Best Xiaomi Bluetooth Headphones in 2022 (Recommend)

If you are one of the people who like to listen to music or hobby of playing games with echoing sound quality, then the presence of earphones is very important for you. Now, Xiaomi has an earphone product whose quality should not be underestimated. Even though there are many advantages that can be obtained from earphones in all types, you can still have the Xiaomi Bluetooth Headphones with a very friendly price tag. All products are friendly in the bag and you can buy them according to your needs.

Therefore, for those of you who are looking for an Earphone Brand at an affordable price, with a fairly stylish design, and certainly able to provide a booming sound quality, it is highly recommended that your choice of Xiaomi Earphone products. There are many earphone products that Xiaomi presents. It’s time we will review more information for you about 13 types of high-quality Xiaomi earphones this year that is most recommended to be your flagship earphone. Regarding the problem, the right site. I explain broadly about the list of the best and newest Xiaomi Bluetooth Headphones in 2022, you can refer to the full information in the following list. Not to brag, this is definitely the most complete and down-to-earth analysis article on various models of Xiaomi Bluetooth headsets that you can find on XiaomiToday.

How About Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset

When it comes to Xiaomi, the first word that most people think of is high-cost performance. Cheap and affordable is a major feature of Xiaomi’s products. Xiaomi’s Mijia ecological chain has also changed many people’s lives unknowingly.

At present, Xiaomi’s Bluetooth headsets are mainly based on true wireless headsets and neck-mounted headsets, with prices ranging from $15 to $100, mainly in the low-end price range.

With the affordable price and good quality control, Xiaomi Bluetooth headsets have maintained a good sales volume. According to a research report published by Strategy Analytics, the global sales of true wireless Bluetooth headsets will exceed 300 million units in 2020, of which Xiaomi is the second largest player in terms of share, beating Samsung, Huawei, and other manufacturers.

If you have a limited budget and want to buy a headset with a good price/performance ratio, Xiaomi’s headset is definitely worth a look.

How to Choose a Bluetooth Headset

Here is a brief introduction to the purchase points of Bluetooth headsets

  • Bluetooth version

The higher the Bluetooth version, the better. The higher version of Bluetooth has better performance in terms of delaybattery life, and power consumption. The latest version is 5.2.

  • audio coding

Audio coding has a great influence on sound quality. The sound quality corresponding to the current audio coding is compared as follows


  • wearing comfort

From the perspective of wearing comfort, the wearing experience of semi-in-ear headphones will be better than that of in-ear headphones, but the sound insulation effect is relatively poor.

  • battery life

The battery life of the Bluetooth headset is still very important. If the headset is usually used intensively, the headset with long battery life is preferred, and it is best to support fast charging.

  • Main function

It mainly refers to practical functions in certain scenarios, such as active noise reductionwaterproof performance, ambient sound, and so on.

Best Xiaomi TWS Bluetooth headset

Xiaomi’s true wireless earphones can be divided into the cost-effective Redmi series and mid-range Xiaomi series

Redmi Series

The Redmi series of headphones are mainly cost-effective, and the price of headphones is within 300 yuan. The three headphones currently on sale include the following four

Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition

Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition is currently the cheapest headset that Xiaomi is selling, and the configuration is relatively common. In terms of sound quality, the low frequency is ok, the middle and high frequencies are average, and the overall level belongs to the level of listening. Generally speaking, the connection is relatively stable, and there are few disconnections. The cat ear design makes the wearing relatively stable, and there are no obvious grooves in the details of the workmanship.

Read our Review about Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition

If you buy headphones for the following purposes

  • Pursuit of portability, and stable connection, mainly want to experience true wireless earphones
  • The sound quality can be heard, I don’t feel bad when I buy it for running.
  • If the budget is limited, choose a headset with good quality control

Then Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition is a good choice, but If you have higher requirements in all aspects, it is not recommended to buy.

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Redmi Buds 3

A very popular semi-in-ear headphone, the overall price/performance ratio is also quite good.

  • The earphones are light and comfortable to wear. The weight of each ear is only 4.5g, and the fit of the earphone head is also quite good.
  • The sound quality is not bad, the sound is clear and transparent, relatively speaking, it is more suitable for listening to pop music, and the bass is slightly insufficient
  • Support fast charging, charging for 10 minutes can support 1.5 hours of battery life
  • The delay is relatively low, it supports Adaptive coding, and the transmission is stable.

