEP light source module and 6 led lamp beads. The new LEP technology brings a safer and more precise beam projection. Its interior is a white laser emitting module, and the front end is a condenser lens, which brings a straighter and farther illumination effect.
At the same time, the 6X CREE XP-G3 LED light group is used, which is matched with the LEP light source to instantly burst out 3000 lumens of bright light. Everything you can see is unobstructed.

This flashlight also uses an OLED display screen that is rarely seen in the market. The rear gear, current mode, lumen value, range, and battery life are all fed back here. Therefore, we can easily grasp the status of the flashlight in real time. At the rear of the display is the shift button, where changes in brightness are adjusted.

In terms of the barrel head, you can also see the design of nearly 10 heat dissipation fins, which can be used for a long time at high brightness. The cooling fins and the temperature control module inside allow the flashlight to cope with the best conditions.


The overall appearance is as follows: the long-range barrel’s big head. The position of the barrel body at the rear end is delicately knurled so that it is non-slip when holding it, and it can also be used as a perspiration groove in summer.

Netcole p35i flashlight

There are two end faces on both sides of the barrel, on which product information and certification information are set with laser marking.

This is the end of the tail cover. The raised button with bumps is convenient for blind operation. This button is a switch button and can be easily adjusted in combination with the side button. The side of the controller is the interface of the C port, and the thick rubber cover brings the protective effect of full water entry.

A matching waterproof cover is made in the shape of the C port. From these details, it can be seen that its performance is reliable. After all, although the waterproof covers of many flashlights on the market are thick, they only cover the surface. At the same time, this C port also realizes the connection of the wire-controlled switch.

The connection is thick, and the design of the fixing clip can be seen at the connection position. It can be said that the connection is very stable and will not accidentally fall off.

The insulating pad brings the protection of the circuit system during long-term storage and transportation. Contact positions are gold-plated. Corrosion resistance also results in a high-performance circuit system.

The thread of the tail cap and the barrel body color matching is a rectangular thread, and the workmanship is fine. The screwing is smooth, and it is firm and stable after screwing and tightening.

The large capacity of 5000mAh brings a maximum battery life of 60 hours, and it can last for 45 minutes when it is extremely bright. The configuration of the battery adapter also makes the flashlight “not picky about the battery”.

Looking closely at the inner wall, it is as smooth and reflective as a mirror, and the contacts are also gold-plated, and it has a structural design to prevent mis-installation.

In the hand, it can be said that it is not lightweight, but the operation is still flexible, the button position is ergonomically designed, and the fingertips can tactilely judge and turn on the flashlight.

The position of the side button is the position of gear shifting, and the operation is also easy, and the OLED screen can be seen very clearly in the sunlight during the day.

Use Experience

After opening, the gear, current mode, lumen value, range, and battery life are all at a glance here.

Netcole p35i flashlight

Next, let’s take a look at the lighting effect of the floodlight.

6 lamp beads light up, illuminating the wall at close range, lighting up a large area.

The white laser lights up as follows.

The beams are highly concentrated at close range.

After the details and simple lighting display, and then looking at the appearance, it can be said that the arrangement of the tube head lamp beads is very sci-fi. The semi-circular collection of 6 lamp beads can increase the illuminated area as much as possible after lighting.

For the cylinder body, it is also made of Taichi aluminum alloy and is treated with a wear-resistant military-grade three-level hardening treatment. Double-sided coated scratch-resistant optical lenses combine high optical performance with durability.

It is also because of this durability that I often place the barrel head directly down, even if the lens is scratched, there is no problem. Although it is durable, the barrel head must be protected when it is used.

Outdoor wading in the mountains is inevitable, and it will work normally after entering the water for a while, and the waterproofing is very reliable.

Netcole p35i flashlight

Next, look at the night shot record.

White laser 1650 meters. It can be said that it is beyond people’s conventional field of vision. In tactical scenarios, a telescope can be used to achieve such ultra-long-distance observation and search.

The white laser has 5 gears, 410 lumens for extreme brightness, 200 lumens for high brightness, 130 lumens for medium brightness, 65 lumens for low brightness, and 25 lumens for energy saving.

Looking at the effect of the floodlight, the whole picture of the photo is brighter after lighting.

Netcole p35i flashlight

The floodlight has 5 gears, extremely bright 3000 lumens, high brightness 1000 lumens, medium brightness 300 lumens, low brightness 70 lumens, energy-saving gear 10 lumens, and the maximum range is 200 meters.

The 3000-lumen 200-meter range is also rare in conventional flashlights, which is compatible with high-brightness floodlight and long-distance performance.

In hybrid mode, LEP and LED are turned on at the same time, 3 gears, high brightness 3000 lumens, medium brightness 420 lumens, and low brightness 130 lumens.

At this time, the range corresponds to 1650 meters, 900 meters and 640 meters.

It can be said that at this moment, he is holding the sword of light that swept through the darkness.

Because of the high-efficiency constant current circuit and the built-in ATR temperature control module, the lighting is stable and long-lasting.

After use, the charging cable of the C port can be used universally. The display shows the charging effect with a dynamic bar graph, and there is a blue indicator light where the C port is connected.

Bottom Line

I want to remark that after “the long-awaited debut,” NITECORE’s white laser has surpassed my expectations after several uses. The use of cutting-edge technology and powerful effects makes it so that White lasers that are “fancy and not functional” fundamentally differ from white lasers that have practical consequences.
So I suggest turning the P35i to grip the tung oil, especially the tung oil that has played with the white laser.
Indeed, the performance of this lantern matches our expectations in every way for friends with special requirements. It must also be a P35i if you buy it for personal use.

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