Haylou GT5 vs Haylou GT1 XR: Which TWS to Buy?

Which is a better Haylou TWS Earbud?

Today we are comparing two of the best Earbuds that Haylou has to offer – Haylou GT5 vs Haylou GT1 XR TWS. Everyone has a preconceived notion that we have to pay more to get better products but they tend to miss a couple of diamonds hidden in the dust. The majority of people have jumped from wired earphones to wireless earbuds. They are petite, easy to use, and the list goes on. Compromising on the sound quality when we go for budget wireless earphones is common but that’s not the case with Haylou earphones. Confused between the Haylou GT5 vs GT1 XR TWS? Here is a detailed comparisonto help you make a purchase decision.

Comparison of Haylou GT5 vs Haylou GT1 XR TWS

Which has a better design?

Haylou smartly took the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it approach” for its earbuds.The design in both models – Haylou GT5 vs Haylou GT1 XR is pretty much like two peas in a pod.No matter how many upgrades there are, the Haylou earbuds’ design continues to remain the same. With a classic black body, they both look minimalist in design. Although the ABS plastic body might be a drawback, it helps the earbuds remain light and compact, weighing around 3.9g. The earbuds look tiny with rounded edges and corners in both models.

Both earbuds provide a proper fit with each earbud having a silicone tip. There is a small LED light in both models which blinks while charging or pairing. What we love is the most is that they are always light, which makes them feel comfortable. Both the Haylou GT5 earbud as well as Haylou GT1 XR weigh around 3.9g.

The notable difference between the Haylou GT5 vs GT1 XR is the Smart Wearing Detection feature in GT5.

The Haylou GT5 case has 3 LED lights whereas Haylou GT1 XR case has 4 LED indication lights. Both the cases are compact with a battery charge indicator, and it keeps your earphones safe, but the case size and shape of Haylou GT5 and Haylou GT1 XR are slightly different, wherein the Haylou GT1 XR case is more pill-shaped and the Haylou GT5 case in contrast, is similar to the AirPods case, but they both have the same closing mechanism with a flip-top lid and magnetic docks. The charging method is where the Haylou GT5 takes the win with its C-type wireless charging whereas the Haylou GT1 XR comes with a micro USB charging case with no wireless charging. We personally prefer wireless charging of the Haylou GT5 over the Haylou GT1 XR.

Which provides better audio quality?

The Haylou GT5 earbuds have a good emphasis on bass. The vocals are clear and engaging. If you keep the volume loud, the highs don’t sound great in both models – Haylou GT5 vs Haylou GT1 XR. Haylou GT1 XR has the Qualcomm QCC3020 chip. Thanks to the advanced Qualcomm chip, it supports aptX and AAC Bluetoothcodec. It provides you with an overall balanced sound. The instrumentals sound natural in the background. There is the separation of instrumentals from the music indicating a clear distinction. We could even say that it provides you with incredible audio quality. However, the lower frequencies aren’t too great.

In Haylou GT1 XR, the bass is punchy. I loved listening to pop music as well as playing games with both earbuds. To enter In-game mode, tap the right ear thrice to turn on ultra-low latency mode, this mode is amazing for those who enjoy gaming.

When it comes to the mids, its presence is hardly noticeable. I feel that’s an area where it could have been better. Overall, the sound quality is great in both, considering that they are low in price. Call quality is average in Haylou GT5 as compared to Haylou GT1 XR. Haylou GT1 XR can reduce the background noise when you’re using it to place calls. While testing it out, I could observe that my voice was clear on the other end. I had a great experience during phone calls. Thus, the Haylou GT1 XR is the best-sounding earphones with amazing call quality in the comparison of Haylou GT5 vs GT1 XR.

How comfortable are they?

The earbuds were a perfect fit for me in both models,I didn’t feel any discomfort while wearing the earbuds. They felt comfortable on all occasions, especially while working out. They were very comfortable to wear for a long period and during the workout. The controls on both Haylou GT5 vs GT1 XR are very similar with no notable key difference. But, the Haylou GT1 XR earbuds have an IPX5 rating making them waterproof, sweatproof, and dustproof protecting them from small water jets primarily. The IP rating makes it a great companion for your gym sessions as this is a key priority. So, I prefer the Haylou GT1 XR over the Haylou GT5 in this category.

How do the touch controls work?

The controls on both Haylou GT5 and GT1 XR are the same:

To turn on the earbuds

  1. If the headset is in the charging box, remove the headset from the box and the headset will turn on automatically.
  2. If in the shutdown state, long-press the headphone touch panel about 1.5 seconds, waiting for the white light often on for 1 second, then the system will be turned on successfully.

To turn off the earbuds

  1. Put the headset back in the charging box and turn it off automatically.
  2. Press the headphone contact panel for about 4.5 seconds and wait for the red light to turn on for 2 seconds.

The operation on both the models are similar:

  • To answer or end calls click twice, to reject calls long click for a second.
  • To play or pause music click once.
  • To skip to the previous or next song click twice on the left or right earbuds.
  • For voice assistant click thrice on the left earbud and for switching on and off the gaming mode click thrice on the right earbud.

How long can the earphones last?

haylou gt1 xr vs gt5

The earbuds have a similar size battery of 43 mAh in Haylou GT1 XR and 40mAh in the Haylou GT5. The earbuds of the Haylou GT1 XR can provide up to 5 hours of power with a standby of 36hrs. Whereas the GT5 can provide up to 4hrs of power with a standby time of 24hrs. The Haylou GT5 case has a Type-C port, while GT1 XR has a micro USB cable attachment to its case. But, with the easy versatility of wireless charging, I personally prefer the GT5 over the GT1 XR. If the charging isn’t an issue for you, then it’s a no-brainer to go for the GT1 XR.

How is the connectivity in these earphones?


With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity in both models, there’s better speed, range, and consumption of less power. Once the initial pairing process is over, the earbuds connect automatically once they’re out of the case. I find it to be very convenient without the hassle of having to connect it manually every time you use it. The connectivity is great with both earbuds.


Honestly, It’s a toss-up between the Haylou GT5 and GT1 XR as both the earbuds are equally good. But, personally, my recommendation is inclined towards the Haylou GT5 as the charging case supports a C-type connection and wireless charging. Since the majority of the devices are inclined towards C-type connections, it makes cable management a little easier for me. Also, in retrospect, it saves a couple of dollars in comparison to the price point.

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