If you pay more attention to wearing comfort and want a headset with good sound quality with relatively high-cost performance, Redmi Buds are worth a look.

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AirDots 3

Compared with AirDots 2, AirDots 3 has a relatively large upgrade, which is mainly reflected in

  • Long battery life, single battery life of 7 hours, a very good level
  • Moving coil + moving iron unit, better sound quality
  • Supports aptX Adaptive, which can automatically switch between high-quality sound mode (when listening to songs) and low-latency mode (when playing games) according to the user’s usage scenario
  • Xiaomi mobile phone with MIUI has functions such as opening the pop-up windowawakening Xiao Ai classmate’s APP, etc.

In addition, the charging port uses a Type-C interface, which is much more convenient than the Micro-USB port. There are three colors to choose from. In general, the price/performance ratio is very high in headphones of the same price, and the most recommended headphones are within $30.

AirDots 3
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AirDots 3 Pro
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Redmi Buds 4

Redmi Buds 4 is a comprehensive cost-effective headset, the main features are:

  • Active noise reduction, noise reduction is a major selling point of this headset. The headset has a good noise reduction effect on medium and low-frequency noise. It supports three levels of adaptive noise reduction, which can basically cover most scenes of daily use.
  • The sound quality is good. The sound quality of the earphones is very good at this price. If you don’t have high requirements for sound quality, it is completely enough.
  • The call is clear, and the overall call quality of the Buds4 is quite good

In addition, it supports IP54 waterproof, which can have better protection when exercising.

In general, the overall performance of sound quality and noise reduction is good, but the disadvantage is that it does not support dual-device connection and wireless charging. If you don’t particularly care about these two points, it is recommended to start!

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Redmi Buds 4 Pro

The difference between the Buds 4 Pro and the Buds 4 is quite big. In addition to the earphone form, the main upgrade points are:

  • The sound quality is better, equipped with a 10mm large moving coil, and supports virtual surround sound stereo sound effects, all kinds of music styles can hold well
  • The noise reduction effect is better, with a maximum noise reduction depth of 43dB. In most cases, the music of the headphones is very clear when the volume is adjusted to 1/3. At the same time, it supports mic call noise reduction, and the call effect is good.
  • Support dual device connection, no need to go through a series of complicated operations when switching between multiple devices

In addition, the transparency mode of the Buds 4 Pro is also more comfortable to experience than the Buds 4. If you have a sufficient budget, value dual-device connectivity, and pursue better sound quality, Buds 4 Pro is worth a look!

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Xiaomi Series

The Xiaomi series is more high-end than the Redmi series, with prices ranging from $20-$100. Currently, the models on sale include Air 2 SE, Air 2 Pro, Xiaomi Buds 3, and Xiaomi Buds 3 Pro.

Air 2 SE

The Air 2 SE is a semi-in-ear headphone with obvious advantages and disadvantages.


  • The connection stability and battery life of the earphones are not bad
  • There is no big problem in watching videos and listening to songs in terms of delay
  • The Xiaomi mobile phone has a pop-up window function, the matching is good, the adaptation to IOS is also good, and it is not stuck under normal circumstances.


  • The earphone box is flat and difficult to open with one hand
  • The head of the headset is large and not suitable for people with small auricles

Therefore, if you don’t care about the above two Disadvantages: this headset is still worth buying. After all, the price is cheap, and it is still ok for daily use.

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Air 2 Pro

Air 2 Pro can be said to be the most advanced earphones in the Air series, and the configuration in all aspects is relatively good

  • Long battery life, up to 7 hours in a single session
  • Supports Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode
  • Support wireless charging and fast charging (10 minutes of charging, 90 minutes of use)
  • With dark ceramic craftsmanship, the overall look is relatively high-end

After the release of this headset, it was rolled over at the beginning. On the one hand, noise reduction is relatively general, and there are also problems with quality control. Xiaomi has also made remedies in the follow-up. After upgrading the firmware, the noise reduction effect is much better. At the same time, the anti-wind noise function has been added, and the quality control of the product has slowly been brought back to the right track.

