GIGABYTE AORUS FO48U Gaming Monitor Review

Discover The "giant" cool combination of next-generation consoles


The costs of next-generation consoles like the PS5 and Xbox are gradually appropriate after last year’s price increase. Most players, in my opinion, have already begun, and related gaming masterworks are also listed. However, other gamers claimed they had never felt significantly better by the latest console generation.

Could it be that the PS5 hasn’t improved enough? Of course not; the point is that it can generate a 4K 120Hz high-definition smooth game screen and accomplish the effect of ray tracing in addition to the significant performance boost. Nevertheless, if you display it on a regular desktop monitor, you will undoubtedly make the game console manufacturer throw up. For this reason, it is imperative to have a top-notch gaming monitor that can flawlessly showcase the picture quality of the next-generation system.

First of all, the parameter should be “4K+120Hz”. In terms of screen material, OLED displays are currently emerging, and at the same time, they have the advantages of ultra-high response time, ultra-thin, almost infinite contrast, and no light reduction.

However, purchasing OLED e-sports monitors seems to be one of the few categories, and the other is that the size is quite large. Then make it bigger; the bigger the screen, the more immersive it is. To sum up, I chose the AORUS FO48U, the first OLED gaming monitor from Gigabyte, in one step. I even felt that this monitor for a moment. It is also good to use as my TV. I bought two sets for the living room and study. Whether it is playing range of games or watching movies, the experience is far beyond my imagination.

Product Design of the AORUS FO48U

When I put the AORUS FO48U monitor on the table, I found that it is a little bit big, about 1 meter 1 wide and 70cm high, which looks bigger than the 27-inch monitor I used before. This deep black can feel the impact of this field of vision even if the screen is not turned on. Looking at it from the side, I am a little surprised.

The panel is very thin, about 4mm. When I saw such thinness, I immediately remembered that my hanging screen lamp could not be clamped at all, and I might need to put something else on it. See, It is not necessarily convenient to come too thin sometimes.

The quality of the whole AORUS FO48U true color is excellent. Although the back shell is made of PC plastic, the matte touch is still good, and there is a Gigabyte AORUS sculptural pattern in the middle, with flying wings on both sides. It feels a bit like outstanding color accuracy. Just arrogant.

The bottom is an inverted V-shaped metal bracket similar to the TV, and the gray uniformity matches the whole. It is worth mentioning that this 48-inch super-large monitor is not set in the center of the bracket of the ordinary monitor, so pay attention to the width of the desktop when placing it. Of course, you can also use the 300mm×300mm VESA wall bracket reserved on the back. The screw holes are for wall mounting.

AORUS FO48U design

AORUS FO48U User Interface

In terms of interfaces, AORUS FO48U mainly has 1 DP 1.4 display port, 2 HDMI 2.1 display port video output interfaces, and 1 Type-C interface. Players can use one of these two HDMI 2.1 interfaces to connect to the computer equipped with the new discrete graphics card and the other to connect to the computer with the new discrete graphics card.

It can be connected to the last generation console to experience the refreshing 4K 120Hz picture. AORUS FO48U can also support the ALLM automatic low-latency function 120Hz refresh rate and VRR variable refresh rate on the console to further enjoy a low-latency and tear-free immersive gaming experience.


Immersive Gaming Experience

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the PS5 now. It has built-in USB hub, USB Type-C, built-in smart interface, and built-in smart system. Turn on HDMI 2.1 directly in the settings menu, turn on high-performance mode, and select a 4K 120Hz game to activate automatically.

AORUS FO48U in gaming

Sure enough, as soon as you enter the game screen, the sense of immersion comes up immediately. Because of the self-illumination of the pixels of the OLED AORUS FO48U panel technologies, you can directly turn off the light source in the dark part when displaying black, making the dark place deeper and showing pure black.

Unlike traditional liquid crystal displays, which can only be displayed by blocking the light source as much as possible, the actual effect is slightly gray uniformity. Officials say that the contrast ratio of AORUS FO48U is 135000:1, which is more than 135 times that of ordinary IPS monitors.

So when playing games with more night scenes, such as “Cyberpunk 2077”, “The Last Survivor,” etc., you can feel the picture of AORUS FO48U has a stronger sense of layering, bright and dark, closer to what the human eye sees.

