Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine Review

Nowadays, the pace of life is accelerating, and everyone does not want to spend too much time on housework. Many people wash their underwear, socks, and clothes together, resulting in cross-infection of clothes. There are a lot of bacteria on underwear and underwear. If simple washing cannot kill bacteria, it needs to be washed with water above 40°C or dried in the sun to kill. Especially for girls, mixing underwear can easily lead to gynecological diseases and skin diseases. Some boys sweat a lot when wearing socks, bacteria multiply quickly on socks, and mixed washing also causes infection of close-fitting clothes.

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I have always wanted to buy a washing machine that can be washed in different areas, but it is expensive and takes up a lot of space, so I have been washing it by hand. Some time ago, I saw some cheap folding washing machines, and I feel that the material is not very good, and the workmanship is very general. Recently, I discovered the Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine and it really feels like what I was looking for. It’s relatively small and can be folded when not in use, so it doesn’t take up too much space. And the capacity is quite large, the large capacity of 8L can wash a lot of clothes. Next, let me introduce this product to you!


Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine

From the packaging, it can be seen that the size of this Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine is very small. The outer packaging is a standard carton. Open the box and remove everything. In addition to the washing machine, instructions, washing machine lid, power adapter with Cord. The length of the power cord is 210CM, which is sufficient for daily use.

Open the outer box and see that there is a foam protection box inside, so there is no need to worry about damage during transportation.


The mint green color body has a super high value which is in line with the aesthetics of young people today, and it is compact and easy to store after being folded. The washing machine comes with its own handle, which is usually put away and opened when used; it can be seen from the side that its rotating shaft has an active angle of about 120°. The bottom of the product is a motor, with a touch panel on it, with power, pause buttons, and timing buttons.

As the name suggests, the Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine is characterized by the word “folding”. The reason why this compact washing machine can be folded is that it is made of strong TPE material, and the height difference between unfolding and folding can be as much as 15cm. It’s compact and folded under the bed, and it’s more than enough in the suitcase! It is also very convenient when using it for the first time. Just press and hold the inside of the washing machine, stretch it to the normal state of use, connect the plug, put in the clothes, add the free antibacterial and low-foaming laundry beads, and turn on the switch to use it.

Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine has a capacity of 8L, which is larger than that of the general folding washing machines on the market; although it is small, the capacity is not small. Don’t look at it looks small, but it is enough to hold 3 or 4 pieces of underwear, 5 or 6 pairs of socks, etc. The specific situation depends on the size of the clothing, so you can take out your own underwear and wash it separately every day. For mothers with babies at home, they can wash every time they change their clothes; for ladies, they can wash their underwear every day; for boys, they can wash their smelly socks for the next week.

with a handle, it is very convenient to fold and open. After opening, it is very supportive, so you don’t have to worry about being crushed. The buttons are touch-sensitive screens that are easy to use. There are power holes at the bottom, and drain pipes, motors, etc. are all at the bottom.

Use Experience

The use and operation are very convenient. When opening the Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine, you only need to press the inside of the washing machine with one hand and carry the handle with one hand to open it easily. When folding, you only need to press the four sides slightly to complete the folding. There is a dedicated power cord between the washing machine and the socket, which is very safe to operate, and the socket on the outside of the tub bottom is protected by a silicone ring, so it is not a big problem to accidentally splash water.

When doing laundry, you only need to touch the “wash” button at the bottom to select the corresponding time. No other additional operations are required, which is very convenient. After the Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine is washed, it needs to be drained manually. Press the water pipe at the bottom to fix it in the groove, and then the water outlet can be drained by facing the water outlet of your home, or you can tilt the washing machine by hand and pour it out directly. Speaking of a more thoughtful design: the suction cups at the bottom 4 corners are very stable on the ground! I’ve been using it for half a month. So far, the experience is very good. It saves time and effort. I can prepare one at home.


This Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine performs quite well. It solves the trouble of hand washing and also avoids unsanitary washing with family members. It is antibacterial, has low power consumption, low noise, and most importantly, after folding Small, the performance of Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine is still enough to give people warmth, not bad! The portable folding washing machine at this price is very satisfactory in actual use. It is really convenient for a lazy person like me to wash underwear, socks, and towels. It is said that smart people will be lazy, and they help me wash underwear, socks, and towels.

You can find this amazing Smileader Foldable Mini Washing Machine on for €85.99 at an incredible discount.

Buy From Amazon DE at €85.99

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