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Xiaomi Buds 3

Xiaomi Buds 3 is a noise-canceling headset with good performance in all aspects. Compared with the Air 2 Pro above, the overall performance is better

  • High wearing comfort, the earphone cavity is small, fits the human ear, and will not put too much pressure on the auricle
  • The noise reduction effect is good, three levels of noise reduction are optional, and the maximum noise reduction depth is 40dB. Compared with the Buds 3 Pro, the gap is not obvious.
  • Support intelligent switching can connect two devices at the same time across the ecosystem
  • Long battery life, supporting up to 32 hours of battery life with the charging compartment, meeting the needs of high-intensity use

In general, at a price of around $75, the overall performance is not much different from the Buds 3 Pro to be introduced below, and it is quite affordable at the same price.

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Xiaomi Buds 3 Pro

The main improvement of the Buds 3 Pro over the Buds 3 is that

  • Adaptive noise reduction, which can judge the noise intensity of the environment in real-time and automatically match the noise reduction mode
  • LHDC encoding provides HiFi-level high-fidelity sound quality, but only mobile phones using Qualcomm Snapdragon chips support this encoding
  • Better sound quality, HETF professional tuning + spatial audio function, better performance in audio-visual aspects (but there are also requirements for equipment and apps)
  • More colors, a total of four colors to choose from, the overall appearance is quite high

For those who value LHDC encoding and adaptive noise reduction, and pay attention to appearance, Buds 3 Pro is still very worthwhile to choose. It is very delicious to use with Xiaomi’s specific models.

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Best Xiaomi NeckBand Bluetooth Headset

Xiaomi’s neck-mounted headphones will have fewer choices than true wireless headphones. There are four models in total, and the prices are relatively cheap, all within $60.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Neckband Collar Earphone Youth Edition

Xiaomi’s cheapest collar earphones, the main advantages are

  • Wearing, the semi-in-ear style is much more comfortable than the in-ear style.
  • In terms of sound quality, the overall performance is good, and the effect of listening to female voices is better
  • In terms of calls, the stability is good, and the call quality is clear

The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for playing games, the delay is relatively high, and at the same time, it is not suitable for sports.

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Xiaomi Bluetooth Collar Neckband

For the convenience of comparison, here is the introduction of the Xiaomi Bluetooth collar, which can be regarded as an upgraded version of the youth version.

Compared with the youth version, the main upgrade is that

  • Support AAC and aptX audio encoding, whether it is an Apple or Android phone, it has better sound quality performance
  • Support magnetic suction function, wear stable
  • In-ear earplugs for better sound isolation
  • longer battery life

The main disadvantage is that the Bluetooth connection distance is relatively short, and the connection with the mobile phone will be disconnected.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth collar and the corresponding youth version have been on the market for a long time, and the price/performance ratio is not very high. From the perspective of purchase, the following Xiaomi Line Free is more recommended.

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Xiaomi Line Free Neckband

Xiaomi Line Free is a relatively new Bluetooth headset that was launched in July last year. Compared with the Xiaomi Bluetooth collar, its performance has improved significantly.

  • Not only the battery life is longer, but it supports a single battery life of 9 hours and also supports fast charging
  • Support aptX Adaptive for better sound quality when listening to music and lower latency when playing games
  • Can connect two devices at the same time
  • Lighter weight, only 25g overall, more comfortable to wear
  • The waterproof performance is good, and the running experience is much better than the above two

With the Xiaomi system, there will be a better ecological experience. The disadvantage is that AAC is not supported, and the experience of Apple users is not as good as that of Android users.

In general, while the performance is better, the price is only 199, and the overall cost performance is very high.

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Xiaomi Noise Reduction Collar Neckband

If you have relatively high requirements for noise reduction, Xiaomi’s noise reduction collar is definitely the most powerful earphone you can find at this price. The advantages and disadvantages of this headset are obvious


  • The price of less than 400 is equipped with a thousand-yuan noise reduction capability
  • The battery life is very good, supporting a single battery life of 20 hours


  • The sound quality performance is relatively general, basically at the level of 100 yuan
  • When the noise reduction is turned on, when the outdoor wind is strong, there will be a large wind noise

To sum up, if you don’t have high requirements for sound quality and you pay more attention to the noise reduction performance of headphones, Xiaomi’s noise reduction collar can be decisively started.?

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Our Verdict

  • If you don’t have a lot of budgets and pursue high-cost performance, choose AirDots 3 or Xiaomi Line Free
  • If you have a higher budget and pursue better sound quality and lower latency, choose Xiaomi AirDots 3 Pro and Xiaomi Buds 3 Pro
  • For those who pursue noise reduction, choose Xiaomi Buds 3 / 3 Pro, a noise reduction collar

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