Anker Liberty 3 Pro TWS Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review

I have used more than 10 TWS wireless Bluetooth headsets, and the experience is really convenient. Without the constraints of wires, a small charging box can be put in your pocket and you can take it with you wherever you go. And now most mobile phones have canceled the headphone jack, so this kind of wireless headphones has become the mainstream. But most of the sound quality of these earphones is as bland as boiled water. Recently, I experienced the Anker Liberty 3 Pro TWS by Soundcore (sub-brand of Anker). Its sound quality is quite good. Compared with the AirPods that I usually use, there is an ear improvement. . Now let me introduce this headset in detail.

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The front of the headphone package is its rendering. We can ge t a general idea of the appearance of these headphones. The Anker Liberty 3 Pro TWS is a coaxial coil iron personalized noise reduction headphone. The Hi-Res small gold label in the upper right corner shows that the sound quality of this headset is extraordinary. Some selling points of this headset are printed on the back of the box, along with a product list. Many people may be unfamiliar with the brand Soundcore. It is actually the top 10 Chinese professional high-end audio brand in the world, with 25 million users in Europe, America, and Japan.

Anker Liberty 3 Pro TWS Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review

The design of the Anker Liberty 3 Pro earphone packaging box is very careful, with a magnetic flip-top design, which can be opened like a book. The “Little Golden Cavity” ACAA 2.0 coaxial iron structure is introduced on the left, the ear cap and ear wings are in the middle, and the earphones and charging box are on the right.

Anker Liberty 3 Pro TWS Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review

There are a pair of earphones, a charging box, a charging cable, 4 pairs of ear caps, and ear wings in the box to meet our needs for different sizes.

Anker Liberty 3 Pro TWS Appearance

The charging box of the Anker Liberty 3 Pro TWS is flat and oval, a bit like a pebble. The surface of the charging box has a skin-friendly matte texture, which feels very good and does not stick to fingerprints. There is a pattern similar to musical notes printed on it, which is actually the logo of Shengkuo. The headset comes in four colors: Obsidian Black, Galaxy Gray, Symphony White, and Nebula Purple. I got the Obsidian Black.

There is a Type-C charging port on the back of the charging box, which belongs to the mainstream charging interface. You can charge it with a random cable around you. Next to it is the pairing button, which resets and connects to a new device.

Different from the mainstream clamshell type, this charging box adopts a sliding-type design scheme. It has moderate damping and smooth opening and closing, giving me the feeling of using a sliding phone before. There are enough gaps on both sides of the charging box, the earphones are easy to take out, the magnetic force is also strong, and it is easy to put them back, and there is no need to change the angle repeatedly.

The Anker Liberty 3 Pro TWS is an earbud-type Bluetooth headset with a small sound width and a small golden cavity. The volume of the entire headset is relatively large, and the weight per ear is 6g. But it’s ergonomically designed to make contact with our ears via air fins and ear caps. The air wing is stuck on the auricle, making the earphone stable and not falling, and the liquid silicone ear cap fits the ear canal, which has the effect of airtight physical noise reduction. The three metal contacts on the headset are in contact with the charging case for charging.

The outer panel of the Anker Liberty 3 Pro earphone adopts a hot-pressed film process, which looks very advanced after light refraction. This is actually the touch area of the headset, which supports single-click, double-click, triple-click, and long-press for two seconds, a total of four operation methods, and can customize different functions in the sound-wide APP, and the touch is also very sensitive.

The reason why this earphone is called a small sound and golden cavity is that its cavity is made of aluminum alloy. The advantage is that it can reduce the resonance and resonance of the sound. . The black and gold color scheme also makes the headphones look very advanced.

The workmanship of the Liberty 3 Pro’s sound wide and small golden cavity is also quite good, there are no burrs at the seams, and the gaps in the charging box are also well handled. In addition, the headset also supports IPX4 waterproof, which can resist the erosion of sweat and rain.

Use Experience

Although this headset is larger in size, it is more comfortable to wear than ordinary earbuds. The reason is that it adopts an air pressure relief structure and double-hole diversion in the front and rear so that even if there are earmuffs, the ears will not be stuffed. . In addition, the addition of air ear wings makes the earphone wear quite stable, and it will not fall off no matter how shaken it is.

After pairing with the device, it will automatically connect as soon as the lid of the charging case is opened. There are infrared sensors on the earphones, which support the function of in-ear monitoring. If you take off the earphones, they will automatically pause, and when you put them on, they will automatically resume playback.