AORUS FO48U in playing games

Feature Specifications

If you turn on the HDR effect, it will be even more obvious. For example, in this “God of War 4”, it seems like two games if you can’t turn on HDR. The effect is simply amazing.

And it is also based on the feature that a single pixel can quickly switch. The actual response speed of the AORUS FO48U screen is much better than that of the traditional screen. The real 1ms response time is not the one that needs to be inserted in black frames to achieve 1ms MPRT response time.

Compared with other non-Fast IPS LCD panels, AORUS FO48U can also support FreeSync Premium picture synchronization technology, and the smoothness is even higher. This is also why the TV is used directly: the TV’s adaptation to the gaming console is still not good enough. The pursuit of pure gaming high frame enjoyment still depends on gaming monitors – lower input lag and faster picture display options.

In terms of bright color display, the performance of AORUS FO48U is also very eye-catching; the color gamut covers 98% DCI-P3, the key is the actual true 10 bits color depth.

The brilliant color reproduction is delicate and true, and the actual transition between colors can also be more natural, to achieve a smoother gradient. For example, the details of the clothes and skin texture of Kratos, the protagonist of “God of War,” are visible, and the surrounding jungles and mountains are vivid, especially the sparks rubbed during the battle as if they ignited on the screen, which is very emotional.

The reason why I can play so immersed is not only the excellent display effect of AORUS FO48U but also the amazing sound experience of its speakers. After all, the built-in speakers of many monitors (even if the price is over 10,000) feel like a gift. And the power is often only 4-10w, which is a loud level. But using AORUS FO48U to play games, I did find that the Space Audio sound bar that comes with it has something.

The first is the built-in 2.1-channel audio system composed of 2 15W full-frequency units and one 20W woofer to ensure the sound power and frequency response dynamic range.

Also added the “spatial sound effect” technology only available in high-end audio, according to the display screen—a more immersive viewing experience. For example, when playing “Battlefield,” it feels as if cannonballs are whizzing overhead, bullets passing by, surrounded by the sound of enemies and comrades fighting, and you are in the center of the battlefield.

Combined with the excellent picture quality, the sense of immersion of AORUS FO48U is quiet. I highly recommend that you have the opportunity to experience it. You don’t need to buy another audio system (I don’t have a place to swing it…); even if you don’t play games, it’s good to watch movies at ordinary times.

AORUS FO48U audio

In addition, one of the better things about gaming monitors than TVs is that it supports various gaming auxiliary functions! For example, AORUS FO48U supports aiming stabilizer/custom crosshair that can improve shooting accuracy, fluid gameplay, brightening the dark part of the game screen to prevent “Voldemort” black balance adjustment, adjusting the display mode of the screen display ratio according to your game habits, etc.

The adjustment is very convenient. There is a 5-axis joystick at the bottom of the center of the screen. Players can adjust the display port settings according to their needs. Of course, Gigabyte also considered that this monitor is a bit far from the player, so it is also equipped with remote control, and the player can also operate the settings remotely.

Finally, the biggest disadvantage of the OLED screen is the lifespan of the panel material. Of course, GIGABYTE AORUS FO48U has also prepared a series of OLED accident protection, Office Equipment Protection Plan and extra protection mechanisms.

For example, if it detects that the display content has not changed for some time, it will temporarily reduce the screen brightness, but it will not be a problem if you have accident protection and Office Equipment Protection Plan .If the player still does not respond after some time, run the screen saver until the player operates. There is also a built-in pixel erasing function. The monitor will be prompted to automatically clear the residual image after using it for a while to prevent screen burn-in. So my AORUS FO48U, running for nearly 2000 hours, has not found any signs of burn-in when I look closely.


Bottom Line of GIGABYTE AORUS FO48U Gaming Monitor Review

Now that the price of this incredibly huge gaming display has been reduced to $1,013, it may be regarded to be quite aromatic. The characteristics of a high-end gaming monitor should include Adobe RGB, 4K, 120Hz, 1ms delay, 98% DCI-P3, HDMI 2.1 display port, built-in USB hub, built-in smart interface, built-in smart system and others.

More importantly, it has a 48-inch OLED big screen and superb built-in speakers, significantly improving the viewing experience. It is undoubtedly a great match for next-generation consoles like the PS5 and Xbox, and it will be miles ahead of many brand displays at the same price. If your computer desk has adobe RGB, it will undoubtedly become a piece of entertainment you love.

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