Dareu A98 Gasket Mechanical Keyboard Review

The latter appears to have no significant news. We want to know whether Dareu has recently learned new tricks in addition to rolling up. The Dareu A98 Gasket structure mechanical keyboard is one of their products that may be claimed to be famous with a “key” today.


Dareu keyboard
Starting from the A87 theme version of Dareu, the packaging of Dareu products began to follow the product design. The overall look and feel will be much more comfortable than the previous black and white outer packaging. You can know what color matching you buy by looking at the outer packaging.

Out of the Box

Dareu A98
The accessories of Dareu A98 are pretty satisfactory, with more practical supplementary keycaps, two-in-one shaft pullers, and operation instruction cards. The supplementary keycaps are the yellow ones on the keyboard. The factory keycaps are pure blue and white color matching, which is also a good-looking match.


Dareu A98 keyboard
Dareu A98 is a gasket structure mechanical keyboard launched at the end of 2021. It has three colors: industrial gray, mecha blue, and riding the wind and waves. Mecha blue should be the most popular. After all, the follow-up products have continued the appearance color scheme of this mecha blue so that everyone can put together a desktop peripheral set of the same style.
Dareu A98 Mechanical Keyboard
The layout design of A98 has been more popular in recent years. It retains the full-size essential functions (number keys, function key area), and in terms of size, it is close to 80% of the size of the mechanical keyboard. They can be said to complement each other in terms of use.

Dareu A98 Custom Shaft

Dareu keyboard
Dareu’s custom shaft can be said to be quite powerful. From the V1 version of the sky shaft and purple gold shaft that was just launched, it has been upgraded to the current V3 version within half a year.
The shaft core structure and spring of the V3 version have been improved. It can be said that one generation is more substantial than one generation; in addition to this, a candy shaft with soft bombs as a selling point has also been launched.
Dareu A98
Dareu ‘s sky shaft only has a pressure of 40gf in terms of feel. The stability and life of the upgraded shaft core have significantly improved. The lighter linear think is also more popular, and the price is lower than gold powder. The linear shaft body is also a good choice.

Full Key Shaft Seat Hot Swap


In the 21st year, major domestic manufacturers have begun to roll hot-swap; this year, almost all the hot-swappable mechanical keyboards are designed with the axis seat to hot-swap design. From the A87 to the A100 to the A84, the A98 and many subsequent A series mechanical keyboards are equipped with standard three-pin and five-pin hot-swappable shaft sockets.

The hot-swapping of the shaft seat is indeed more convenient for novice players. You don’t need too many tools to experience a different shaft feel, and you don’t need to say that because the handicapped party wants to try a separate shaft every time he has to change a keyboard. Costly.

Dareu A98 Gasket structure

Dareu A98
Next is the critical gasket structure design. Dare A98 has a high internal filling density. Except for the thick silicone sandwich between the PC and the PCB, a layer is provided on the base to achieve de-cavitation better. The thick silicone layer that fits the lower cover can be said to be in place in the mechanical keyboard of the gasket structure.

The PC-specific design was relatively rare in the mass-produced gasket structure mechanical keyboards at that time. The positioning plate made of steel plate was changed to a soft and rigid plastic with a certain toughness, and to reduce the unbalanced sinking of different parts of the keyboard, it was directly filled with. Inside the keyboard, soft bounce and stability are achieved.

Whether it is at that time or today, many gasket mechanical keyboards with metal positioning plate structures still use edge sponges to cushion the hollow structure. This is done to achieve the elastic effect (also, because it is too obsessed with this kind of soft bounce, the keys in different keyboard areas significantly differ in subsidence and elasticity).


The left side of the three-mode version is the mode switch push button, and the right is the receiver’s storage compartment.
Dareu keyboard
The quality of Dareu ‘s PBT keycaps is still excellent, and the look and feel are good.
I have seen many big guys say that the big button pulls the crotch or something, but it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in practical use. Maybe I am not so sensitive to the feel of the buttons. The overall feel is still very stable, and the sound of the gasket structure with the sky axis V3 is relatively tiny.
In terms of lighting, the RGB is still directly applied without hesitation, but the keycaps are opaque, and the lighting effect is not very obvious.


Dareu mechanical keyboard

Overall, the A98gasket mechanical keyboard had a lot of effects on the key ring at the time, both positive and negative. However, from the average user’s perspective, the structure differs from most gaskets currently on the market (more materials are used, and the cavity is removed). Still, the performance and configuration are essentially complete. Many upcoming products will continue to use the A98.

Some benefits include the new vitality cube sugar’s silica gel coating and integrated fence construction, enhanced by A87pro. Dare A98 gasket structure mechanical keyboard is one of his most well-known creations.

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