The sound width small golden cavity supports the active noise reduction function. There are three gears: low, medium, and high. It also supports the adaptive noise reduction function. The headphones will automatically monitor the noise level of the surrounding environment and automatically match the noise reduction gear. Active noise cancellation can filter low-frequency noise in the environment and attenuate high-frequency noise, giving me a quiet listening environment.

Generally, after the noise reduction is turned on, there will be a negative pressure in the ears, which is particularly uncomfortable. However, the ear pressure of this small-sounding golden cavity is very small, because it can pass the acoustic test of the ear canal, accurately match the noise reduction curve for each ear, and reduce the ear pressure caused by noise reduction.

The Anker Liberty 3 Pro headset also supports wind noise protection, which can be turned on in HearID ANC and transparent mode. It can effectively suppress wind noise, which is quite useful for outdoors with strong winds. In addition, the transparent mode also distinguishes between complete transparency and vocal mode. Complete transparency is suitable for outdoor use and amplifies all surrounding sounds. The vocal mode is suitable for indoors, and you do not need to take off the headphones when talking with others, but the noise floor of the measured vocal mode is higher.

Through the sound-wide app, each touch action can be customized to meet our usage habits. Not only can the left and right ears be controlled separately, but also the touch action can be turned off. It can be seen that its customization range is very powerful.

The sound wide and small golden cavity supports Al call noise reduction and can make clear calls in a noisy environment. This function is realized by three microphones, the in-ear microphone attenuates wind noise, the call microphone recognizes the human voice, and the ambient noise reduction microphone is responsible for filtering ambient noise.

The according to official announcement Anker Liberty 3 Pro can reach 8 hours, and it can achieve a total of 32 hours of battery life when used with the charging box, but active noise reduction and other functions will affect its battery life. Generally, it can be used for about 6 hours, and it is no problem to use it with the charging box for more than 20 hours. It can basically be charged once a week. In addition, it also supports wireless charging and fast charging, which can be used for 3 hours in 15 minutes and can be fully charged in 2 hours.

The Anker Liberty 3 Pro headset can be connected to two devices at the same time. I usually connect my laptop and mobile phone at the same time, so that I can listen to songs and watch dramas while working. The audio output can be switched at any time, but the experience is definitely not as good as AirPods, and there will be a pause of about 2 seconds when switching.

Sound Quality

The sound width and small golden cavity adopt the design combination of moving coil + moving iron. The 10.6mm large-size moving coil unit is responsible for the bass and midrange parts, and the high-resolution moving iron unit customized by Knowles is responsible for the treble part. In addition, the small golden cavity also adopts the industry’s pioneering acoustic patent ACAA 2.0 coaxial coil-iron structure, which arranges the moving coil and the moving iron on the same axis. The bass is surging and the treble is clear, just like turning on 360-degree audio-visual and being in the sound scene.

Anker Liberty 3 Pro is still one of the few headphones that support LDAC codec. After Hi-Res certification, it can hear more sound details than the ordinary AAC protocol. However, it can only be used when connected to an Android phone, and it will increase a certain amount of power consumption. It is also worthwhile for better sound quality.

Recently, I listened to it for a while with the sound wide and small golden cavity, and the sound quality is indeed qualitatively improved compared to other Bluetooth headsets. Taking Cai Qin’s “Ferry” as an example, thanks to the large 10.6mm moving coil unit of the earphone, the low-frequency volume is abundant, the drum sound dives deeply, and the speed is fast and powerful. The details of the mid-high frequency are well preserved, the vocals are clear and contagious, and the high-frequency part is clear and not broken.

Listening to “Hotel California” again, the treble part of the headphones is very bright and has excellent transient performance. It has an expansive soundstage that creates a sense of space, an immersive presence, and the ability to clearly distinguish the positions of different instruments. The sound wide and small golden cavity has strong analytical power, and it will not be harsh while listening to the details.

There is a powerful sound customization function in the APP. For example, HearID will test the hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies, and then generate an EQ that suits you. Professional built-in boutique equalizer created by Grammy winners, if you are not satisfied with the built-in sound effects, you can customize the EQ equalizer according to your preferences.

Our Verdict

I have been using the Anker Liberty 3 Pro TWS for a while recently, but overall it is a wireless Bluetooth headset with excellent sound quality and powerful customization functions. ACAA 2.0 coaxial coil iron structure and LDAC codec mode make it have outstanding sound quality performance. In the APP, the touch operation and sound effects of the headset can be realized, and powerful custom settings can be made to meet the individual needs of different people. In addition, the adaptive noise reduction and comfortable wearing feeling of the headphones bring me a good experience.

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