HOTO Launches Smart 35-in-1 Rotary Tool Kit on Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform

Home appliance company HOTO has launched its flagship product, the 35-in-1 Rotary Tool Kit, on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Designed to make your DIY dreams come true, this innovative toolkit includes all user-built features and 35 unique accessories. The HOTO 35-in-1 Rotary Tool Kit is an efficient, powerful, high-performance, versatile tool designed in a unique and premium style. HOTO is a powerful machine that can be used for grinding, polishing, drilling, sanding, etc. can work on multiple projects at once.

Home appliances in the market today are very standardized and similar in terms of functionality and style. For many years, people have not seen new and innovative home appliances. However, it has enabled the advancement of the technology and supply chain behind the manufacturing of the device. As the market and community grow and develop, HOTO enters a wider market platform with better conditions for device design and development.

Therefore, HOTO believes in its ability to redefine and transform home furniture products in terms of design, user-friendly features, performance, convenience and accessibility to users, and overall performance. With reliable design genes and rich experience, the R&D team at HOTO is ready to solve this challenge together with members of Bosch, TTI, SATA and other companies in the home appliance industry.

“We define what is important to people’s lives. We take pride in what we do and Design is our driving force to make better products,” said Lidan, founder of HOTO.

To date, HOTO has received 84 patents and products designed and manufactured by HOTO have won 31 prestigious international design awards such as IDEA Design Awards, iF TOP 100 in Asia, Red Dot Design Awards, Good Design Awards, iF Design Awards Device.

HOTO 35-in-1 Rotary Tool Kit

HOTO designs its products for the family market, not construction industry specialists. The latest product is easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle any project. In addition, HOTO allows it for several uses, because it differs from similar products on the market through design, technical approach, methods of use and experience. At the same time, HOTO made many unnecessary changes to the product design for those who only needed it to work. Using new technology to reinterpret and update these elements, HOTO has brought the 35-in-1 Rotary Tool Kit to life with incredible vitality.

Adjustable Speed, Easy and Convenient Charging

With five different gear speeds: 5000/10000/15000/20000/25000 rpm, the HOTO 35-in-1 Rotary Tool Kit is designed for a variety of scenarios and can be used on a variety of materials. Using advanced gear memory adjustment technology, the toolkit automatically remembers and stores the last gear used during the cutting session. In addition, the device circulates battery power through the charging port, which allows users to charge between applications to effectively extend battery life.


  • ? powerful motor: the actual performance is equal to the power of the 8V motor.
  • Battery Long battery life: On a full charge it can last up to 50 minutes.
  • Lightweight and portable: 240g only weighs allowing users to take it on the go.
  • Triple charging: It can be easily accessed and charged.
  • Multi-function: equipped with 35 types of high-performance tools.
  • Intelligent memory: the ability to automatically remember previous settings during an interrupted work session.
  • 5-speed adjustment: Five gear options for use in different materials.
  • LED Light: Help you work in detail and work in the dark.
  • LED light: Shows device performance and battery level.
  • Magnetic dust cover: Effectively blocks flying dust during operation.
  • Removable Ach accessory box: Allows for neat and tidy grouping of accessories.

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