Eleglide Coozy Electric Scooter and Other E-Bikes at a Very Low Price on Geekbuying

This excellent sale of the new Eleglide Coozy electric scooter lasts until the end of this month, until August 30 to be exact, and on the promotional page you will find a discount coupon code.

Autumn is slowly but surely approaching us, the ideal time for riding an electric folding scooter or bicycle. This is exactly what the new Eleglide Coozy E-Bike is like, which you will find on the special Electric Scooter Sale page on Geekbuying. As you will see for yourself, it has very interesting features and a favorable price, and here is what you will get for your invested money.

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Eleglide Coozy Electric Scooter

The Eleglide Coozy Electric Scooter is an ideal electric option for those traveling relatively short distances, such as from home to work, to school, to the grocery store or to buy bread at the bakery. Its use is safe for the driver and for everyone else on the road, complying with traffic rules like any other means of transport. This model features a water-resistant aluminum alloy construction, is black, and weighs 22.7 kg, being foldable. This feature allows it to be stored in the trunk of the car and at home more simple and takes up less space.

It has a 540W motor and a 12.5A (36V) battery, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 25km/h and a range of 55km. In addition, you can still climb slopes of 15% with the help of the motor alone. It has 10″ wheels, and a foot base with a width of 19 cm, ensuring greater stability. It has a small panel with information such as battery level or kilometers traveled and can be connected to an app where various information will also be displayed. a system of lights, including turn signals on the handles, ensuring greater safety at night when changing direction.

It has a dual braking system and at the front, there is a suspension to absorb road impacts. It remains to be noted that it has 4 driving modes (push mode – without the help of the engine; Eco mode – up to 10 km/h; standard mode – up to 15 km/h; and sport mode – up to 25 km/h).

For your safety, the Eleglide Coozy EBike is equipped with an electronic front and rear disc brake, while you monitor the ride via the LED display on the steering wheel, such as battery status, speed, distance traveled, and the like. By the way, the wheels are 10 inches with tires filled with air, while the stand is as wide as 19 centimeters, so you will ride very comfortably. You can also monitor the data via the corresponding free application that you will install on your smartphone.

Here are some very interesting electric bikes that particularly caught our eye, both are in a warehouse in Poland so they will arrive at your address in a few days with free shipping and you won’t have to pay any additional tax:

Be sure to visit the Eleglide Coozy Electric Scooter Sale action page on Geekbuying and for the beginning of the new school and university year, or for business needs, afford this interesting and profitable electric scooter. Its price is €599.98, but if you enter ” ELECOOZY ” in the coupon code field, the price will drop by €50 and will be only €549.99 including tax and free shipping. This price is valid until August 30.

Eleglide Coozy Electric Scooter

If you prefer electric bikes, at the bottom of the page there is a selection of a few more models that you might really like. It is convenient that at the end of the page you have frequently asked questions and answers that will be very useful to you.

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